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Full List of Cadillac Models

Buckle up for a list of all Cadillac cars & models. This Cadillac vehicle model list includes photos of Cadillac vehicles, along with release dates and body types. The list ranges from the Cadillac Escalade to the Cadillac CTS, plus many other different Cadillac models. You can also find Cadillacs on cars featured in the Transformers movies as well as best cars for senior citizens. This list of car models made by Cadillac is a tremendous resource for car buffs looking for newer or older Cadillac cars. The Cadillacs shown below can be hovered over, or you can click on the names of the Cadillac brands to get more information on any of them. Cadillac types also have car class information available if you click on their names and go to their dedicated page.

When you think of classic American cars, Cadillac has to be at or near the top of the list. Though you're just as likely to see these cars in South Florida as you are in Michigan. Recently, Cadillacs have become a favorite car of rappers and the rich and elite. No matter how you cut it, Cadillac is a classic American car made by a classic American company.

This list answers burning questions such as "Who makes Cadillac cars?" and "What are all the models made by Cadillac?"

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    The Cadillac Escalade is a full-size luxury SUV engineered and manufactured by General Motors and marketed under the Cadillac brand. It was Cadillac's first major entry into the popular SUV market. The Escalade was introduced for the 1999 model year in response to German and Japanese competitors and to Ford's 1998 release of the Lincoln Navigator. The Escalade project went into production only ten months after it was approved. The Escalade is built in Arlington, Texas. The name Escalade refers to a siege warfare tactic of scaling defensive walls or ramparts with the aid of ladders or siege towers. The 1999 Escalade was identical to the 1999 GMC Denali, but was redesigned for the 2002 model  ...more
    • Class: Sport utility vehicle, Pickup truck

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  • The Cadillac CTS is a mid-size luxury car / executive car designed, engineered, manufactured and marketed by General Motors. General Motors introduced the CTS in 2002 as a 4-door sports sedan, succeeding the Cadillac Catera. The CTS is currently available in three body styles: 4-door sedan, 2-door coupe, and 5-door sport wagon. The first- and second-generation CTS are based on the GM Sigma platform; the third-generation CTS is based upon a stretched version of the GM Alpha platform. Wayne Cherry and Kip Wasenko designed the exterior of the first generation CTS and this vehicle marked the production debut of the "Art and Science" design language first seen on the Evoq concept car. Bob  ...more
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      The Cadillac Cimarron was a compact luxury car built by General Motors based on the GM J platform. It was first introduced in 1981 for the 1982 model year, and sold through 1988. During its seven-year model run, 132,499 Cimarrons were built. The Cimarron was Cadillac's badge engineered entry-level product of the Chevrolet Cavalier, which was a replacement of the Chevrolet Vega. Other than the installation of Cadillac's traditional "egg crate" grille, the Cimarron didn't exhibit any traditional Cadillac styling features associated with earlier products, and other than Cadillac badges, was virtually identical to the Cavalier. Both the Cimarron and Cavalier were built on the same assembly  ...more
      • Class: Compact car, Sedan
    • The Cadillac Fleetwood is a model of luxury car manufactured by the Cadillac division of General Motors corporation from the 1985 through the 1996 model years.  ...more
      • Class: Full-size car, Luxury vehicle