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Below is a complete Bordertown episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Bordertown episodes are listed along with the Bordertown episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Bordertown episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list is made up of items like “The Gunfighter” and “Blood Fury.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Bordertown episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

St Columbine's Tears Oct 04 1995 -

The Roof Is Singing Oct 11 1995 -

Lady Bev's Bones Oct 18 1995 -

A Note From Underground Oct 25 1995 -

The Poisoned Paprika Nov 01 1995 -

But What If The Wind Changes Nov 08 1995 -

The Cracks & The Squares 1 Nov 15 1995 -

The Cracks & The Squares 2 Nov 22 1995 -

Meteorite Nights Nov 29 1995 -

Whirligig Dec 06 1995 -

One of the Boys Apr 08 1989 - A young woman, posing as a male ranchhand in an effort to find her husband's murderer, is shot on the streets of Bordertown.

Medicine Woman Jan 21 1989 - Howling Dog, a young Blackfood, accidentally causes a fire in Marie's store while attempting to steal food. After the Indian is released when Marie refuses to press charges, he is murdered by ...more

The Lady and the Corpse Apr 22 1989 - When Dom's friend dies, he leaves instructions that half his gold goes to Dom, but it is stolen before it can be recovered. Jack believes Clive's new lady friend is involved, but the mountie ...more

The Killing Mar 11 1989 - Liam becomes infatuated with a blind gypsy fortune teller who is being forced by her employer to convince men that their future includes earning a fortune in a new business venture, so he can ...more

The Reaper Mar 04 1989 - The lawmen are troubled when an aging gunfighter comes to Bordertown, followed by glory-seekers who are out to kill him, and a novelist, who wants to write a story about him.

The Fur Trader Apr 29 1989 - A local trapper is found murdered and his furs stolen. The only clue left at the scene is a sliver of bone from the handle of a knife, and the only suspect is a French entrepeneur, a friend of ...more

Feb 18 1989 - While investigating the presence of a band of Cree Indians camped near the town, Jack and Clive discover that a white boy is living among them. The boy's uncle is determined to get him back, ...more

Runners Jan 14 1989 - A Mountie mail wagon is ambushed and robbed, and the crime is made to look like an Indian attack. Jack and Clive are suspicious, and soon determine that the thieves were Mountie deserters. ...more

Bad Memories May 27 1989 - A visiting German is knocked unconscious while being chased by bank robbers who want the map he carries that will lead them to the money. He awakens with amnesia. Meanwhile, Clive's supervisor ...more

A Model Citizen Feb 11 1989 - A Chinese immigrant overhears a plot to rob a gold shipment. Determined to be a good citizen, he informs the law the plot, but is fearful for the life of his fiancee, who is arriving on the ...more

Ties That Bind May 06 1989 - Willie's father comes to Bordertown with the intention of taking the boy back to France with him. Meanwhile, an escaped criminal is seeking revenge on Clive.

The Gunfighter Mar 18 1989 - A young easterner challenges his employer to a gunfight after he is cheated out of part of his wages. Jack attempts to teach the young man to shoot.

Slave Apr 01 1989 - Severely traumatized when her former ""master"" comes to Bordertown, Diane Denny tries to shoot him to avenge the beating death of her father, killed years earlier while

Trapped Mar 25 1989 - Two outlaw brothers, believed to be dead, come to Bordertown to rob the bank. Before they can carry out their plan, they are recognized by Hiram. When he speaks up, he is fatally struck by one ...more

Blood Fury Feb 25 1989 - Charles Ashley intends to bring a railroad to Bordertown, but Jack is incensed when the railroader turns out to be a former Confederate Captain from the Civil War who abandoned his wounded men ...more

Craddock vs. Bennett Jun 03 1989 - While giving Jack an eye exam during a physical, Marie discovers that he cannot read. Worried that many others in the area cannot read, either, she decides to order some primers. In spite of ...more

Pretty Shadows [aka Legacy] May 20 1989 - gs: Charlie Higgins (Denzil), Peter Stebbings (Lamarr Johnson), A band of teenaged outlaws ride into Bordertown intending to rob the bank. Marie reports to Clive when she sees the young outlaws ...more

When Dreams Die Apr 15 1989 - Two escaped convicts come to Bordertown looking for the only man who can identify them. Claiming to be friends of Sally Duffield's imprisoned husband, they swindle her out of her jewelry by ...more

Gold and Lead Jun 24 1989 - While escorting a large amount of gold to Bordertown, Wendell is robbed and wounded, and the armed guard is killed by a couple of thieves. Then the killer turns the gun on his accomplice. Jack ...more

