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Below is a complete Bionic Six episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Bionic Six episodes are listed along with the Bionic Six episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Bionic Six episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. “That's All, Folks!” and “Triple Cross” are included on this list, along with many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Bionic Six episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Valley of Shadows Apr 19 1987 - Explorer Brent Holworth returns from the Valley of Shadows, a hidden jungle valley where it is rumored its inhabitants never age. Holworth notifies Professor Sharp, but immediately afterward is ...more

Enter the Bunji Apr 19 1987 - Scarab's goons gather information about Dragon's Rock, a remote island in the East China Sea. Each year, the greatest martial artists gather on Dragon's Rock to compete in the Grand Master's ...more

Eric Bats a Thousand Apr 26 1987 - Prof. Sharp informs the Bionic Six that a meteor is on a collision course with earth in New York City. I.Q. estimates the impact will explode with the force of a 10 megaton bomb. Meanwhile, Dr. ...more

Klunk in Love Apr 26 1987 - While on an underwater excursion, Mother-1 discovers a fissure to a hidden world, where all the aquatic creatures share a mental link. Mother-1's telepathy allows her to communicate with an ...more

Radio Scarab May 03 1987 - Dr. Scarab creates a radio station: Radio Scarab. Using the station as a cover, Scarab transmits a frequency that jams bionics. During family training, Scarab's signals interfere with Karate-1's ...more

Family Affair May 03 1987 - When Prof. Sharp learns of the death of his aunt Hilda Millicent Howell, he is invited via teleconference to listen to a video of her last will. Dr. Scarab is also invited to watch, and both ...more

Happy Birthday, Amadeus May 10 1987 - The Bionic Six plan a surprise party for Prof. Sharp's birthday. Dr. Scarab has the same idea, and he and his goons break into Prof. Sharp's museum. Karate-1 decides to surprise Sharp by ...more

Brain Food May 10 1987 - Dr. Hugo Fish creates a food capable of increasing a creature's intelligence by tenfold. Dr. Fish decides to debut his creation at the Paris Food Conference. Unknown to Fish, Madame-O steals a ...more

Just a Little Handicap May 17 1987 - Prof. Sharp and the Bionic Six appear at the Sheldrake Academy, where Sharp debuts his Anti-Gravity Glide Path Controller. In addition, Sharp designs various pieces of equipment for disabled ...more

Bionics On! The First Adventure May 17 1987 - Jack Bennett had taken his family on a skiing trip to the Himalayas. During this trip, Jack is called to duty to investigate unusual magnetic readings. He encounters aliens who are trying to ...more

Back to the Past (1) May 24 1987 - Prof. Sharp builds a Perpetual Chronographic Generator, a machine that will allow time travel. As Sharp prepares to send the Bennett family and Drs. Lund, Swift, and Johnson back in time to the ...more

Back to the Past (2) May 24 1987 - Due to Glove's interference, dinosaurs from the Mesozoic Era pour through Prof. Sharp's Perpetual Chronographic Generator in the Mojave Desert. While Bionic-1, Karate-1, and Rock-1 deal with the ...more

Fugitive F.L.U.F.F.I. May 31 1987 - Cycron the Great, a Voltron-like television show, is a favorite of both F.L.U.F.F.I. and the Mechanic. When the Mechanic realizes that Cycron is really an actor, Mechanic traps the actor and ...more

Nick of Time May 31 1987 - When Scarab attacks a microwave receiving station, the Bionic Six arrive to stop him. However, Scarab's attack was just a ploy in order to capture Sport-1. Once captured, Scarab tricks Sport-1 ...more

Youth or Consequences Jun 07 1987 - After Rock-1, Sport-1, and I.Q. intercept Klunk in a Punjabi bazaar, Rock-1, as Meg Bennett, returns to attend the Socrates Hop at Albert Einstein High School. However, Meg's desire to go with ...more

