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Below is a complete Bondi Rescue episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Bondi Rescue episodes are listed along with the Bondi Rescue episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Bondi Rescue episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Episode 7” to “Episode 3” is included on this poll. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Bondi Rescue episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Episode 4 Feb 27 2006 - Japanese language student Takahiro Ono is found lifeless in the water on a surprisingly calm day. With no breath and no pulse a frantic resuscitation effort begins as lifeguards come to his ...more

Episode 8 Mar 27 2006 - A shark found swimming in the kiddies pool is a dramatic start to the day as huge cyclonic swells from come marching in to Bondi from up north. While most people clear out of the water some of ...more

Episode 7 Mar 20 2006 - Bondi is a circus and some of the high-wire acts performed by the locals defy description. Two young boys are swept from treacherous "flat rock" leaving them with a bloody momento of ...more

Episode 1 Feb 06 2006 - It's the start of summer and the lifeguards are trying out for a job on the busiest beach in the world. Two and a half million people will visit Bondi over the next few months - up to 50,000 ...more

Episode 2 Feb 13 2006 - It's Christmas Day and the swell sends shivers up the back of the Lifeguards as they set up the beach in the morning. They know that tourists, alcohol and surf are a dangerous mix. With at least ...more

Episode 3 Feb 20 2006 - Few parties get bigger than the New Year�s Eve dance party at Bondi as over 5,000 revellers dance in the New Year until 6 am. The Lifeguards are flat out on New Years Day as they attend drug and ...more

Episode 5 Mar 06 2006 - The lifeguards have an opportunity to show what they�re made of in the Lifeguard Challenge ? a mid-season competition to prove who�s the fittest and fastest among the elite watermen. Tensions ...more

Episode 6 Mar 13 2006 - There�s a big swell heading for Bondi and the fearsome rips will be working overtime. But what�s dangerous for mere mortals is a playground for the elite watermen as they take to the water on ...more

Episode 1 Feb 05 2007 - The boys in blue are back, although joined by some unlikely new faces. Despite being female in a male domain, former Iron Woman Brooke Cassell is a solid inclusion to the pre-season training ...more

Episode 10 Apr 09 2007 - In the final episode of Series two, the lifeguards of Bondi Rescue are kept on their toes despite summer coming to a close.Tom and Yatesy discover a red-bellied black snake that finds its way ...more

Episode 9 Apr 02 2007 - Snoop Dogg and his posse drop into Bondi to shoot a music promo, complete with topless extras.A Brazilian surfer meets the pointy end of a surfboard, following a collision which leaves ...more

Episode 3 Feb 19 2007 - Bondi�s first full time female lifeguard Brooke discovers what it means to work at the world�s busiest beach as she conducts a string of rescues and an emergency call has lifeguards rushing to ...more

Episode 5 Mar 05 2007 - The 2.5 kilometre North Bondi Classic Ocean Swim attracts over a thousand swimmers to Bondi each year. But this year some uninvited entrants have joined the course, forcing lifeguards to ...more

Episode 2 Feb 12 2007 - Rookie Lifeguard Blake faces his first big physical test when he takes part in an underwater training race. The lifeguard team run a relay carrying weights five hundred metres underwater with ...more

Episode 8 Mar 26 2007 - Less than 48 hours after a tragic drowning at Bondi, a woman is pulled from the water... no breathing, no pulse. Lifeguards prepare the defibrillator to shock her back to life.In the lead-up to ...more

Episode 4 Feb 26 2007 - There�s madness and pandemonium at Bondi on a busy Sunday when a flash rip sweeps dozens of swimmers out of the flags and into deep water. Lifeguards are overwhelmed by the mass rescue, and one ...more

Episode 6 Mar 12 2007 - Corey Adams races out to rescue a group of school mates caught in a rip. But the odds are stacked against him - there�s just one lifeguard and six drowning men.Secret training and sideline bets ...more

Episode 7 Mar 19 2007 - A tragedy unfolds at Bondi when lifeguards are unable to locate a man last seen swimming at the southern end of the beach. Identified for a brief moment struggling to stay afloat, he disappears ...more

Episode 11 Apr 16 2007 - A surfing collision results in a deep water spinal rescue, and surf rage breaking out on the shore. Lifeguards must work out who's at fault. Later, a man is rescued with no pants.

Episode 13 May 03 2009 - Trainee lifeguard and Bra Boy member Jesse Pollock fractures his spine when he is dumped by a huge wave; meanwhile Jake rescues a beginner surfer being smashed against cliffs.

Episode 6 Mar 11 2008 - Tourists and travellers flock to Bondi to spend Australia Day on the nation's most famous beach. Poor conditions create an exhausting day for the lifeguards.

Episode 7 Mar 18 2008 - Senior lifeguard Terry decides to test trainee Maxi's mettle. Blake performs a mock tube rescue with fellow lifeguard Beau acting as the drowning patient.

Episode 4 Feb 26 2008 - The new kids on the block are put through their paces down at Bondi: Trent 'Maxi' Maxwell, the youngest ever trainee lifeguard and Hawaiian Lifeguard Kyle Pao.

Feb 05 2008 - The school holidays have started and lifeguards are inundated with over-excited kids. Some have joined the Bondi lifeguard team, including 16 year old Trent Maxwell.

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