Nahanni Jun 10 1989 - Clive's training officer arrives in Bordertown with his pregnant Indian wife, Nahanni. Driscoll had been shot in a skirmish with the U.S. Cavalry, who had apprehended Chief Sitting Bull from a ...more

The Man They Couldn't Hang Feb 04 1989 - Jack reluctantly hangs a prisoner, but the prisoner survives the hanging. When Jack refuses to hang him again, the judge sends in a government appointed hangman. Barry Joe's only chance for ...more

The Bounty Hunter May 13 1989 - When a Mexican bounty hunter shows up in Bordertown, Jack is instantly suspicious, suspecting that the Mexican has actually come for him. When he and Marie are jailed by the bounty hunter, Jack ...more

Blindside Jan 28 1989 - Two friends from Jack's Texas Rangers days come to Bordertown on their way to Canada to sell their merchandise. Marie disappears when her patient is murdered, and the evidence points to Jack's ...more

Vigilante Jun 17 1989 - A teenaged boy is hired by a group of horse thieves to deliver six horses stolen from a local ranch. When he realizes the horses have been stolen, Johnny intends to return the horses to their ...more

Keenan's Raiders Jul 01 1989 - Three members of outlaw gang Keenan's Raiders plan to meet in Bordertown to recover stolen gold they had buried years earlier. One dies of a heart attack on the stage, a second is found shot to ...more

Civilization Jan 07 1989 - A barroom fight between an American rancher's son and a Canadian farm boy result in the shooting death of the American. Jack and Clive attempt to take the prisoner to Ft McCloud, but the dead ...more

Fool's Gold Jun 22 1990 - An old prospector is shot, but refuses to reveal his assailant. Fed up with Clive's and Jack's rivalry, Marie goes camping. Much of this episode is a dream sequence featuring Marie and the ...more

The Last Fenian Raid Feb 09 1990 - A retired Canadian colonel arrives in Bordertown with a stongbox containing money obtained by docking his men's pay. His intentions are to set up an estate for the men to work on when they ...more

A Brand of Justice Jun 08 1990 - The Rancher's Association is trying to convince the local rancher to join their organization. When Henry Jordan refuses, he is attacked and some of his horses are stolen. The Association offers ...more

All for One Jun 29 1990 - Clive is offered a promotion to sergeant, but if he accepts the advancement, he will be reassigned to another post. He asks Marie to marry him, setting off a bitter dispute between him and

White Feather Feb 23 1990 - A Blackfoot warrior rescues Marie when her horse bolts after being spooked by a snake. Jack recognizes her horse, and arrests the Indian for stealing it. Marie insists that he be released from ...more

Killer with a Smile Mar 30 1990 - During a tour of the western states, President Garfield's entourage is scheduled to pass through Bordertown. A would-be assassin ties Marie up inside her store, and is planning to use the ...more

Devil's Right Hand Jun 15 1990 - When Artimus Boone is caught trying to sell a gun belt that once belonged to Lucas Craddock, Jack goes on a quest to confront his father's killer, and must come to terms with the fact that his ...more

When Gold Turns Black Apr 20 1990 - Wendell buys an unsafe mine, and sells half partnership to an unscrupulous businessman, who hires ill, underfed Chinese laborers to work the mine.

Skirmishes Mar 09 1990 - Two local ranchers become involved in a dispute over water rights between their properties. Meanwhile, a young physician comes to Bordertown and questions Marie's right to practice medicine. He ...more

The Heart of Adventure Jun 01 1990 - Dom is deputized to watch over the town in Jack's and Clive's absence. A famous author, interested in experiencing the west first hand, becomes involved in a bank robbery. Sally is taken hostage ...more

Snap Shot May 18 1990 - When a photographer is murdered, his young assistant is accused of the crime. Willie and Lucy secretly help him in an attempt to prove his innocence. The proof of the killer's identity lies in a ...more

Hand to Hand Jan 19 1990 - A Mountie wagon is ambushed, and the Mounties, including a friend of Clive's, are murdered by a gang of outlaw brothers. One of the brothers is captured and taken to Bordertown. When Clive ...more

The Fourth Estate May 25 1990 - Bordertown is about to have its first mayoral election, but rancher Henry Jordan is initially the only candidate, and he intends to remove Marshal Craddock and replace him with a rogue who is ...more

Straight from the Heart Apr 06 1990 - Clive's father, Reverend Bennett, arrives from Toronto to visit, but he makes it clear that he is not pleased with his son's career choice. Meanwhile, a local farmer's imported cattle have