TV Episodes Full List of Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command Episodes

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Below is a complete Buzz Lightyear of Star Command episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Buzz Lightyear of Star Command episodes are listed along with the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Buzz Lightyear of Star Command episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll features items like “Super Nova” and “Wirewolf (1).” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Panic on Bathyos Oct 19 2000 - The crystals for Crystallic Fusion Generators (the primary power source for almost all Galactic Alliance technology) are mined on the landless ocean planet Bathyos; an anti-air breather ...more

Inside Job Oct 06 2000 - Buzz is impressed by a new rookie, Flash Flemming, much to Booster's chagrin. When the planet Gargantia's ambassador, Ursona Major contacts Star Command in order to join, problems ensue. It ...more

Conspiracy Nov 21 2000 - The Galactic Alliance President is about to sign a ""historic peace initiative"" in the Senate chamber, when Commander Nebula narrowly saves her from a sniper's blast. ...more

Haunted Moon Nov 10 2000 - Crew on asteroid attempting to deflect comet. Ghost on asteroid seems to be interfering with mission, uttering ""Enola Eno-No!!"" (...with silent ...more

The Main Event Oct 12 2000 - Bill Gates-ish kid (his business is Compu-klerm) has Zurg and Buzz fight; Rentwhistle is his ""agent/bookie/tour guide"".

Downloaded Oct 26 2000 - XR downloads Star Command Mainframe to prevent the system from crashing (due to Warp Darkmatter using info-stealing techno-ticks); Zurg heists XR in order to gain Star Command classified ...more

The Crawling Flesh Oct 29 2000 - Zurg hits Mira & Buzz with gas that melts & melds them into a shoggoth-like creature, then sends them on their way back to Star Command; Mira/Buzz accidentally infect all of Star Command ...more

Millennial Bugs Nov 20 2000 - Zurg nabs an exhibit of an extinct species of large, Alien (as per the movies)-esque insects, planning to resurrect the species in order to help him in (...what else...) take over the galaxy. ...more

Revenge of the Monsters (2) Nov 14 2000 - After being bitten by NOS-4-A2 on the mysterious planet of Canis Lupus, Ranger Ty Parsec is transformed into a Wirewolf (...imagine a form of lycanthropy blended with either Star Trek's Borg ...more

The Slayer Oct 31 2000 - After investigating a rash of robo-homocides, Team Lightyear discover that NOS-4-A2's loose on TradeWorld with a self-appointed ""slayer"" on his floating tail -- Savy SL-2, ...more

Tag Team Oct 11 2000 - After a run-in with Warp Darkmatter, the LGMs discover that there is an odd implanted device within Buzz. In contacting Warp, Buzz finds out that he, too, has a similar device within himself, ...more

Mira's Wedding Oct 18 2000 - Tangean noble Lord Angstrom tries to get Mira to wed Fop Doppler, a fairly minor member of the Tangean noble clique (and fairly snooty) so as to provide a distraction as a band of Tangean ...more

Star Crossed Nov 09 2000 - When Brain Pod #57 defects to Star Command, Zurg hires Romac, a Tangean Grounder bounty hunter -- and Mira's ex-boyfriend -- to bring him in.

The Beasts of Karn Oct 10 2000 - Dr. Ozma Furbanna is researching critters; Rentwhistle Swack is poaching; Booster gets poached.

