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Below is a complete Bergerac episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Bergerac episodes are listed along with the Bergerac episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Bergerac episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll contains items like “Always Leave Them Laughing” and “Unlucky Dip.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Bergerac episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

A Touch of Eastern Promise Jan 07 1984 - Charlie and a group of Jersey businessmen invite an Arab entrepreneur to the island hoping to get him to invest in a fancy leisure complex they are hoping to build.

Holiday Snaps Dec 17 1983 - A French Inspector asks Jim for help in proving a tourist from Jersey killed his wife while on holiday in France.

Come Out Fighting Dec 31 1983 - One of the boxers in an European championship match being held on Jersey is plagued by a series of mishaps.

Ice Maiden Dec 24 1983 - Jim decides to beef up security at an auction where a famous diamond is to be sold when a notorious jewel thief, Philippa Vale, who has never been caught decides to visit Jersey.

Jan 14 1984 - When a couple falls overboard from an international rock star's yacht- leaving the man dead and the woman in serious condition - Jim suspects murder.

House Guests Feb 04 1984 - An international financier sets up a meeting of top European moneymen at his Jersey mansion; one of whom is attending the meeting for reasons other than financial gain.

Tug of War Jan 28 1984 - A convict who has just been let out on parole brings his son on holiday to Jersey without telling the boy's mother or his probation officer.

Ninety Per Cent Proof Dec 03 1983 - When he goes on a drunken bender after failing to have an arsonist he arrested convicted, no one believes Jim's claims of having been forced to drink and having witnessed a murder. Full recap: ...more

A Hole in the Bucket Dec 10 1983 - Jim jeopardizes his career to help a couple of women who have come to Jersey.

The Company You Keep Jan 21 1984 - One of Charlie's friends is suspected of tipping off a pair of London thieves who've started a crime spree in Jersey, as to which houses have valuables in them and when the owners will be gone.

Thanks for Everything Feb 14 1987 - Jim is assigned to find a financier who has disappeared.

Poison Feb 21 1987 - Jim investigates when a mason drops dead in the middle of his initiation ceremony.

The Memory Man Jan 03 1987 - Jim must discover the identity of a man with amnesia who was found wandering around naked and who is haunted by a nightmare.

S.P.A.R.T.A. Feb 07 1987 - Philippa comes to Jim for help when her life is threatened by a right wing organization demanding the return of a notebook that she knows nothings about.

Root and Branch Jan 17 1987 - A criminal that Jim arrested in the past is seeking revenge. He starts by trying to drive Debbie insane and eventually holds Debbie, Charlie and Kim hostage in Charlie's mansion in Brittany. Can ...more

The Deadly Virus Jan 31 1987 - Animal rights protesters free four monkeys from a research laboratory one of which is infected with the deadly marbury virus.

Desirable Little Residence Jan 24 1987 - Susan is asked to put a small unremarkable bungalow called ""Ocean View"" on the market. Quickly several parties put down offers and as the price escalates Jim tries to work

Winner Takes All Jan 10 1987 - A millionaire computer expert receives several death threats.

Treasure Hunt Dec 26 1987 - Jim gets involved in a murder while matching wits with Phillipa Vale.

The Sin of Forgiveness Jan 30 1988 - A former Nazi who had been living underground since the end of the war surfaces in Jersey.

Whatever Lola Wants Jan 02 1988 - Jim is assigned to look after an important gang informant's mother, who is in danger of being kidnapped by a vengeful gang leader.

A Man of Sorrows Feb 06 1988 - The discovery of a dead body in an empty cottage sparks off a nightmarish case for Jim and his partner, an unorthodox London detective.

Burnt Jan 23 1988 - A business acquaintance of Charlie's is suspected of insider trading.

Private Fight Feb 13 1988 - Jim places his career in jeopardy while trying to help Charlie Hungerford.

A Horse of a Different Colour Jan 16 1988 - Phillipa, out on parole, decides to give Jim some unwanted help in finding a stolen horse.