Extra Innings Jun 07 1987 - The Bennett family get tickets to the Old Timers' Game at Yankee Stadium. Retired baseball player Homer Hernandez returns for the game after a disappearance of 30 years. However, it appears that ...more

Return of the Bunji Jun 14 1987 - Prof. Sharp receives a message from Momo Yashima, an ally of Karate-1's from Dragon's Rock. The Bionic Six travel to Momo's village in Japan, where they must protect the village from the threat ...more

Crown of the Scarab King Jun 14 1987 - Professor Sharp and a team of archaeologists discover the ancient Scarab Scroll: a map to an ancient treasure. Bionic One turns over command of the team to the kids for 24 hours, and the kids ...more

1001 Bionic Nights Jun 21 1987 - When all technology in the Middle Eastern nation Shariar dies, Professor Sharp sends the team to investigate. Once there, Mother-1 is kidnapped by A.L.A.D.D.I.N. (A Logistical Analytical Dream ...more

The Perceptor File Jun 21 1987 - A strange man calling himself the "Perceptor" declares a one-man war on technology. His sabotage of Professor Sharp's newest aircraft brings him to the attention of Bionic-1. However, ...more

Masterpiece Jun 28 1987 - Dr. Fish unveils his latest invention: the Fish Art Demolecularizer (or FAD). His device is able to absorb a masterpiece of art, then via a headset, instruct a person to recreate it. Chopper and ...more

House Rules Jun 28 1987 - When Bionic-1 and Mother-1 leave for a vacation in Honolulu, the kids have the house to themselves. The kids try to keep their identities secret while throwing a house party, but that becomes ...more

Holidaze Sep 08 1987 - The Bennett family is off to Dr. Fish's new theme park Holiday World. However, their vacation ends when Scarab takes over Holiday World's central computer, sending the park's animatronic ...more

Nightmare at Cypress Cove Sep 09 1987 - Glove creates a device that can enter the dream world. Once there, he creates a weapons factory to create impossible weapons, which he then brings back to the waking world. Glove's dream merges ...more

Music Power Sep 10 1987 - Professor Sharp's colleague Dr. Bruce "Bad Brains" Huxter creates robotic musicians he calls the Bandroids: guitarist Rivet Rick, keyboardist Techno Tex, bassist Metalhand, and drummer ...more

The Hive Sep 11 1987 - Miners in the Kalahari Desert have been disappearing, so Sharp sends the Bionic Six to investigate. Edward Tulley, mine manager, brings them to the mine. The Bionic Six do not realize that ...more

Mindlink Sep 14 1987 - Prof. Sharp's colleague Dr. Halliwell Partridge is kidnapped by Chopper. Scarab has a new plan: kidnap four of the greatest analytical thinkers and connect them to Scarab's supercomputer. With ...more

I Compute, Therefore I Am Sep 15 1987 - After yet another defeat at the hands of the Bionic Six, Dr. Scarab decides to upgrade his Cyphrons. The new Beta Cyphrons are programmed to think for themselves, and are programmed with the ...more

Pass/Fail Sep 16 1987 - After Prof. Sharp creates a Bio-Energy Replicator, he debuts this new invention. Meg Bennett and Bim attend the demonstration to interview Prof. Sharp for their science project. When Scarab, ...more

Born to Be Bad Sep 17 1987 - At Albert Einstein High School, Charlie Wilder, a friend of J.D. Bennett, is awarded student of the year. However, his ceremony is interrupted by a gang called the Nukes. Charlie, who was once a ...more

A Clean Slate (1) Sep 18 1987 - Prof. Sharp creates a Memory Enhancer, a device that can increase a person's memory by 75%, and demonstrates it for the government. However, Scarab creates a "Memory Enhancer ...more

A Clean Slate (2) Sep 21 1987 - With his mind wiped and his intelligence boosted, Wilmer Sharp (the former Dr. Scarab) comes to live in the Bennett household. The Bennett family and Prof. Sharp try to raise Wilmer on the side ...more

