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Below is a complete Between the Lions episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Between the Lions episodes are listed along with the Between the Lions episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Between the Lions episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “Pigs, Pigs, Pigs!/The Three Little Pigs” and “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Between the Lions episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Leading the way to Literacy Special

Something Fishy Apr 25 2000 - Lionel and Leona learn about Eagles and Fish after reading Cliffhanger's latest adventure.

Piggyback, Piggyback May 09 2000 - After reading a book about a king who rode on his friend's back (because he didn't want to get his feet dirty), Leona wants to do the same. So she hops on her dad's back, and doesn't want to let

Apr 20 2000 - The Lions try to make Click laugh by reading jokes out of Theo's ""The Universal Encyclopedia of Fly Jokes"" book, only to find out from Click that computer pointing devices ...more

Red Hat, Green Hat May 02 2000 - Leona makes her very own hat, with one red side and one green side. When she walks through the library with it on, one group of people see the green side, and the other group sees the red side, ...more

The Ram in the Pepper Patch Apr 27 2000 - The naughty ram from the book ""The Ram in the Pepper Patch"" escapes into the library, where he proceeds to make a mess out of everything!

May 01 2000 - The Lions watch a video of a foreign film called ""Sausage Nose"", in which a poor couple receives three wishes from a wise old woman. Somehow, a sausage gets wished onto the ...more

May 05 2000 - Lionel and Leona read a very sad story about a King and his friend, the Hawk. After, Leona wants to take and hide the book where no will be able to find it, so they can't read it and be sad like ...more

Apr 28 2000 - Babs Caplan comes to the library to create a fantastic tongue twister, with some help from the Lions. Then, Babs and Leona go head-to-head with the master of all Tongue Twisters, Lionel.

The Lucky Duck May 03 2000 - A cute little duck from a cute little children's book becomes sick and tired of being cute all the time! With Lionel's help, the duck tries to become a rock-n-rollin' leather-clad rebel, but no ...more

Hug, Hug, Hug! Apr 26 2000 - A sculpter named Pygmalion carves a statue of a woman, falls in love with her, and gives her a hug - only she can't hug him back. The Lions then try to help find ways for the statue to hug

The Popcorn Popper Apr 23 2000 - Lionel and Leona read a book about a popcorn popper, and get the idea to take the popper out of the book and into the library, so they can pop all the popcorn they want.

The Old Man May 04 2000 - Babs Caplan returns to the library to work on her new book called ""The Old Man"". Unfortunately, it has no middle or end to it! But with the Lions' help, Babs just might be ...more

The Roar That Makes Them Run May 08 2000 - Lionel and Leona try to convince Theo to show them his Lion-powered ""Mighty Roar that Makes them Run"", but Theo is reluctant to do so -- after all, they're in a library!

The Lost Rock Apr 04 2000 - A lost rock mysteriously appears in the library, and he can't remember who he is or where he comes from. The lions then decide to set out and search for clues as to what book the rock belongs

Lionel's Antlers Apr 14 2000 - Lionel wakes up one morning, much like he does every day, to find that overnight, he's grown a pair of antlers on his head! To help him feel better, Cleo reads him the book ""Imogene's ...more

The Fox and the Crow May 10 2000 - When ""The Fox and the Crow"" fable is read in the library, Walter and Clay get angry over the way the crow was depicted as a ""bird brain"", and then ...more

Pecos Bill Cleans Up the West Apr 03 2000 - Theo reads the cubs a book about the wild adventures of Pecos Bill, specifically about the time ol' Bill wrangled a tornado. When the tornado escapes from the book, however, and wreaks havoc ...more

Little Big Mouse Apr 05 2000 - When a mouse from a children's book becomes a hero, everyone in the library floods her with fan mail - which leaves Click the Computer mouse feeling unwanted.

Farmer Ken's Puzzle Apr 06 2000 - Lionel plays a computer game called ""Farmer Ken's Puzzle"", in which he must figure out how to get a hen, cat, and bag of seed, across a river one at a time. When Leona ...more

Shooting Stars Apr 07 2000 - The lions try to stay awake at night, in order to see a meteor shower. Of course, this is not as easy as it sounds, as Theo says, ""Lions need a solid 22 hours of sleep a

The Hopping Hen Apr 09 2000 - A Hopping Hen causes a mighty ruckus in the library, so the lions decide to put up ""No Hopping Hen Here"" signs, in order to stop the problem. But the problem is only ...more

Touching the Moon Apr 11 2000 - Cleo reads the cubs a bedtime story about a Queen who wants to be able to touch the moon, but can't. However, Leona is then unable to get to sleep without wanting to learn more about how the ...more

The Boy Who Cried Wolf Apr 12 2000 - Click the Mouse brings the Boy from the story ""The Boy Who Cried Wolf"" out of the storybook, so he can learn more about how to properly care for his sheep.

