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Below is a complete Bill Nye the Science Guy episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Bill Nye the Science Guy episodes are listed along with the Bill Nye the Science Guy episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Bill Nye the Science Guy episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this poll include “Computers” and “Wetlands.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Bill Nye the Science Guy episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Flight Sep 10 1993 - Things that fly need air. Even though we walk through it, breathe it, and sneeze it, air seems to be a whole bunch of nothing. But air is there, and it's powerful. Balloons inflate because air ...more

Earth's Crust Sep 17 1993 - Don't just go with the flow. Settle down on the crust. Imagine a world without any crust. There would be no pies, just goopy filling, no bread, no hamburger buns, and no you or me. That's right. ...more

Dinosaurs Sep 24 1993 - We can dish the real dirt about dinosaurs, thanks to fossils - traces of theses astonishing animals. Dinosaurs did not print newspapers. They did not take family snapshots or videos 65 million ...more

Skin Oct 01 1993 - Learning about skin science is no sweat. It's gigantic. It's gargantuan. It's your skin. It's your body's biggest organ. If you could lay your skin out flat, it would cover about one and a half ...more

Oct 08 1993 - A hot-air balln ride and a trip to the aquarium help Bill Nye explain why things float

Gravity Oct 15 1993 - Next time you throw a ball in the air, and it doesn't fly off into outer space, thank gravity. Right now, you and everything in the room where you are, is getting pulled down by gravity. If you ...more

Digestion Oct 22 1993 - Take time to digest this show. They say that your food is no more inside you than a pencil is inside a donut, when it's poked through the hole. Instead of the food going in you, food goes ...more

Phases of Matter Oct 29 1993 - Bill Nye is going through a phase - a phase of matter. Check out the ""Phases of Matter"" episode to find out about rock-solid solids, liquidy liquids, and gassy gases. It's ...more

Biodiversity Nov 05 1993 - Ecosystems are areas where things live. Ecosystems that are biodiverse are home to a variety of plants and animals. A healthy ecosystem is one with a lot of biodiversity. Imagine if humans could ...more

Simple Machines Nov 12 1993 - Learning about science can be hard work, but simple machines can make it easier. Let Bill Nye push and pull you around ramps, levers, screws, and pulleys. Simple machines simply make work easier ...more

The Moon Nov 19 1993 - Let the moon master Bill Nye teach you the ancient and not-so-ancient secrets of the Moon. Wax on, wax off. The Moon grows bigger (waxes) and smaller (wanes) every 30 days or so. The word ...more

Sound Nov 26 1993 - Listen up, scientists. Bill Nye is here to make some noise in the ""Sound"" episode. Your vocal cords do it. Speakers playing rock music do it. Even a school bell does it. ...more

Garbage Dec 03 1993 - Garbage is a look at two different kinds of garbage -- biodegradable and non-biodegradable. Nye emphasizes the importance of recycling and cutting down on the amount of the waste that cannot ...more

Structures Dec 10 1993 - Are you tense? Need some structure to your life? Then tune in to Bill Nye the Science Guy as he explains the science of structures. All structures give support or create a shape. You can find ...more

Earth's Seasons Dec 17 1993 - It doesn't matter if it's spring, summer, winter, or fall - Bill Nye is always in season. Every year, we experience the seasons. Some months have snow and rain, while other months have warmth ...more

Cells Jan 21 1994 - You can't see them, but they're everywhere even inside Bill Nye. This is not science fiction, it's the science of cells. All things that live are made from cells. You can't see them, but every ...more

Electricity Jan 28 1994 - It's time for Bill Nye to shed a little light on electricity. Electricity might seem mysterious, but once you understand the science the light goes on (so to speak). You flip a switch, and the ...more

Outer Space Feb 04 1994 - The show is way out there, way far away. After all, it's in Outer Space. When you look at the night sky on a clear dark night, you can see thousands of stars. There are far more than you could ...more

Magnetism Feb 18 1994 - They're on your refrigerator, they're inside your computer, and you're even standing on one right now. They're magnets, and forget about being repulsed. Bill Nye the Science Guy's ...more

Wind Feb 25 1994 - Some answers, my friend, do in fact, blow in the wind. A cool breeze is great on a hot summer day. A cold winter wind can chill you until you can't stop shivering. Where does all that wind come ...more

Blood & Circulation Mar 04 1994 - It's time for a heart-to-heart talk about blood and circulation with Bill Nye the Science Guy. Your blood is your bud. Without blood, your skin would dry up and fall off, your internal organs ...more

Chemical Reactions Mar 11 1994 - Bill is practically exploding with excitement about the ""Chemical Reactions"" show. Every single thing around you is made of chemicals. Plants, rocks, computers, food, and ...more

Static Electricity Mar 18 1994 - Bill's all charged up about the ""Static Electricity"" show. It happens to all of us. You're causally walking along, maybe dragging your feet a little, when you reach out to ...more

Food Web Mar 25 1994 - Feeling a little hungry? Then grab a snack and watch Bill Nye the Science Guy's episode on the Food Web. When it comes to eating, all living things depend on other living things. Take a chicken ...more

Light and Color Dec 24 1993 - Lighten up. It's the ""Light and Color"" episode. Without light, we wouldn't be able to see. It would be like living in a room with no windows, doors, or lamps. There's an ...more