Retirement Plan Dec 27 1988 - Jim travels to Spain when Charlie calls seeking help in dealing with a small time crook who is trying to get Charlie to sell him part of his business.

Crossed Swords Jan 09 1988 - When members of two feuding families decide to settle their differences with an old-fashioned duel, Jim ends up with a murder to investigate.

Unlucky Dip Nov 01 1981 - Jim faces brutality charges when he investigates a drug courier who had his package lifted by a pickpocket, who's now trying to sell the stuff himself.

Last Chance For a Loser Nov 29 1981 - Charlie is one of the victims of a series of well-planned burglaries focused on the wealthiest island homes.

Late For a Funeral Dec 06 1981 - Jim investigates the murder of a diver that is tied to the discovery of a downed Nazi pilot and his plane off the Jersey shore.

The Hood and the Harlequin Dec 20 1981 - Jim and Francine quarrel over her relationship with a charming Canadian photographer while Jim tries to keep track of a French gangster's girl friend, hoping she will lead him to the crook.

Relative Values Dec 13 1981 - The son of an eccentric millionaire suspects that his father's housekeeper plans to kill her employer for his fortune.

Picking it Up Oct 18 1981 - Jersey detective Jim Bergerac returns from a recuperation leave to find his job in jeopardy and a colleague killed during an investigation into international gun sales to South Africa.

Campaign For Silence Nov 08 1981 - A retired Army major and former POW receives death threats, and sees his ghostwriter killed, when he tries to publish his memoirs of the Korean War.

See You in Moscow Nov 15 1981 - A civil servant exposed as a spy tries to flee to Moscow via Jersey.

Portrait of Yesterday Nov 22 1981 - The prominent society wedding of her stepdaughter brings back a dark secret from a woman's past.

Nice People Die in Bed Oct 25 1981 - Jim ruffles many feathers as he investigates the suspicious death of the prominent local leader of an international charity committee.

A Message For the Rich Jan 09 1983 - Two disgruntled ex-employees of Charlie Hungerford kidnap Jim's daughter.

Always Leave Them Laughing Jan 16 1983 - A disappointed beauty pageant contestant accuses a popular comic of raping her after voting against her in the beauty contest.

Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie Jan 23 1983 - Lil's ex-husband, a journalist, returns to Jersey on the trail of a big story he believes will embarrass Charlie Hungerford, who's running for a position in the House of Deputies.

Almost Like a Holiday Feb 06 1983 - The publicity surrounding the mugging of a lovable old liar endangers a plan to burgle a safe containing a fortune in diamonds.

Prime Target Jan 30 1983 - Bergerac travels to France to investigate the death of a Jersey resident and prematurely reveals the marriage plans of the eccentric heir to an old Jersey family fortune.

The Moonlight Girls Mar 06 1983 - Jim's investigation into the death of a young woman supposed to be working at a local stable reveals a profitable call girl operation.

A Perfect Recapture Feb 27 1983 - A wheel dropped from a flying plane and a trail of marked francs lead Jim and a dogged mainland detective to a computer embezzler who stole 2 million pounds from the police ten years earlier.

Miracle Every Week Feb 20 1983 - Jim must protect an Indian faith healer from con men out to exploit his abilities.

Fall of a Birdman Feb 13 1983 - A Portuguese hang glider pilot hired by Charlie for a TV commercial sails around a deserted cliff face and is later found dead, apparently murdered.

Sins of the Fathers Dec 13 1985 - One of the stars of a film being made about the German occupation of Jersey finds his life being threatened.

Offshore Trades Oct 18 1985 - Bergerac investigates the death of a scuba diver who washes up on the beach and discovers the disappearance of a French film star's wife.

What Dreams May Come True Oct 25 1985 - Anonymous phone calls prompt Jim to re-examine a road accident that had been dismissed as routine.

Low Profile Nov 01 1985 - An eccentric old lady's mysterious past is somehow tied to a sunken ship that has attracted many divers, including a world-renowned underwater archaeologist and a notorious gangster.