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Below is a complete Brainiac: Science Abuse episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Brainiac: Science Abuse episodes are listed along with the Brainiac: Science Abuse episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Brainiac: Science Abuse episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list contains items like “Episode 5” and “Episode 2.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Brainiac: Science Abuse episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Oct 14 2004 - The science of spittle. CO2 the sequel; racing with fire extinguishers! Dr Bunhead peddles more unwanted science tricks down at his local boozer. We use science to turn a softie into a ...more

Oct 21 2004 - Battle of the bats - we ask "Which is Britain's best sport?." Does time really fly when you're having fun? Thank God for science - we say cheerio to another caravan. Will a blackbox ...more

Oct 28 2004 - We investigate Britain's most dangerous household products. Brainiac boffin Jon Tickle tests out DIY spud guns. We nip off down the boozer to see if old wives' tales about drinking are true. Can ...more

Nov 04 2004 - All the fun of the fair - we check out dodgem car physics. See you later - we say goodbye to another caravan! Do fast music - and distracting passengers - make you drive badly? We get fruity ...more

Nov 11 2004 - Washing your smalls - the lazy man’s way. Does drinking lager make you bad at sport. What happens if you eat carrots for a month. The black box gets a kicking from a Bigfoot. Quiet please, we go ...more

Nov 18 2004 - Pooey, how do brainiacs smell after their Friday night curry. New balls please, we go golfing, the lazy man’s way. Jon Tickle get moosical down at the farm. Torturing brainiacs in the name of ...more

Nov 25 2004 - Going out with a bang – the lazy men cook xmas dinner. Our black box takes on a scrapyard crusher. Viewer Dan Crossley gets a surprise visit from the Brainiac babes. John Fashanu has trouble ...more

Sep 16 2004 - Richard Hammond finds out whether or not you can you really smell fear? We put more things we shouldn't inside a microwave oven. We make snooker interesting with the help of Quintin Hann, 6 ...more

Sep 23 2004 - Richard Hammond puts DIY parachutes to the test. We find out if it's possible to go on a romantic dinner date whilst being electrocuted? Does getting scared make you stronger? The cheeky girls ...more

Sep 30 2004 - Which is faster - a motorbike, a golf ball, or a firework? Brainiac boffin Jon Tickle goes undercover with X-Ray specs. Vacuum cleaning - does it really suck? Brainiacs get sloshed checking out ...more

Sep 09 2004 - Can a noise frequency make you poo your pants? What happens when you od on 02? Can you serve wine whilst being electrocuted?5 top Brainiac tips to help you beat the slot machines Will a Napalm ...more

Sep 02 2004 - Richard Hammond chucks televisions out of a moving van in the search to find the world's most protective packaging. Brainiac boffin Jon Tickle gets caught up in DIY quicksand. Will 100 muskets ...more

Oct 07 2004 - What's the best way to drive when you're running on empty? Jon Tickle uses science to pick a date for the evening. More microwave meals cooked Brainiac style. What's the fastest way to get ...more

Dec 20 2005 - Slip sliding away – CO2 power hits the ice. What to do if Santa gets stuck up your chimney. Knife, fork, spoon – which is Britain’s best bit of cutlery. Which is Britain’s most pain in the arse ...more

Oct 13 2005 - Bangs and crashes – we have plenty. Where’s the most painful place to rip out a hair. Brainiacs soak up more bad treatment for science. What household objects to grab in a civil war. If you ...more

Sep 08 2005 - Bunging things in microwaves, stuffing your face full of chocolate and chucking dry food down your neck. Also, we throw brainiacs around to make them throw up. We inflict more mindless ...more

Aug 25 2005 - Can you swim as fast through syrup as you can through water. We check wind speed down at the lab. We find out why you shouldn’t muck around with lawnmowers. Electricity goes on tour. What is ...more

Sep 01 2005 - Pants or tights – which is the best DIY bungee. Can you play fruit machines for free. We inflict more suffering down at the lab. Stand well back, we put more stuff in a microwave and more ...more

Sep 15 2005 - We race against high explosives. We show you why you shouldn’t put dynamite in your microwave. We tell you how to win on the fairground grabber. Jon Tickle puts his foot down in garlic. What ...more

Sep 22 2005 - We take on the world’s best at darts – Brainiac style. Testing to destruction – microwaves and washing machines. Answering the big ones down at the warehouse. Burning through our cash with the ...more

Oct 06 2005 - What not to grab if you jump out of a building. Not for the faint hearted – experiments on roller coasters. Getting down to the big questions down at the lab. What is Britain’s stretchiest food. ...more

Oct 27 2005 - It’s the last show in the series and we’re going out with a bang. Bunging the whole lot into a couple of microwaves – stand well back. We find out how to win at the dogs and the funfair arcade. ...more

May 08 2007 - Vic Reeves takes over as the new host of Brainiac for a fifth series. This week the brainiacs are testing out such things as: can you run through a wall of sellotape and what is the fastest ...more

May 15 2007 - .Vic Reeves tests the fire resistance of a meringue, and assists Jon Tickle in an attempt to create a DIY earthquake using Dynamite. Plus, Rik Waller takes part in the Celebrity Day Job

