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Below is a complete Bliss episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Bliss episodes are listed along with the Bliss episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Bliss episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Vote for your favorite items, including “Six Days,” “Les Petits Mots” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Bliss episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Bliss Oct 11 1995 -

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Mar 21 2002 - (From Showcase) Kate (Tory Higginson) prepares to visit Angel (Adam Beach), a man serving a 10-year sentence for drug smuggling whom she met and fell in love with while teaching in prison. As a ...more

Six Days Mar 21 2002 - (From Shaowcase) Following a farm accident, Anna (Michele Duquet), a strong and feisty middle-aged farm woman finds herself without her lackluster and predictable husband for the first time. She ...more

Mar 21 2002 - (From Showcase) Laura (Jenny Levine), a highly esteemed lawyer, used to being in the public eye, finds herself burdened by the expectations and responsibilities of her internationally recognized ...more

The Value of X Mar 21 2002 - (From Showcase) High school senior Jeanette (Tara Spencer-Nairn) finds herself struggling to figure out her identity. One of the most popular girls in school, Jeanette has caught the eye of the ...more

Voice Mar 28 2002 - (From Showcase) In a supernatural way, the wife of Ally's (Mikela J. Mikael) lover, Tyler (David Lovgren), manages to infiltrate Ally's dreams. Through these tense slumbers, the wife (Veronika ...more

Leaper Apr 04 2002 - (From Showcase) Julie (Michelle Lipper), a young writer, sits at an outdoor café, pondering the strange encounter she has just experienced with a young homeless woman (Millie ...more

The Footpath of Pink Roses Apr 11 2002 - (From Showcase) Sarah (Victoria Sanchez) can't figure out why she us not feeling in sync with her long-time boyfriend, Marshall (David Pauls). He is smart, sweet and gentle in nature, but she is ...more

In Praise of Drunkeness and Fornication Apr 18 2002 - (From Showcase) Alice and Bob (Gina Wilkinson, Frank Schorpion), a middle-aged couple, host a Saturday night dinner party for their friends. John and Wendy (Paul Hopkins, Mitsou Gelinas), Leah ...more

Three Feb 14 2003 - (From Oxygen) Tensions and sexual jealousies mount after a free-spirited, 29-year-old woman crosses the line from friends to lovers with both of her charming and attentive male roommates.

Feb 14 2003 - (From Showcase) After secretly watching and photographing her gay neighbour and his lovers, a woman, searching for the key to sex without attachment, arranges for a much closer encounter.

Feb 21 2003 - (From Showcase) A 45-year-old single mom can't take her eyes off her son's 23-year-old friend, but when he makes his own longing known, she struggles to control her intense desire for him.

The Marvellon Feb 28 2003 - An older woman starts to fall for a younger woman who wear to dress up in men's clothing.

Chastity Mar 07 2003 - A woman becoming a nun falls in love with one of her friends, in the end they end up having sex in a charity donation room.

Mar 14 2003 - A woman falls for a new employee.

The Piano Turner Mar 21 2003 - A woman decides to ""help"" her usual Piano Turner, who happends to be blind.

Aural Sex Mar 28 2003 - A disc jockey reads erotica over the air ways.

Tango Feb 15 2004 - (From Oxygen) Beatriz leaves Argentina to start fresh in Montreal, this time with no married boss in her love life. Will she accept the advances of a sultry yet evasive tango teacher?

Penelope's Suitors Feb 23 2004 - Single Penelope moves into a new home in the suburbs and seems sexually interested only in the anonymous young delivery men who happen to visit her house.

Tying up Gerald Mar 01 2004 - Coming home from a business trip, Mireille discovers her husband bound and at the mercy of a dominatrix. After the initial shock, she is determined to discover the attraction and take control ...more

Badness Mar 08 2004 - Donna is attracted to the lawyer she is battling in a moot court, whose legal prowess is legendary.

Mar 15 2004 - (From Oxygen) Romy is an ace hockey goalie with a chip on her shoulder. Will she trust Frank, the rink manager, to accept and love her tomboy nature?

The Arrangement Mar 22 2004 - (From Oxygen) Meenal appeases her parents in India by attending an arranged dinner date with Devinder. Can she embrace him and their shared heritage without giving up her independence?

Les Petits Mots Mar 29 2004 - (From Oxygen) Alice, a gifted VJ on the club scene, is drawn to a bookstore owner who prefers a more quiet life. Will she let his perspective enrich her wired world?

Steph's Life Apr 05 2004 - (From Oxygen) Steph uses a web cam to break free of her inhibitions. Anything can happen when her boyfriend discovers how erotic it is to have a virtual audience.