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Below is a complete Blue's Clues episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Blue's Clues episodes are listed along with the Blue's Clues episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Blue's Clues episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Opposites” to “Something to Do, Blue” is included on this poll. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Blue's Clues episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Blue's Holiday Celebrating the season in their own fun-filled ways, BLUE’S CLUES: BLUE’S FIRST HOLIDAY includes the episodes: * Blue's First Holiday * Joe's Surprise Party * Blue's Big Holiday * A Snowy Day ...more

Shapes and Colors Mar 06 2003 - Joe and his friend Blue tackle the preschool basics of circles, rectangles, even trapezoids while sorting through Blue's hints as to where she would like most to see more shapes in "Shape ...more

Blue's Sad Day - UK

All about Fall

Blue's Biggest Stories Jan 08 2006 - Blue’s Clues "Blue’s Biggest Stories" is a special compilation of 8 Blue’s Clues episodes. This release, celebrating the best moments of Blue’s Clues/Blue’s Room, tied into the on-air ...more

Blue's Clues: Blue's Big Musical Movie Oct 03 2000 - Blue and the gang decide to put on a musical show in the back yard.

Something to Do, Blue Apr 22 2002 - Blue figures out something to do today.

Anatomy - UK

Animal Behavior - UK

Art Appreciation - UK

Rhythm and Blue

Blue Prints Jul 16 1995 -

The First Day of School

Blue Experiments - UK

Blue Takes You to School Aug 11 2003 - In this episode, we explore numbers, counting and basic arithmetic. We help out to find missing numbers by using counting to figure out where they're hiding. We also skiddoo into a book filled ...more

Blue's Big Band Feb 17 2003 - Joe has invented a brand new game called ""Presto Change-Joe"" and his idea is catching on with the other characters. In this episode, we have fun in taking part in new ...more

Snack Time Sep 08 1996 - It's our first day visiting the Blue's Clues house and right away we're welcomed in to join in a snack. Although ""snacking"" is the theme of the episode, there's much more ...more

What Time Is It for Blue? Sep 15 1996 - In this episode, we're concerned with what time it is and while we try to figure it out, we help our friends and have some fun along the way. We help out Tickety Tock after disturbing her and ...more

Mailbox's Birthday Sep 22 1996 - For Mailbox's birthday, there's a special celebration and we're invited to help out. We help decorate the cake for the party by observing patterns. We also skiddoo along with Steve and Blue into ...more

Blue's Story Time Sep 29 1996 - It's story time at the Blue's Clues house and in this episode, we get to hear some classic stories and also use our knowledge to help fix problems with some classic stories. Shovel, Pail and ...more

What Does Blue Need? Oct 06 1996 - Needs are the order of the day. After taking care of some gardening needs, we help Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper, who need to know which fruits to wash for their fruit salad. Later, we help out with ...more

Blue's Favorite Song Oct 13 1996 - It's Song Time at the Blue's Clues house. Steve suggests singing ""She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain,"" but Blue doesn't want to sing that. We have fun learning ...more

Adventures in Art Oct 20 1996 - Today we're exploring art in many forms. Steve and Blue enjoy painting and Steve has painted a picture of Blue and Blue's painted a nice outdoor scene. Later, we help her out with painting her ...more

Blue Goes to the Beach Oct 27 1996 - Steve and Blue are going to the beach and while we are there, we decide what clothes would be most appropriate to wear to the beach and experiment with physics in a game of sink or float with ...more

Pretend Time Nov 03 1996 - Sometimes, by pretending, you can explore things that you normally couldn't. Steve has an interest in flight and pretends to be a bird and later a plane. We help out some birds who are ...more

A Snowy Day Nov 10 1996 - It's a snowy day and we're going outside to play. Before doing that, we observe snowflake patterns with Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper. In a Blue Skidoo segment, we help a calendar kid to fix the ...more

The Trying Game Nov 17 1996 - This episode is all about trying our best in the hopes of learning something, or getting even better at something we already know how to do. With Blue's encouragement, Steve takes up juggling, ...more

Blue Wants to Play a Game Nov 24 1996 - Today, all sorts of games are being played at the Blue's Clues house, starting with hide-and-seek. We help Steve find Blue and he'd like to play again, but it would seem Blue doesn't want to ...more

The Grow Show Dec 01 1996 - As we come in, Steve thinks that maybe we've grown some and it turns out that Blue's been growing too. As we focus on growing, we learn all about how plants grow. We also find out where they ...more