May 22 2007 - Vic Reeves, Jon Tickle and Charlotte Hudson join forces to wreak havoc in the laboratory, and try to answer a selection of puzzling scientific questions. The trio are joined by GMTV weather ...more

May 29 2007 - Vic Reeves, Jon Tickle and Charlotte Hudson continue their madcap antics and try to answer a selection of puzzling scientific questions. This week the Braniacs are joined by Tony Hadley on ...more

Jun 05 2007 - Vic Reeves, Jon Tickle and Charlotte Hudson continue to wreak havoc in the laboratory, and try to answer a selection of puzzling scientific questions. The trio are joined by former England ...more

Jun 12 2007 - Lady Isabella Hervey accepts the Celebrity Day Job Electrocution challenge while she trains at the gym. The Braniacs fill a shed full of fireworks, and attempt to make a knickerbocker glory in a ...more

Jun 19 2007 - Vic Reeves attempts to create music using rockets, and Jon Tickle carries out an experiment to see if the additive monosodium glutamate really does enhance the taste of foods. Eddie the Eagle ...more

Jun 26 2007 - Vic Reeves and Jon Tickle attempt to find the best rocket fuel using takeaway food such as pizza and kebabs, and Sky News presenter Kay Burley agrees to take the Celebrity Day Job Electrocution ...more

Jul 03 2007 - Vic Reeves and Jon Tickle attempt to find out how destructive a water bomb can be, and a father tests his son's honesty by seeing how far he can throw him. Plus, DJ Brandon Block takes on the ...more

Jul 10 2007 - Vic Reeves sets out to create a personal rocket pack aimed at improving commuting times, and 2008 Strictly Come Dancing champion Camilla Dallerup faces the Celebrity Day Job Electrocution ...more

Jul 17 2007 - Horse-racing pundit John McCririck undergoes the Celebrity Day Job Electrocution Challenge, while Vic Reeves and Jon Tickle test the flying abilities of household objects. Plus, a look at the ...more

Jul 24 2007 - To mark the last in the series of Brand New Brainiac: Science Abuse, Vic Reeves and the team celebrate the most competitive day in the school calendar - Sports Day. Which national dress is the ...more

Mar 10 2007 -

Nov 13 2003 - Can high explosives make your donner kebab taste the business. Can safety equipment really protect your body from attack. Can we turn a mobile phone into a time bomb. Brainiac boffin Jon Tickle ...more

Nov 20 2003 - How to make perfect toast - the lazy man’s way. NASA eat your heart out, we join the space race with shopping trollies. We ask which food produces the smelliest fart. Can Brainiac Boffin Jon ...more

Nov 27 2003 - Can we accelerate as fast as a jet on a kiddies roundabout. Smash and grab – can a stock car team crack one of the world’s toughest safes. Would you bet your teeth on the laws of science. ...more

Dec 04 2003 - High voltage hi-jinks – our team of brainiacs gets to grips with electricity. We scientifically measure how much better looking women become after a couple of pints. Crackpot scientist Dr. ...more

Dec 11 2003 - Ginger whingers – are redheads more sensitive to pain than brunettes. Taking down their particulars – is a job interview easier if the panel are naked. Indestructible objects – are they, really. ...more

Dec 18 2003 - Which bomb produces the biggest splash. What happens when you mix up gardening with high explosives. How much weight can resident Brainiac Boffin Jon Tickle lose in just 4 hours. Through plans ...more

Aug 27 2006 - Which is best – dog or brainiac, Sian Lloyd tries out the electric chair, what is Britain’s messiest sandwich, which is Britain’s toughest cereal, five top tips on taking a number two in the ...more

Sep 03 2006 - In Tonight's episode of Brainiac. We go through a range of experiments including: Finding out which is the most painful place on the body to pinch, Finding out what happens if you jump at the ...more

Jul 23 2006 - Jon Tickle explores the colour of belly button fluff, what is the squirtiest food, the gunpowder is back to race humans, what happens when you depth charge an aquarium, Debbie McGee takes on the ...more

Aug 13 2006 - In tonight's episode of Brainiac, we are taken through a variety of experiments including: The best way to pee in a public bathroom, The most effective way to get rid of a stitch and how many ...more

Jul 16 2006 - In the return of a new series former MP Neil Hamilton goes in the electric chair, there's a search for the UK's fizziest drink, which is Britain’s loudest bang, which food stuff makes the best ...more

Jul 30 2006 - How many helium balloons can it take to lift a human, what is Britain's stainiest food, Brainiac for a day blows up some melons, another Hollywood star pays us a visit, what is the best way to ...more

Aug 06 2006 - The entertaining science show engages in more experiments with the main features in this episode being: Testing out the a variety of substances to determine the most itchiest, Can you run ...more

Aug 20 2006 - Can a shopping trolley break the speed limit, Jeremy Spake trys out the electric chair, what is Britain’s best DIY sneeze, can enough monkeys write Shakespeare, which is the worst food to leave ...more

Sep 10 2006 - In tonights episode, numerous experiments are tried out to find out: What the bounciest ball is, what the toughest nut is, which finger is the strongest and many more. This episode is also the ...more