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Below is a complete Bully Beatdown episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Bully Beatdown episodes are listed along with the Bully Beatdown episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Bully Beatdown episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “Ryan: The Family Favorite” and “Vince: The Roommate From Hell.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Bully Beatdown episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Jonathon: The Rollerblade Bully Apr 12 2009 - Jonathan calls himself "an extreme in-line skater", but almost everyone else calls him "an extreme pain-in-the-ass". He thinks it's his right to pick on the weaker guys in ...more

Garrett: The King of Tustin May 04 2009 - Robert and Kyle have one major problem, Garrett. This self proclaimed King of Tustin makes their lives miserable. Can Mayhem Miller courtesy of Jake Shields bring his reign to an end or will the ...more

James: The Boss's Son May 11 2009 - A bully victim receives help with a bully who is the boss's son.

Vince: The Roommate From Hell Mar 29 2009 - Vince is 6'7" tall and is known as the roommate from hell. Former NFL star and current MMA fighter, Michael Westbrook, comes to serve up the eviction notice as both current and former ...more

Apr 05 2009 - Christian is a nasty neighborhood bully whose three favorite things are; watching TV, playing video games, and beating people up. Two of his favorite victims, Brian and Cameron, enlist the help ...more

Dennis: the Neighborhood Menace Apr 26 2009 - Dennis is more than just a menace... He's a beefed-up bully who has been punking Stan and Andrey for years, leaving them bruised, scarred, and scared. Mayhem Miller calls upon Thomas ...more

Apr 19 2009 - Eriq is a wannabe rapper with a bad attitude and he makes life miserable for his ex-girlfriend, Linda. He totaled her car, and beats up her new boyfriends. Mayhem Miller offers $10k to settle ...more

Ryan: The Family Favorite Mar 22 2009 - Mayhem Miller comes to the rescue of Alan, by putting Tony 'The Gun' Bonello in the cage with brother-bully Ryan for a little family therapy Bully Beatdown style.

Garrett Aug 13 2009 -

James Aug 13 2009 -

Colt, Nebraska Badass Oct 01 2009 - DJ Timmy recruits Mayhem Miller to solve his bully problem... Colt, a tough-talking redneck from Nebraska.

Nathan, the Big Nasty Sep 17 2009 - 6' 4", 280 pound bully Nathan thinks he runs things in his home town, until Mayhem Miller imports MMA superstar Andrei "The Pit Bull" Arlovski to bring this bully down to size.

Garret, the Psycho Nut-Job Oct 08 2009 - Mayhem Miller brings in NFL-player turned Pro MMA fighter Michael Westbrook to help victims Nicholos and Eric. How will Westbrook handle Garrett, the craziest bully ever?

Jason, the Pretty-Boy Bully Sep 03 2009 - Victims Josh and Brett recruit Mayhem Miller to avenge years of abuse, and an atomic wedgie. Bully Jason finds out the hard way that it takes more than looks to survive in the cage.

Randall, the Lyrical MC Sep 10 2009 - Bully Randall thinks he's a rapper, likes to call himself Bac-Dizzle, and makes life a living hell for Jefferson. Until Mayhem Miller unleashes MMA super-star Jake Shields on him, to show ...more

Emil, the Beefy Barbarian Bully Oct 15 2009 - Emil, the bully puts the Ass in Assyrian, by making life hell for his victims Anthony and Mo. So, Mayhem Miller brings in an MMA fighter to beat this bully

Wes: The Meat-Stick Bully Sep 24 2009 - Chris is being picked on by Wes, a self-proclaimed "meat-stick", hockey player from Texas. So, Mayhem Miller sets up a bout between "The Meat-Stick" and a pro fighter to

Brandon: The Arm-Breaking Bully Aug 27 2009 - Former high school bully, Brandon, thinks he defines the line between the weak and the strong. That is, until Mayhem Miller brings in MMA champion Eddie Alvarez to teach him a lesson... Bully ...more

Get the Poison Out Nov 04 2010 - Bully Andy is such a nightmare, that Jason "Mayhem" Miller decides to take matters into his own hands. He gives Andy a well-deserved beatdown. Personally.

The Truck Stops Here Nov 11 2010 - Bully Nick calls himself The Truck. He is a singer in a death metal band, and makes life miserable for his victims Chris and Blair. Mayhem Miller brings in legendary MMA fighter, Jeremy Horn to ...more

Two Girls, One Cage Nov 18 2010 - For the first time in Bully Beatdown history a female bully receives a beatdown. Her name is Amanda and she's has been picking on Keiko for years. Mayhem Miller comes to her rescue.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Dec 09 2010 - Mayhem Miller has a side-bet with Bully Kevin. Not only does Kevin sport the world's most over-the-top pompadour hairstyle, but he's willing to put his hair where his mouth is. if he loses the ...more

Bring Out the Boar Dec 23 2010 - Bully Jordan is a high school jock and the son of a cop. Such a lethal combination makes life miserable for twins Austin and Micah. Mayhem Miller has a solution to their problem.

The Royal Rumble Dec 02 2010 - Even the world of Bullies has to have a king, and that title goes to Bully Evermont. He calls himself "The King." He's short, he's chubby, he's untalented, but can he fight? Mayhem ...more

Creatine Rage Dec 16 2010 - Bully Mike is a pint-sized gym rat. He spends six days a week pumping iron, and seven days a week picking on Lorenzo and Joey. Mayhem Miller brings in MMA superstar Eddie Alvarez to beat Mike