Root of Evil Oct 24 2000 - Zurg mutates Jo-Ad vegetables w/ Transdibulator. Team Lightyear goes to Jo-Ad to investigate the problem. Booster's childhood pal, Buster, was lured into helping Zurg w/ the promise of glory and ...more

The Shape Stealer Nov 08 2000 - Zurg's latest creation, Project X, a Lurker-like blanket thing that wraps over one and takes control of one, is sent to destroy Buzz Lightyear, etc... The shape stealer first takes over Buzz's ...more

Sunquake Nov 24 2000 - Shiv Katall is stealing numerous high-tech devices; this seriously confuses Team Lightyear, since Buzz and Commander Nebula were the only ones to take on the guise of Shiv. Shiv turns out to be ...more

Stress Test Oct 22 2000 - Buzz captures ""Pen-like Activation Device"" for Zurg's HYPER-DEATH RAY in a fairly accidental manner (Buzz thinks that it MUST be important and just LOOKS like a ...more

War and Peace and War Nov 29 2000 - While Buzz is testing out the LGMs latest invention (...some sort of space-scooter...), the LGMs are struck by a need to ""heed the heed"". As if hypnotized, they all ...more

Revenge of the Raenoks Nov 17 2000 - When Booster is kidnapped by the Raenoks, in order to conduct a prisoner trade for Varg (XR is sent to guard Varg, who quickly escapes and takes XR to Raenok), Buzz & Mira fly off to save ...more

Devolutionaries Nov 05 2000 - Warp Darkmatter goes to the distant planet of Binipinardia to nab a naturally occurring de-evolving gas, guarded for eons by the local Binipinardians (...who happened to take a coffee-break at ...more

The Taking of PC-7 Oct 16 2000 - Torque is taken to Penal Colony Seven by Booster and XR; he escapes from them and wrests control of the prison (with the aid of his many ""clones""). At the same time, the ...more

Little Secrets Oct 05 2000 - After an inspection of planet Rhizome's bio-defenses, Team Lightyear are all given energy plants by Professor Triffid. Booster instead picks up a red one instead of a white one (the white ones ...more

Lone Wolf Nov 15 2000 - At a trial, Team Lightyear seems unable to present the evidence to make charges stick. Buzz relates a story about him losing hope in the system 20 years ago. He had quit Star Command after one ...more

Shiv Katall Oct 20 2000 - One of Zurg's Brain Pods (Number 13) goes AWOL, so Zurg hires the Boba Fett-esque bounty hunter Shiv Katall to track him down; Buzz turns out to've been Shiv all this time, in order to make ...more

The Starthought Nov 19 2000 - While Team Lightyear is conducting mock-combat training with Team Rocket (...headed by Rocket Crocket...), Crocket goads Mira into getting herself tagged. King Nova presents Mira with an ...more

The Torque Armada Oct 02 2000 - Zurg gives Torque the cloning device that mostly serves to define Torque's character. Team Lightyear has to deal with him. Episode pretty much just introduces us to Torque; pales in comparison ...more

The Plasma Monster Oct 27 2000 - Petra, a senator's daughter, is shipped off to Space Ranger Academy to keep her from Plasma Boy; Booster falls for her; both Petra and Plasma Boy end up in Space Academy.

Strange Invasion Oct 15 2000 - Team Lightyear ends up crashing on the distant planet Roswell. Roswell is populated by the typical Roswell-crash ""greys""; the plot is much like the whole Roswell-incident, ...more

Stranger Invasion Nov 12 2000 - Zurg tries to take over the planet Roswell, in order to set up a partner planet to Planet Z. Becky contacts Booster, and Team Lightyear shows up to defeat Zurg and save the day. The climactic ...more

Super Nova Oct 25 2000 - Mira ghosts into a Crystallic Fusion Generator Core and becomes a glowing, supercharged, power-speed-junkie. Mira's father warns Mira about how her race can fall prey to such temptation, but ...more

Mindwarp Oct 17 2000 - Compu-klerm Co. brainwashes Buzz into thinking that he is an office clerk. Buzz's combat skills are downloaded into the Klerm Slambots, which Team Lightyear then have to fight to save Buzz.