Blue Wants to Play a Song Game! Dec 08 1996 - Today, the Blue's Clues characters are playing ""song games"" - acting out and dancing when singing songs. Steve plays the ""Head and Shoulders"" song ...more

What Does Blue Want to Make? Dec 15 1996 - Steve and Blue have been creating newspaper hats. This episode is all about making things. Using patterns, we help Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper to make a picture frame. We try to identify things ...more

What Story Does Blue Want to Play? Dec 22 1996 - Steve and Blue have been putting on plays based on stories from books. As we get ready to put on another play, we take a look at all sorts of different stories. When Blue knocks some books out ...more

Dec 29 1996 - As we try to figure out Tickety Tock's favorite nursery rhyme, we learn all about rhyming and poetry. We help out Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper to pack a special lunch and learn about alliteration - ...more

What Is Blue Afraid Of? Jan 05 1997 - Blue is afraid of something and it's got her all shaky and nervous. In this episode, we take a look at things that can be scary and find out that by taking a closer look, they may not be so ...more

Magenta Comes Over Jan 12 1997 - Blue's friend, Magenta is coming over to the Blue's Clues house. As we wait for her and get ready, we help out some of our other friends. We help Shovel and Pail with a game of hide-and-seek in ...more

Blue's News Jan 19 1997 - This episode has Steve and us, traveling all around and also outside the Blue's Clues house looking for notes. The notes help us to find Blue's Clues and more. We help Shovel and Pail out with a ...more

Steve Gets the Sniffles Sep 07 1997 - Steve isn't feeling well. He has the sniffles and so we try to help him out while learning about healthy things in the process. While in the kitchen, we categorize healthy snacks with Mr. Salt ...more

What Does Blue Want to Build? Sep 14 1997 - Steve and Blue have been building things and so in this episode we explore construction and measurement. We find some popsicle sticks assembling themselves in various shapes and try to figure ...more

What Experiment Does Blue Want to Try? Sep 28 1997 - Steve and Blue have been doing experiments to see what things sink and float. We find Shovel and Pail and help them out with their experiments with nature. We take a look at things through a ...more

What Does Blue Want to Make Out of Recycled Things? Oct 19 1997 - This episode is all about books, words and letters. Steve himself has A Really Great Book, although we never do get to find out the contents of it. To fit with the theme, various objects are ...more

Oct 26 1997 - This episode looks at math, mostly counting, but also basic addition and subtraction. We count the steps that it takes to get to various locations. We also help some of our friends with figuring ...more

Blue's ABCs Oct 12 1997 - In this episode, we explore the dreams of the various characters. We also learn that if you try hard enough, sometimes you can change your dream. That way, if you're scared by something, you can ...more

Math! Oct 05 1997 - It's clean-up time and as we help Steve and Blue to find things to clean up, Steve gets the idea that we could turn the trash into something else. He draws a recycling logo on the screen and in ...more

Blue's Birthday Mar 15 1998 - Today is Blue's birthday, but we've shown up a little early, so we help to set things up. As we get things set up, we notice things that are out of place or missing and help to make things ...more

Mar 22 1998 - Blue has drawn a picture of herself, Magenta and Steve. Steve thinks it would be great to hang it on the refrigerator, but Blue has another idea. As we try to figure what it is, we work on ...more

What Does Blue Wanna Do On a Rainy Day? Mar 29 1998 - When it starts raining outside, Steve and Blue aren't upset because they can have lots of fun indoors. In fact, the rain sounds a lot like music. So we take the opportunity to explore all sorts ...more

Blue's Surprise at Two O'Clock! Apr 05 1998 - Blue has a special surprise in this episode, but it won't be ready till two o'clock. We spend the time learning more about time itself and helping our friends. We help Tickety Tock learn how to ...more

The Lost Episode! Apr 12 1998 - In this episode, the characters are dealing with trying to find things that they've lost. Sometimes it's not easy, but they have a little handy saying in the form of a song to help them, when ...more

Blue's Sad Day Apr 19 1998 - When we come in, we find that Blue's ears are droopy and she seems to be very sad. We suggest how we and Steve might be able to help her and then we help some of the other characters as well. We ...more

What Game Does Blue Want to Learn? Apr 26 1998 - Today, the characters check out some fun games. Steve tries his hand at juggling and also shows us a neat trick with the letter ""L."" We help out a felt friend to practice ...more