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Below is a complete Brady's Beasts episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Brady's Beasts episodes are listed along with the Brady's Beasts episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Brady's Beasts episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. “How To make your monster Eat” and “How To Build monster's Cave” are included on this poll, along with many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Brady's Beasts episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

How to bond with a Banshee Jun 13 2005 - Brady has finally captured the monster of his dreams. Maxwell, Brady's dad, is horrified and a bit annoyed with his son when he discovers the beast; so he sets it free. Terrified, Maxwell ...more

How to groom your monsters for success May 30 2005 - 10-year-old Stanley Crumb has captured a tadpole from Ravenville's infamous pond, the Black Lagoon. Poor Stanley had no idea the tadpole would grow into a creature so big; his fish tank can no ...more

How to throw a monster party May 30 2005 - On his way home from work, a flu-stricken Maxwell meets Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Delighted, Maxwell decides to put up Dr. Jekyll in exchange for his medical services. At first, the family finds ...more

How the monsters came to Ravenville Mar 27 2005 - With the help of his friends Ember and Virgil, Brady meets Vlad the Vampire and adopts him as his monster. He tries his to keep his new monster a secret, thinking that if his father does not ...more

How to keep a sea monster from eating your town May 23 2005 - Brady is distraught when he finds out that Maxwell wants to sell the house and move away from Ravenville. Brady is mostly devastated that he will never find his long lost favourite monster if he ...more

How to get rid of an undesirable monster Apr 03 2005 - Mr and Mrs Dandy move from their tiresome old haunted house to open a ghost-free Bed and Breakfast. The Dandy children really miss their old haunted house; so Brady and friends agree to help ...more

How to handle a part-time monster Apr 10 2005 - After witnessing a botched burglary, thanks to a helpful goblin, Brady comes home to find Maxwell and Pollyanna in a panic. They’ve heard that robbers are stealing valuable collectibles ...more

How to soothe ruffled feathers, fur... and scales Apr 17 2005 - Brady receives an email from someone claiming they’ve found his favourite monster. Brady takes a look at the enclosed photo – that’s him alright! Brady is ecstatic: his ...more

How to find your missing monster Apr 24 2005 - Brady has a webcast to demonstrate the technique for building a monster. Something goes wrong with the recipe, and his audience’s' projects turn into uncontrollable mischievous blobs. ...more

How to haunt a house

How to use your monster for home protection

How to sneak your monster on vacation with you May 01 2005 -

How to build your own monster Jun 01 2005 -

How to impress a girl with your Mummy Jun 06 2005 -

How to turn your monster into a Latin lover Jun 19 2005 - Max orders Brady: ""No more monsters in the house, or you lose your computer!"" Seconds later, a very hairy Yeti sneaks undetected into the Plunkett home, attracted by its ...more

How to date a Werewolf Jul 24 2005 -

How to be a good monster sitter Jul 31 2005 -

How to make your monster happy Aug 07 2005 -

How to celebrate Christmas with your monster Aug 14 2005 -

How to put together a skeleton Aug 14 2005 -

How to give your monster courage Aug 21 2005 -

How to sabotage a Gargoyle Aug 21 2005 -

How to housebreak the monster under your bed Aug 28 2005 -

How to collect monsters Aug 28 2005 -

How to stop a monster migration Sep 04 2005 -

How to unplug a Sparker Sep 11 2005 -

How to dodge the Quicksand

How to catch your missing shadow Sep 11 2005 -

How to plug the Loch Ness leak Sep 18 2005 -

How to steal a monster's treasure Aug 07 2005 -

How to put out a fiery dragon

How to break up a Berserker

How to raise a Hatchling Mar 22 2006 - Brady wakes up and finds a happy bouncing monster egg. How did it get there? Brady isn’t quite prepared for this kind of responsibility. This egg proves quite challenging to manage, as it hops ...more

How to remind your monster who he is

How to turn your pet into a monster

How to hook up a missing link Mar 22 2006 - It’s late night in Ravenville and a tall hairy mysterious creature is secretly studying Ravenville’s women, one by one. While hanging out the laundry, Pollyanna spots the creature who ...more

How to make a monster cry Jan 01 2006 - Vlad is knocked into the bog by a strange bat-like creature, completely new to Ravenville. Brady's interest is piqued by a certain detail of Vlad's complaint. Brady believes they are dealing ...more

How to recognize a Wishing Un-well Jan 01 2006 - Something huge sets off Brady's monster detector - a Wishing Un-Well that can walk. It looks like an ordinary wishing well, except that it grants people's wishes with a distinctly ironic ...more

How a monster runs for mayor Jan 01 2006 - The Mayor is running unopposed for re-election, but his anti-monster platform is not going over very well with the town’s monsters and their friends. Vlad decides to give the mayor a run for his ...more

How to make a Medusa blink Oct 05 2005 - The Ravenville museum has received a statue of Medusa! The nosy museum curator accidentally brings her back to life, and the Medusa, true to her nature begins turning everyone into stone.. Brady ...more

How to distract an Attractor Jan 01 2006 - Brady's class is visiting the Ravenville electrical plant during a field trip, coincidentally on the same day the Attractor, a big magnetic robot, is there to re-charge his magnets. Clumsy ...more

How to read a ghost story Jan 01 2006 - Brady, Virgil and Ember have homework to do, so it’s off to the library to find the books they need. Virgil mistakenly takes a magical horror book instead of a history book. The book is dropped, ...more

How to Stop a Stink Jan 01 2006 - Brady puts Ember and Virgil on monster watch during his short trip out of town. A mysterious creature has arrived in Ravenville, and its smell is so toxic it is creating havoc around town, ...more

How to Paint a Pigment Jan 01 2006 - Maxwell comes home with a horrible-looking clown painting which he believes is beautiful and priceless. He hangs it proudly in the living room. Soon enough the paint oozes off its canvas, ...more

How to Catch a Spring Fever Jan 01 2006 - A strange botanical creature, the Wilding, has planted its roots and taken over the homes and shops of Ravenville. It’s a jungle out there! Literally! Brady's scratches his head. Why are all ...more

How to Save a Sapphire Mar 24 2006 - Virgil is terrified as he receives a surprise visit from a Sapphire (a white vampire immune to daylight, but allergic to moonlight) named Velma. She’s searching all over town for Vlad - her true ...more

How to Peg a Pooka Jan 01 2006 - Things begin disappearing mysteriously throughout Ravenville. Brady discovers that a mischievous Pooka is responsible, but nobody can see it except the family dog, Boris. The invisible Pooka is ...more

How to Vex a Virus Mar 24 2006 - Virgil accidentally uploads a dangerously evil computer virus onto Brady's computer. The Virus grows, assimilating and controlling everything electrical in its path. The Virus has taken over the ...more

How to Mystify a Meanie Jan 01 2006 - In the midst of some home “renovations”, Maxwell discovers a lantern. Thinking he has hit the jackpot of his dreams he quickly rubs it to release his dream-come-true: a wish-granting genie! ...more

How to Goodbye a Goblin Jan 01 2006 - A most gruesome Goblin arrives in Ravenville. Thinking all monsters hate him, he begins to scare and intimidate the monsters into leaving town, one by one. The Goblin believes being the only ...more