The Lightyear Factor Nov 01 2000 - Zurg stumbles upon an alternate dimension where Buzz is evil (...possibly more evil than Zurg, himself...) and has taken over the universe. Zurg has Buzz, the evil one, capture Buzz, the good ...more

The Yukari Imprint Nov 07 2000 - Crumford Lorak hides in Senator Banda's fishtank (ambassador from Bathyos) in order to gain and sell Galactic Alliance secrets to the Raenoks at the Luma 9 Station. Booster is talked into ...more

Bunzel Fever Nov 03 2000 - Team Lightyear receives a call from Jo-Ad while in the early phase of an investigative mission (involving a series of thefts); Booster's family is letting Booster know that the bunzel harvest ...more

Gravitina Oct 03 2000 - Gravitina (blue-ish skin, very large head, telekinetic control over gravity) decides to help Zurg wipe out Star Command. Gravitina pummels Star Command with meteors; 42 investigates; Gravitina ...more

XL Oct 04 2000 - A rash of stolen technology leads Team Lightyear to discover that the proto-version of XR, XL, has been fixed up by Zurg and sent out to soup himself up and wreak revenge upon Star Command. When ...more

Dirty Work Oct 30 2000 - Cosmo gets K-3000 Uni-appliance for Cosmo's Diner (the diner that Team Lightyear seems to spend too much time at); the K-3000 Uni-appliance is an experimental device that absorbs one's kitchen ...more

Eye of the Tempest Nov 13 2000 - Answering a distress call from a planetoid within ion storm, Buzz encounters Spyro Von Madman, and his daughter, Bonnie. Professor Spyro Von Madman, previously known as Spyro Lepton when he ...more

First Missions Nov 26 2000 - Professor Reddschift, Mira, Booster, and XR are pinned down by Zurg's hornets, who are attempting to kidnap Prof. Reddschift. The Prof. is worried that Buzz won't be able to arrive in time to ...more

The Planet Destroyer Oct 09 2000 - Buzz and Mira are chasing after Lardak for Counterfeiting and when they are taking him back to 42, they see Trade World being Destroyed. Zurg contacts the Galactic Alliance and tells them ro ...more

Large Target Nov 27 2000 - Team Lightyear routinely busts some arms smugglers, who are working for Keno Kentrix (a Bathyosian night-club/casino owner on Mahambas 6, who is arranging some arms deals for Zurg...and who ...more

The Return of XL Oct 13 2000 - XL has found that the primary difference between he and XR is that XR has a component called an ""AFD"", so he kidnaps XR and removes his AFD. In order to locate a new one, ...more

Clone Rangers Nov 02 2000 - After pilfering samples of Team Lightyear's DNA with mosquito-esque micro-hornets, Zurg clones Team Lightyear; in his rush, he removes them from the maturation tanks before they have a chance to ...more

A Zoo Out There Oct 23 2000 - Chlorms (Epoch, Era, & Eon) kidnap Galactic Alliance senators for zoo exhibits. Team Lightyear gets nabbed, but Buzz attempts to rescue them. They all end up shipped to product testing due ...more

Head Case Nov 06 2000 - Answering a distress call, Team Lightyear discovers a ship under attack by Vulturans (a vaguely bird-like race, that XR recognizes as a race that tends to have a thing against robots). Team ...more

Planet of the Lost Nov 16 2000 - Ship 42 scopes out area where ships have vanished. Upon scanning the planet, they detect large amounts of technology on the planet, but upon landing it seems quite barren. Flying manta-like ...more

NOS-4-A2 Oct 08 2000 - Warp Darkmatter hijacks a cargo ship which is carrying NOS-4-A2's coffin and Team Lightyear comes to stop them, but Darkmatter initiates freighter Destruct but Team Lightyear gets NOS-4-A2's ...more

At Large on a Small Planet Nov 23 2000 - Ambassador Major (from Gargantia) attempts to open Pizza Planet franchise on Gargantia, but the Militants oppose it (as usual). Buzz and Booster have to reduce themselves to their size to help ...more

The Adventure Begins Aug 08 2000 - The pilot episode. After a successful mission in which his partner, Warp Darkmatter, fell in battle, Buzz Lightyear vows never to put another partner at risk and works solo. This vow, however is ...more