Spin Out Sep 22 1987 - A recent geologic alert has discovered an abundance of emeralds in nearby Mineral Flats. Professor Sharp sends the Bionic Six to investigate. The heroes encounter "Sparky", a restorer ...more

The Man in the Moon Sep 23 1987 -

The Case of the Baker Street Bionics Sep 24 1987 - The Bionic Six are nominated as Crime Solvers of the Year by the Crime Solvers Society. However, the nomination is objected by Irene Hughes, citing that the Bionic Six solve crimes with brawn ...more

Now You See Me... Sep 25 1987 - When Bunji tries a new meditation technique to gain invisibility, the rest of the Bennett kids trick him into thinking it worked. Unfortunately, their trick backfires when a non-invisible Bunji ...more

Crystal Clear Sep 28 1987 - After the Bionic Six responds to an avalanche at the High Mountain Ski Resort in Colorado, the team relaxes by visiting a carnival. Once there, Mother-1 visits a fortune teller, who gives her a ...more

You've Come a Long Way, Baby! Sep 29 1987 - The Bennett family awakens to find a baby on their doorstep, delivered there overnight by two energy beings. Scarab, discovering the night before an interdimensional doorway opened, travels to ...more

Up and Atom Sep 30 1987 - During a battle against Madame-O and Klunk, Rock-1 becomes distracted by a voice in her head calling for help from the Bionic Six. Prof. Sharp discovers the source of the sound: a distress call ...more

Home Movies Oct 01 1987 - Bunji has taken up a new hobby: 3D Laser Holo-Filmmaking. One of his first projects becomes a film documenting the life of the Bennett family. Unfortunately, Bunji's camera accidentally captures ...more

Scarabscam Oct 02 1987 - The Bennett kids and Prof. Sharp meet up with Hokey McCoy, an old time con artist and friend of Prof. Sharp. Afterwards, the Bionic Six are sent to investigate the emergence of a strange green ...more

Kaleidoscope Oct 05 1987 - Prof. Sharp's computer intercepts a signal from Scarab's computer with the mysterious message "Reactivate Project Mars". 20 years ago, when Dr. Scarab first embarked on a life of ...more

Once Upon a Crime Oct 06 1987 - As King Jonathan ascends to the throne of the fictional nation of Fredonia, he is transformed into a giant frog. A second Jonathan arrives, claiming the first to be a demon trying to take the ...more

Mrs. Scarab Oct 07 1987 - When Dr. Scarab gets lonely, he decides to create the perfect mate. Using his computer, Scarab realizes that his ideal mate would look like Mother-1. Scarab plans an ambush, and kidnaps ...more

The Secret Life of Wellington Forsby Oct 08 1987 - Scarab and his goons break into Dynatech Industries late one night to steal a Sonic Multiplexer. The Bionic Six arrive on the scene, as does a new "hero" named Captain Confusion. ...more

The Fungus Among Us Oct 09 1987 - Dr. Fish returns, this time with a gun capable of rapidly accelerating the growth of fungi. Dr. Fish coincidentally tests his device on the abandoned offshore oil rig directly above Dr. Scarab's ...more

Bottom of the Ninth Planet Oct 12 1987 - Artificial objects resembling "easter eggs" are hurtling towards Earth from outer space, targeting Undertown, Arizona and Mt. Vesuvius. The Bionic Six must split up to intercept both ...more

Triple Cross Oct 13 1987 - Prof. Sharp debuts his newest invention, a Time Extraction Device (or TED) on the television show Good Morning Hemisphere. This device allows Sharp to pull past or future versions of objects ...more

Oct 14 1987 - Dr. Scarab and his team break into Brianobian Laser Core Generating Plant to set up his Modifier. Though the Bionic Six arrive on the scene, they are too late to prevent Scarab's Modifier from ...more

I, Scarab (2) Oct 15 1987 - In two days time, the effect of scarab's Modifier will become permanent, and everybody in the world will worship him. Prof. Sharp sends his new Bionic Six (Perceptor, Kaleidoscope, and the ...more