Fuzzy Wuzzy, Wuzzy? Apr 13 2000 - The famous Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear from the classic children's rhyme visits the library, where everyone is immediately caught up in ""Fuzzy Wuzzy Mania!"" Everyone except Lionel, ...more

To the Ship! To the Ship! Apr 16 2000 - The lions learn about a real-life pirate named Ann Bonnie, after Lionel refuses to let Leona play pirates with him (claiming that there was no such thing as girl pirates).

The Chap With Caps Apr 18 2000 - Writer Babs Caplan visits the library, hoping to smooth out the bumps in her new book, called ""The Chap With Caps"". It's going to need more than just a little smoothing out ...more

Pandora's Box Apr 19 2000 - After reading the story ""Pandora's Box"", Lionel and Leona come across a similar-looking box, themselves, and wonder if they should open it or not. Apparently ignoring the ...more

Lionel's Great Escape Trick Apr 20 2000 - Lionel gets a few pointers on the technique of doing magic tricks, from the master magician Harry Houdini, himself. When he locks himself in the closet for his act, though, Leona fears that he's ...more

Giants and Cubs May 11 2000 - Lionel gets upset over the outcome of a baseball game, where the Giants clobbered the Cubs. Theo and Cleo decide it would be a good idea to bring the Giants into the library, for Lionel to meet ...more

May 12 2000 - The jazzy, rhythmic sounds of Be Bop make their way into the library one day, and soon everyone is singing nonsensical Be Bop tunes -- everyone except Barnaby B. Busterfield III, who claims he ...more

Roller Coaster;What Do Wheels Do All Day? Oct 18 2010 -

Three More Little Pigs;The Ants And The Grasshopper Sep 20 2010 - Lionel, Leona, and the Wolf each try their hand at writing a sequel to The Three Little Pigs, and Leona finds a way to work and play. Educational Goals: Highlights the joys of reading and ...more

A Birthday For Cow!;Rabbit's Gift Sep 27 2010 - The humble turnip stars in this show about birthday celebrations, vegetables, and the gift of giving. Educational Goals: Highlights the joys of reading and introduces key literacy skills. ...more

City Mouse And Country Mouse;The Happy Hocky Family Moves To The Country! Oct 04 2010 -

Pablo The Artist;Dream Carver Oct 11 2010 -

Not Norman;Me And My Cat? Oct 25 2010 -

My Dog Is As Smelly As Dirty Socks; Just What Mama Needs Nov 01 2010 - The Lion family turns a box of junk into self-portraits, and Leona tricks Lionel into cleaning her room.

Castles, Caves, and Honeycombs; My House Nov 08 2010 - Leona helps a snail find a new home in the library's new All Different Kinds of Homes wing, and Lionel moves into a new home too.

Deep in the Swamp & Trosclair and the Alligator Nov 15 2010 - Lionel tries to frighten Leona with creepy, crawly swamp things, and a clever boy tricks a hungry alligator.

Red Parka Mary & Not Afraid of Dogs Nov 22 2010 -

Quest, Quest, Quest! Apr 23 2001 - Babs Caplan is back with a new story, The Quest for the Chest. And once again, she doesn't get it right. Originally, there is no action in the story. GUIDING PRINCIPLE: Short E sound.

Dreaming Shakespeare Apr 27 2001 - It's Shakespeare Day at the Library. Fanfares, flowery language and period costumes are the order of the day (Cleo is dressed as the female star of Antony and Cleopatra). A method actor is ...more

The Chess Mess May 03 2001 - It's Alice Day at the library, and everyone is very involved in a page from Through the Looking Glass. Theo, a former whiz at chess, accepts Click's challenge to play a few matches. GUIDING ...more

Good Night, Knight May 02 2001 - A famous marionette team is preparing to tell the story of Orlando Furioso and his battle to rescue Angelica from the curse of Fallerina. It's a story Leona knows by heart, and she has more than ...more

Why the Baboon's Balloon Went Ka-Boom! Apr 25 2001 - Theo wants to teach the cubs a lesson, which he finds in a book of concatenations called Because a Little Bug Went KA-CHOO! What Theo doesn't know is that, by pulling that book from the middle ...more

The Spider and the Lie Apr 24 2001 - Lionel writes a Crime Story, which involves Leona, a slippery character named Monkey C. Monkeydew, a missing library card, and a spider.

Trains and Brains and Rainy Plains Apr 20 2001 - Lionel gets a brainstorm after he hears Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain. What if he and Leona ride a train through the plain of the book?

But, Mama, But ... Apr 26 2001 - Cleo is about to fly off to visit some newborn cubs. Leona feels she is able to spend a couple of days without her, but can she be sure> And what about everyone else? To ease everyone's ...more

Tweet! Tweet! May 01 2001 - An intriguing theory from the book Bone Poems has got the cubs and pigeons thinking: Are birds the descendants of dinosaurs? Walter and Clay Pigeon take that prospect to an extreme. GUIDING ...more