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TV episodes Full List of Bokura ga Ita Episodes

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Below is a complete Bokura ga Ita episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Bokura ga Ita episodes are listed along with the Bokura ga Ita episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Bokura ga Ita episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. “Episode Fourteen” and “Episode Twenty-Five” are included on this poll, along with many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Bokura ga Ita episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Episode One Jul 03 2006 - It's Nanami Takahashi's second day at her new high school and almost as soon as school starts she quickly makes some new friends in her class, like the unsociable Yuri. A girl from Asahi middle ...more

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Episode Two Jul 10 2006 - It's Nanami Takahashi's second day at her new high school and almost as soon as school starts she quickly makes some new friends in her class, like the unsociable Yuri. A girl from Asahi middle ...more

Episode Three Jul 17 2006 - It is summer vacation and Nanami goes to school for the play rehearsals, but she's pretty annoyed that Motoharu doesn't turn up to any of them. Even at the summer festival he doesn't turn up, so ...more

Episode Four Jul 24 2006 - The Cultural Festival draws near and all the students are hard at work preparing for the event. Meanwhile the Motoharu seems to be fairly distant with Nanami and she doesn't understand why. Then ...more

Episode Five Jul 31 2006 - Following Motoharu's confession during the Cultural Festival, Nanami seems pretty out of it as she couldn't sleep at all last night. It's isn't long before her friends discover what happened ...more

Episode Six Aug 07 2006 - Nanami is thinking about the things she's enjoyed with Motoharu but "crossing the line" is the one thing she still cannot do. The pair meets up one day to do some shopping, when they ...more

Episode Seven Aug 14 2006 - Motoharu asks Nanami out on a date but she blows him of to secretly buy him a present, but it isn't much of a secret because he follows her. The next day Motoharu is kind of mad at her but they ...more

Episode Eight Aug 21 2006 - In her room, Nanami uses this opportunity to ask Motoharu about his past Yuri and it takes some time for him to give her answer. As Motoharu leaves Nanami feels reassured with what he told her ...more

Episode Nine Aug 28 2006 - All alone with Motoharu at his house, Nanami actually suggest that they finally "do it". Even though it seems like such a dream that dream is then cut short when Motoharu's Mom returns ...more

Episode Ten Sep 04 2006 - Without thinking Nanami steals an old picture of Motoharu together with Nana, from Yuri's knocked over bag and she's doesn't know what to do about it. But this doesn't matter, when by chance ...more

Episode Eleven Sep 11 2006 - Nanami and Motoharu's study session in interrupted when, out of the blue, Yuri turns up on Motoharu's doorstep, with something to tell him about her sister. It's to do with the reason why Nana ...more

Episode Twelve Sep 18 2006 - In an unconventional way, Motoharu finally confesses to Nanami, the sin he committed to Yuri. Since then Nanami hasn't been able to face him but they eventually fix the problem in their ...more

Episode Thirteen Sep 25 2006 - The relationship between Nanami and Motoharu has ended and a week has passed without even as much as a word between them. Takeuchi just can't sit back at let things continue as they are, so he ...more

Episode Fourteen Oct 02 2006 - With things going nowhere between Motoharu and Nanami, Takeuchi is unable to hold back his feelings and decides to take the initiative. Nonetheless he may have timed this wrong and Motoharu ...more

Episode Fifteen Oct 09 2006 - Preparations for the annual Cultural Festival are progressing smoothly but what hasn't progressed is Nanami's relationship with either Motoharu or Takeuchi. Motoharu is trying to organize his ...more

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Episode Sixteen Oct 16 2006 - It is the night of the school festival and everyone is anxiously waiting for the main event. Takeuchi plans to confess to Nanami but so does Motoharu, yet Nanami just doesn't feel like she can ...more

Episode Seventeen Oct 23 2006 - It's a normal school day, following the school festival and Nanami decides to get back together with Motoharu but under the condition that he tells her all about his first love, Nana. The two go ...more

Episode Eighteen Oct 30 2006 - After some thinking Motoharu decides to tell Nanami all about Nana, so he invites her out. But it quickly becomes sort of like a date, when they go to see a movie to pass the time. Though soon ...more

Episode Nineteen Nov 06 2006 - Nanami is finally able to accept Motoharu and they get back together and as if nothing happened they return to their normal school lives. But things are still not settled between Motoharu and ...more

Episode Twenty Nov 13 2006 - It is another day of school but that quickly comes and goes when Takeuchi is forced to go along on a double date with his classmate. Surprisingly on the date Takeuchi accepts the girl's ...more

Episode Twenty-One Nov 20 2006 - Nanami's parents are going to a wedding on the weekend, so she takes this opportunity to invite Motoharu to sleepover. On the day Motoharu's pretty excited about the whole thing when all of a ...more

Episode Twenty-Two Nov 27 2006 - Knowing that Nanami is left, hopelessly waiting for Motoharu, Takeuchi gives in to his feelings and goes to her to take her home. Motoharu is finally able to get to Nanami but by then it is too ...more

Episode Twenty-Three Dec 04 2006 - Motoharu tells Takeuchi that his Mom is getting a divorce and will be moving to Tokyo and while they're out Takeuchi feels the need to tell Motoharu that he confessed his feelings to Nanami. ...more

Episode Twenty-Four Dec 11 2006 - Christmas is already around the corner and Nanami is still worrying about a present even though she hasn't made up with Motoharu. Meanwhile Motoharu is worried about his Mom, who is going to be ...more

Episode Twenty-Five Dec 18 2006 - Nanami is also worried about the impossible entrance University exams she has gotten herself into and she is begins studying like mad, in order to raise the chances of being accepted. But more ...more

Episode Twenty-Six Dec 25 2006 - Christmas is only a few weeks away however Nanami and Motoharu may not be able to spend it together as he's decided to follow his Mom to Tokyo. Even though he wants to spoil her during the days ...more