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Below is a complete Blue Water High episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Blue Water High episodes are listed along with the Blue Water High episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Blue Water High episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list is made up of different items, including “Episode 3.10” and “Episode 18.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Blue Water High episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Fly Takes a Dive Jun 01 2005 - Fly misses an important call from her family and gets homesick. When she learns that her sister is in hospital, Anna lends Fly her mobile. Fly accidently runs up a huge bill and gets a part-time ...more

Trouble in Paradise May 25 2005 - Matt runs the risk of losing his Solar Blue contract when he skips an important function to surf in a school competition.

Anna Loses Her Way Jun 08 2005 - Anna's surfing practice isn't going well and she books a plane ticket back to Germany. Heath finds Deb's files on the group with the judges' comments and Perri finds something in Anna's file ...more

Winners and Losers May 18 2005 - Joe and Anna face off in a dangerous surf-off to determine which one of them deserves Anna's place in the academy. Bec decides to make the competition more fair to Anna by giving her advice but ...more

Pilot May 11 2005 - Welcome to the Solar Blue Surf Academy where 7 teenagers will spend the next year. Stacey breaks Fly's board so Heath lends her one of his spare ones so she can continue in the competition. Matt ...more

Edge Wipes Out Jun 15 2005 -

Friends in Need Jun 22 2005 -

Brothers and Sisters Jun 29 2005 -

Sharks In The Mind Jul 06 2005 -

Timing Is Everything Jul 13 2005 -

Out Of Control Jul 20 2005 -

Dreams and Dramas Jul 27 2005 -

A Life On The Line Aug 03 2005 -

Bad Boy Heath Aug 10 2005 -

Joker's Wild Aug 17 2005 -

Perri Lies Low Aug 31 2005 -

Winning Isn't Everything Sep 07 2005 -

Big Wave Fears Sep 21 2005 -

The Kiss Sep 28 2005 -

Behind The Scenes Oct 05 2005 -

Tough Choices Oct 12 2005 -

The Band Plays On Oct 19 2005 -

Suspicious Minds Oct 26 2005 -

And The Winner Is... Nov 02 2005 - The final surf-off was supposed to be in a week’s time, but due to a cyclone hitting the beaches, it was held the next day. Everyone surfed brilliantly, but the two winners were Fly and Edge. ...more

It's Hard To Be Normal Aug 24 2005 -


Episode 17 Oct 18 2006 - Everyone is surprised at the return of Edge. They discover that Edge has been giving himself a bad name in the surfing world. The boys are eager to surf against Edge in a local competition, but ...more

Episode 09 Aug 23 2006 - Annette organises a beauty contest to raise money to get better gym equipment. The Solar Blue girls think the idea of beauty contest is sexist, and will not participate in the fundraising. But ...more

Episode 07 Aug 09 2006 - Rachel discovers that she is falling for Mike. Her feelings put her in the face of danger when she gets stuck while abseiling. Fly goes off to her first competition on the pro tour.

Episode 22 Nov 22 2006 - After suffering a back injury, Brooke fears that she may not be physically strong enough to win the Solar Blue sponsorship and compete in the pro-circuit. Could this mean that Brooke may have to ...more

Episode 01 Jun 28 2006 - It's the start of a new year at Solar Blue Surf Academy and Fly is back to help out Simmo whilst she completes school. Six new students will be accepted, with the help of Bec, Heath and Fly.

Episode 16 Oct 11 2006 - Amy gets a big surprise when her wealthy parents, Ray and Linda, arrive from the Gold Coast for a surprise visit. Eric lets it slip to Amy that his birthday is coming up on Saturday. Amy, being ...more

Episode 10 Aug 30 2006 - Brooke proposes that Mike should get some lessons in improving his dancing skills. After a week of dance training, will Mike be ready to perform the tango in front of the whole class?

Episode 14 Sep 27 2006 - Eric and Amy's relationship is on the rocks. Amy feels Eric is taking her for granted and suggests their relationship should be more casual. There is a special ball coming up on the weekend and ...more

Episode 13 Sep 20 2006 - There is trouble on Blue Water Beach when a group of local boys continually taunt the Solar Blue team whilst training. The leader of the group, Troy, wants Solar Blue off the beach. Meanwhile, ...more

Episode 20 Nov 08 2006 - It's only eight weeks until the final surf off and Rachel's peaking. She's totally focused and surfing up a storm. Just when everything seems perfect, Rachel's brother Jay arrives with some bad ...more

Episode 05 Jul 26 2006 - Eric has a crush on Juliet, a girl at school and enlists the help of Amy to give him a few tips on communicating with girls. Meanwhile, Brooke's surfing is suffering and she asks Simmo if she ...more

Episode 12 Sep 13 2006 - Brooke's relationship with Mike is on the rocks when her surfing begins to get worse, and a young girl becomes obsessed with Amy and her surfing.

Episode 02 Jul 05 2006 - It's the first official day of training and because everyone performs so well, Simmo gives them the rest of the day off. Amy's idea for a picnic is the perfect oppurtunity for everyone to get to ...more

Episode 11 Sep 06 2006 - After the house suffers a plumbing problem, Simmo takes the team down to the South Coast to have some fun. Eric tries to stop everyone visiting his mum, but Amy secretly visits her and discovers ...more

Episode 04 Jul 19 2006 - Simmo introduces the score board to the team. Heath devises a new plan for the household chores. Corey and Rachel have an argument about science versus nature principal. Corey believes that ...more

Episode 15 Oct 04 2006 - It's well into the year at Solar Blue and Eric has mastered the art of slacking off. After a stupid stunt with a training helmet Simmo decides it's high time that he and Eric have a chat. When ...more

Episode 06 Aug 02 2006 - Fly tries teaching basic fitness techniques to the team, but they are not participating to the best of their ability. Simmo is angry that the kids aren't following Fly's advice, so he organises ...more

Episode 03 Jul 12 2006 - The Solar Blue team are off to their first day of school. After just one day, the three girls already have dates, but they soon discover that their boyfriends have other things on their mind. ...more

Episode 25 Dec 13 2006 - Brooke is concerned that, after the decision is made who wins, the team won't keep in contact with eachother. Fly tries to reassure the whole team, and Simmo has made the perfect plan. Fly is ...more

Episode 21 Nov 15 2006 - Eric begins to question his surfing talent, when he starts believing that he will never be able to win against Corey and Mike.

Episode 08 Aug 16 2006 - Eric scores big money after being offered the chance to be on the front cover of Stax Magazine. Eric uses the money to buy himself a new surfboard. But he loses the board while testing it out, ...more

Episode 26 Dec 13 2006 - The final Surf-Off day is here, and many problems arise. Corey's surfing is failing, and Eric's hand injury is pulling him back. The whole team are doing well, but which two will come out as the ...more

Episode 18 Oct 25 2006 - Rivalry is put in motion when a friendly competition destroys Brooke's friendship with Rachel. After Brooke and Mike took a break from their relationship, Brooke begins to feel jealous of ...more

Episode 23 Nov 29 2006 - An accident involving Corey and Annette forces Corey to be disqualified from the Solar Blue competition. With all the work since the start of the year becoming a complete waste and his dreams of ...more