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Below is a complete Byker Grove episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Byker Grove episodes are listed along with the Byker Grove episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Byker Grove episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list includes “Episode 181,” “Episode 182” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Byker Grove episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Episode 180 Sep 16 1999 - Jack shows off his bike the rest at the Grove and takes lessons to get his learners. Teraise waits for him to call, only to have her father tell her that she isn't to ride on the bike with him. ...more

Episode 177 Sep 07 1999 - When the kids notice Geoff being stand-offish they decide that he must be going through a mid-life crisis. In order to cheer him up they all get together to throw him a surprise 70's party. It ...more

Episode 182 Sep 23 1999 - Clowns R Us decide to revolt after Jake's cut is 20% and team up with Mr Jolly Wolly (Bradley) in order to prove their point with cream. Meanwhile, Ben is still avoiding Karen and Cher who are ...more

Episode 189 Oct 19 1999

Episode 194 Nov 04 1999

Episode 185 Oct 05 1999 - Greg, Ben and Ollie get into trouble with Geoff over the beer brewing and are warned not to make anymore trouble. Jack jumps Liam because he thinks he's a burglar only to find out he will be ...more

Episode 191 Oct 26 1999

Episode 178 Sep 09 1999 - Ben tells Jack that he broke up with Harry and she isn't happy when she finds out. Harry submits a tape to a company offering a competition. And Ben tries to make it up with her only to kiss ...more

Episode 187 Oct 12 1999

Episode 179 Sep 14 1999 - Jack receives a cheque for 2,500 pounds from his Aunt Mary who has passed away. He then spends the money on a motorbike. He also makes amends with Teraise about the evening before and his ...more

Episode 188 Oct 14 1999

Episode 192 Oct 28 1999

Episode 181 Sep 21 1999 - Ben is trying to keep up with dating both Karen and Cher but things get tricky at the art gallery and his plan is finally disguised. Teraise and Jack take the bike out, only to have it stolen. ...more

Episode 184 Sep 30 1999 - Nikki's mother changes her mind at the last moment during the trial to back what Nikki said. The verdict comes in as guilty. Cher is still annoyed at Sita for refusing Jake's money, and Jake is ...more

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Episode 193 Nov 02 1999

Episode 196 Nov 11 1999 - Geoff Keegan dies in a fire.

Epsiode 190 Oct 21 1999

Episode 186 Oct 07 1999

Episode 183 Sep 28 1999 - Nikki's trial starts and on the second say she gives her evidence against Mike, but her testimony goes about as well as Jack's and Tereasa's. Cher starts drawing up some new designs for her Cher ...more

Episode 195 Nov 09 1999

Episode 198 Sep 07 2000

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Episode 215 Nov 07 2000

Episode 214 Nov 01 2000

Episode 200 Sep 14 2000

Episode 210 Oct 19 2000

Episode 207 Oct 10 2000

Episode 202 Sep 21 2000

Episode 204 Sep 28 2000

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Episode 216 Nov 09 2000

Episode 209 Oct 17 2000

Episode 199 Sep 12 2000

Episode 205 Oct 03 2000

Episode 211 Oct 24 2000

Episode 201 Sep 19 2000

Episode 197 Sep 05 2000

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Episode 208 Oct 12 2000

Episode 212 Oct 26 2000

Episode 206 Oct 05 2000

Episode 203 Sep 26 2000

Episode 213 Oct 31 2000

Episode 253 Oct 29 2002 - Ben heads off for Tenerife in order to win back Claire. Luke is upset when Adam tells him that he'll never make it to be a professional footballer. Anjali doesn't like what Adam said and tells ...more

Episode 242 Sep 19 2002 - Mukasa is still trying to fit in, but is upset when his trousers are ripped in a softball game, he tells Sarah that he and his mother left Uganda with only what they were wearing and that the ...more

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Episode 251 Oct 22 2002 - At the radio station both Beth and Jodie are now producers and for their first prodcast they get Sarah to interview Musaka. Eve gets a disgusting surprise when instead of getting a can of drink ...more

Episode 250 Oct 17 2002 - Injuries from the skateboarding competition are abundant. While Adam is lucky to have only slipped a disc, Lou warns Luke about the possibility that Adam might not be able to pursue football as ...more

Episode 238 Sep 05 2002 - Akili is relieved as Matt tells the truth in court and Paul is set free with no criminal charges. Steve is less than impressed with Matt and says he will get his revenge. The following are the ...more

Episode 247 Oct 08 2002 - Eve and Jamie are rescued after Akili hears them yelling for help. Anjali helps Lou around the flat and she appears to have made a quick recovery, however as always she is up to something else. ...more

Episode 245 Oct 01 2002 - Nikki is leaving but soesn't have the heart to tell Ben, who gets fired from his job after he shouts at the manager thinking that the manager sacked her. Finally Matt tells Ben the truth. When ...more

Episode 243 Sep 24 2002 - Nikki returns Ben's mobile to him at his flat but won't go inside. Tina has returned from her training course but goes unnoticed in the Grove.

Episode 248 Oct 10 2002 - In order to afford an exercise video, Stella steals her mother's credit card and when her friend Helen finds out they argue and Helen accuses her of being like her father ""a ...more

Episode 241 Sep 17 2002 - Unable to stay away from Leanne, Luke breaks his grounding to see her. Both he and Adam we punished for leaving Anjali behind and the blame of the broken answering machine is put on them. But ...more