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Full List of Big Time Rush Episodes

Below is a complete Big Time Rush episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Big Time Rush episodes are listed along with the Big Time Rush episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Big Time Rush episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll contains items like “Big Time Party” and “Big Time Concert.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Big Time Rush episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
  • 51

    Big Time Beach Party (2)

    Feb 21 2011
    The boys made a deal with Griffin, if they got a number 1 record, they can go to have a beach party with the other Palm Woods in his beach house in Malibu. When Kendall arrives alone since Jo had to
  • 52

    Green Time Rush

    Apr 22 2011
    In a class competition to win one week of no school, things do not go well as Kendall is partnered up with Jett - his big time enemy. Logan ends up with the school bully in which everyone's hopes
  • 53

    Big Time Moms

    May 07 2011
    James' mom, nicknamed the "Estee Lauder of the Midwest" for her successful cosmetics line, arrives at the Palm Woods to bring James home and groom him to take over the family company. The guys have
  • 54

    Big Time Interview

    Nov 19 2011
    The boys sit down for a major Hollywood interview. They go back to their greatest moments and reveal pictures and secrets.
  • 55

    Big Time Secret

    Nov 05 2011
    James works with Carlos to win over an old friend from camp (Daniella Monet) who is now a super model. Logan and Lucy try to find out what the secret is between Kendall and Camille and why are they
  • 56

    Big Time Rocker

    Sep 24 2011
    When an eighteen-year-old rocker named Lucy Stone moves into the Palm Woods, James and Carlos compete with each other to see who she will chose as her boyfriend.
  • 57

    Big Time Christmas (2)

    Dec 04 2010
    The boys are excited to head back to Minnesota for the holidays, but hours before their flight, Griffin, the head of the record label, insists on them recording a Christmas EP, and will not let them
  • 58

    Big Time Reality

    Mar 26 2011
    Griffin orders a reality show about the guys' lives, complete with the audience voting to eliminate one member of BTR. To stay interesting, Carlos and James resort to non-stop fighting, Logan and
  • 59

    Big Time Prom King

    May 21 2011
    The Palm Woods school is having its annual prom and Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan are all determined to win the title of Prom King and each will do whatever it takes to win. Carlos takes one of
  • 60

    Big Time Contest

    Oct 15 2011
    A "Win a Date with BTR" contest held by a Teen Magazine goes all wrong with Logan's date an old lady, Kendall's date is a young boy only interested in his little sister. Carlos and James keeps
  • 61

    Big Time Double Date

    Jul 09 2012
    Carlos and Jennifer are on a date. Katie and James team up and attack a waiter to try to help Carlos so he doesn't ruin his date with Jennifer by James becoming their waiter. Carlos discover him and
  • 62

    Big Time Returns

    Jun 25 2012
    The guys return home from their tour as celebrities, but their priorities remain the same: relaxing and meeting girls. Meanwhile, Griffin pressures Carlos to pick his top song prior to a radio
  • 63

    Bel Air Rush

    Jul 02 2012
    Because of the insane fame rise of Big Time Rush poperazzi starts driving Big Time Rush insane so Gustavo is forced to move the boys to a mansion in Bel Air only to find out that they can never move
  • 64

    Big Time Surprise

    Sep 22 2012
    Kendall is unsure whether he has moved on with Lucy during Jo's absence, or whether he still has feelings for Jo. Meanwhile, Carlos has to make a choice to stand by either his best friend James, or
  • 65

    Big Time Merchandise

    Jul 16 2012
    Big Time Rush gets their own action figures, but they soon find out that those action figures can embarrass them like no one has ever done before.
  • 66

    Backstage Rush

    May 12 2012
    The guys are on their last day of "All Over the World Tour" and they want to learn how to change costume faster so they can break a changing record.
  • 67

    Party All Night

    Jul 23 2012
  • 68

    Big Time Babysitting

    Oct 13 2012
    Kendall and Logan have to take care of a rock legend before his Hall of Fame induction; James and Carlos are forced to watch Katie.
  • 69

    Big Time Gold

    Oct 20 2012
    Kendall buys Jo a necklace but Camille believes Logan bought it for her; Gustavo hangs BTR's gold record.
  • 70

    Big Time Rescue

    Nov 03 2012
    Kendall, Jo , Camille, and Logan volunteer at a dog shelter and end up adopting 12 dogs. Meanwhile, James finds Carlos and Jennifer's puppy love sickening.
  • 71

    Big Time Camping

    Oct 27 2012
    Gustavo doesn't allow the boys to go camping because he fears for their safety, so they resort to camping on a soundstage with Jo, Camille and The Jennifers, but end up with a face off (Boys vs
  • 72

    Big Time Bloopers

    Nov 10 2012
    The boys mistakenly ruin the tape with their last episode, so they quickly set a blooper+outtakes episode hosted by Stephen Kramer Glickman as Gustavo Roque and Ciara Bravo as Katie Knight.
  • 73

    Big Time Decision

    Sep 29 2012
    Kendall is unsure whether he has moved on with Lucy during Jo's absence, or whether he still has feelings for Jo. Meanwhile, Carlos has to make a choice to stand by either his best friend James, or
  • 74

    Big Time Bonus

    May 23 2013
    Griffin gives the boys a 20,000 dollar bonus and wants them to prove him they will spend them with responsibility.
  • 75

    Big Time Cameos

    May 30 2013
    Gustavo books the boys to a lot of painful TV show cameos, but they decide to do no more cameos, until they get booked for "Coco.0", a show Carlos loves and has a pretty main character, Dara.