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Best Episodes of Bonanza

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Below is a complete Bonanza episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Bonanza episodes are listed along with the Bonanza episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Bonanza episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “The Flapjack Contest” and “The Actress.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Bonanza episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    Dec 05 1959
    In a variation of "High Noon", Ben and Hoss must face a gang of outlaws practically all alone when most of Virginia City's citizens go into hiding. The most action-filled episode since "The Paiute...
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    The Hanging Posse

    Nov 28 1959
    Adam and Joe reluctantly join a group of vengeful townsmen, who are out to lynch the three men who supposedly killed Vannie Johnson. The posse is run by Paiute Scroggs and Flint Johnson, the dead...
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    The Wish

    Mar 09 1969
    Hoss spends his two-month vacation helping a black family get their farm in shape, and dealing with racism in the neighboring town....
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    The Last Hunt

    Dec 19 1959
    Hoss and Joe come across a pregnant Indian woman while hunting bighorn sheep and must deliver her baby. Despite touches of humor, including a scene in which Joe refers to a meal as "cattle fodder",...
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    The Magnificent Adah

    Nov 14 1959
    Virginia City is visited by actress Adah Issacs Menken, who happens to be an old acquaintance of Ben's. Joe is badly beaten by Adah's jealous suitor, John C. Regan, who is bested in a fight with an...
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    The Stranger

    Feb 27 1960
    Nevada Territory is awaiting statehood, and Ben considers running for governor until he learns he is wanted for murder in New Orleans. Inspector Charles Leduque arrives and says Ben is wanted for...
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    A House Divided

    Jan 16 1960
    As the Civil War approaches, Adam and Joe clash over which side to support. The situation is complicated by the arrival of Frederick Kyle, a Southern sympathizer. He was an old friend of Joe's...
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    The Last Trophy

    Mar 26 1960
    Adam takes Ben's friends, Lord Marion Dunsworth and Lady Beatrice, on a hunting expedition, and they are captured by a gang of crude thieves and murderers. During one early scene, after listening to...
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    The Sisters

    Dec 12 1959
    This episode begins with Adam defending the honor of Sue Ellen Terry in a duel. No one gets shot because the other man misses Adam and Adam generously shoots in the air to end the duel. Sue Ellen...
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    Blood on the Land

    Feb 13 1960
    A shiftless sheepherder, Jeb Drummond, encroaches his herd of sheep on the Ponderosa and refuses to budge. He resists all of Ben's attempts to throw him off his land and finally resorts to taking...
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    A Rose for Lotta

    Sep 12 1959
    The scene opens to Ben and Adam Cartwright looking at the beautiful scenery of the Ponderosa. This episode is about mine owners wanting Ponderosa timber and Ben won't sell it to them. So they hire an...
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    The Julia Bulette Story

    Oct 17 1959
    Little Joe is infatuated wih saloon owner Julia Bulette, whom he imagines is like his late mother. First episode to reveal backround details concerning Marie Cartwright, and inspired by the true...
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    Mr. Henry Comstock

    Nov 07 1959
    In a flashback, the legendary prospector arrives on the Ponderosa and participates in the founding of Virginia City. Coincidentally, guest star Jack Carson played a teller at the Comstock Bank and...
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    The Outcast

    Jan 09 1960
    Because she is related to criminals, a young woman is ostracized by everyone but the the Cartwrights. She unwisely seeks solace with an ex-con friend of Joe's, Clay Renton, and it's up to Ben to...
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    The Spanish Grant

    Feb 06 1960
    In "The Spanish Grant", a young bargirl, Rosita Morales is pretending to be a Spanish noblewoman named Isabella Marie Inez de la Cuesta and at the end of the story, it's revealed she is really Rosita...
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    Feet of Clay

    Apr 16 1960
    Hoss takes Billy Allen, the young son of a convicted felon under his wing, then is forced to kill his father and Billy will not forgive him. The most emotional Hoss story since "The Newcomers" and...
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    Death at Dawn

    Apr 30 1960
    Virginia City is plagued by organized crime, Sam Bryant and his gang. One of his men, Farmer Perkins, kills a storekeeper, and at his trial, the wife of the store owner is afraid to testify. When...
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    The Gunmen

    Jan 23 1960
    In the first all-out comic episode of the series, Hoss and Joe travel to Kiowa Flats, Texas, where they are mistaken for the notorious Slade Brothers, also played by Blocker and Landon....
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    The Truckee Strip

    Nov 21 1959
    Luther Bishop and Ben Cartwright have had an ongoing land dispute for a number of years, over a small tract called the Truckee Strip. One of Bishop's employee's has a grudge against the Cartwrights...
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    The Fear Merchants

    Jan 30 1960
    The Cartwrights encounter racial bigotry in Virginia City and end up protecting a Chinese boy from mob violence. Victor Sen Yung, in his largest role to date, speaks normally in the presence of his...
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    The Saga of Annie O'Toole

    Oct 24 1959
    Adam defends the mining claim of Annie O' Toole in a court presided over by Judge Ben Cartwright. Annie comes to the Washoe Diggings with a claim to a mine filed by her beau, Swede Lundberg. Swede...
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    Desert Justice

    Feb 20 1960
    When a tough U.S. Marshal from California arrests a Ponderosa hand, Dave Walker, for murder, Adam and Hoss go along to make sure their employee reaches Los Angeles alive. In one scene, Adam is...
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    The Passing of a King

    Oct 13 1968
    The son of a rancher to whom the Cartwrights are selling a prize bull is trying to get his father ruled mentally incompetant, and will let no one stand in his way....
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    El Toro Grande

    Jan 02 1960
    Ben sends Hoss and Joe to Monterey to purchase an expensive seed bull. The first of Blocker and Landon's many comic misadventures, although the casual use of violence, as in the rapier fight, is...
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    The Avenger

    Mar 19 1960
    A restaurant owner whom Ben and Adam have confronted over stolen Ponderosa beef ends up dead one night. His daughter, Sally Byrnes runs the cafe and in her resentment, wrongfully accuses Ben and...