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Below is a complete California Dreams episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual California Dreams episodes are listed along with the California Dreams episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. California Dreams episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Graduation” to “Diss-Honored” is included below. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the California Dreams episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

This Time Nov 28 1992 - Eric, an old boyfriend of Jenny's resurfaces after leaving to pursue his acting career. Meanwhile, a new van that Sly has purchased makes it all the way to the Garrison's garage before breaking

It's a Guy Thing Oct 31 1992 - Jenny and Tiffani create a fake supermodel from Paris named Monique to show Sly and Tony how shallow they are. The plan ends up backfiring on the girls, then working out to their advantage. ...more

Friends First Oct 17 1992 - Matt's friend from music camp, Teddy, comes to visit. Matt, expecting the old overweight Teddy, is shocked when Teddy turns to look much different than he did at music camp. Jenny and Tiffani ...more

Mother and Child Reunion Nov 07 1992 - Tiffani's mother finally returns to reunite with her daughter after trying to become a dancer for ten years in New York. The reunion doesn't go so well and Tiffani's anger finally catches up ...more

The First Gig Sep 12 1992 - The band gets their first gig, playing for a girl that Matt has a bit of a crush on- Randi Jo. The date of the gig is the same day that Matt's dad is planning on taking a family trip to the ...more

Battle of the Bands Sep 19 1992 - Matt is determined to win the Battle of the Bands contest. The California Dreams are up against their biggest competition- Bradley and the Billionaires. Sly's idea of how to win the contest? One ...more

Dream Man Oct 10 1992 - Sly and Tony decide to listen in on Jenny's slumber party and hears Jenny talking about her dream guy. Sly decides to try and change his personality to be the man of Jenny's dreams. While Sly ...more

Guess Who's Coming to Brunch Oct 24 1992 - After playing at Sharkey's, the band's amp blows out and Tony meets rich Kimberly Blanchard. She invites him to come meet her parents at brunch. When Kimberly leaves the room, her father offers ...more

Beat of His Own Dream Sep 26 1992 - Tony's dad (AKA Coach Wicks) does not believe that Tony should be part of the band. This leads Tony to quit the band and so he starts playing football to try and get his dad's approval. Tiffani ...more

They Shoot Videos, Don't They? Nov 21 1992 - Sly decides that the band should enter a video contest. His vision for the video is to have the band chased by girls until Nicki Dentine kisses Matt at the end. Randi Jo, Matt's girlfriend, ...more

Where's Dennis? Dec 05 1992 - While Mr. and Mrs. Garrison are away for the evening, Matt is in charge of babysitting his little brother Dennis. The band sets up a performance at the Garrison's house, but Dennis turns up

Double Date Oct 03 1992 - Sharkey leaves on a vacation and leaves Tony in charge. Sly, the wannabe money-maker that he is, talks Sharkey into throwing a big Hawaiian-style part at Sharkey's, complete with a cover charge ...more

Romancing the Tube Nov 14 1992 - Sly figures out a way to pick up chicks- surfing. Sly tries to get Tiffani to teach him how to surf and she agrees. After they start out lessons, Tiffani and Sly realize that there's something ...more

Vote of Confidence Nov 13 1993 - When Jake's over-acheiving brother, Kyle, comes to town, Jake decides to run for student body president in hopes to impress him.

Ciao, Jenny Sep 18 1993 - Jenny is accepted at a music conservatory in Rome, Italy. Jake tries a find a way for her to stay after realizing that he likes her. Sly comes up with a plan to hypnotize Jenny into blowing her ...more

Wooing Woo Sep 25 1993 - An exchange student from Hong Kong, Samantha Woo, comes to live with the Garrison family, taking Jenny's place. When the band finds out that Sam can sing, they discuss letting her fill the open ...more

Bwa Ha Ha Means I Love You Nov 06 1993 - Jake lies to Tiffani about the fact that he took on an awful job at a store entitled Maniac Music. He needs the job in order to earn enough money for an anniversary gift for Tiffani. Tiffani ...more

Dirty Dog Days Jan 29 1994 - Using Sly's radio transmitter, the band plays The California Dreams songs, but play them under the fake name of the Dirty Dogs. Suddenly, there's a new popular band around school- The Dirty

The Sly Who Came To Dinner Oct 09 1993 - Sly tries to get Matt to let him stay at the Garrison's house so that he can hit on Sam. Matt agrees and Sly moves in. Meanwhile, Tiffani is busy trying to figure out who her secret admirer is.

Indecent Promposal Feb 05 1994 - After not wanting to go to the prom, Jake decides that Tiffani can go with Glen, who in exchange for a date with Tiffani will hire the band to play the prom. Tiffani goes to the prom with Glen, ...more

Can't Buy Me Love Jan 08 1994 - The school has a servant auction to raise money. Matt buys Tony and Tiffani is now Sam's servant. Sly bids and wins a girl that he likes and hopes to win over, Julie Pruit.

Save the Shark Dec 04 1993 - Matt starts to like a girl named Katie, but then he finds out that her father, Mr. Stone, is the new owner of Sharky's. Mr. Stone would rather demolish the place instead of continuing it on as ...more

Surfboards and Cycles Oct 16 1993 - Tiffani takes an auto shop class to prove herself to Jake. While spending time together, the two realize that they want to be more than just friends. The boys have less than a bad time while ...more

21 Jake Street Dec 25 1993 - Sly decides to get fake IDs for the band, but the plan doesn't work out when Jake's new girlfriend is really an undercover cop. Matt and Tony also decide to use Sam and Tiffani as models for ...more

Rebel Without A Clue Jan 15 1994 - After actually studying for a history test, Sly gets an A and his teacher accuses him of cheating. Tony also has to pick which girl will get to sing Tiffani's new song at the high school dance.

A Question of Math Oct 23 1993 - Football player Darrin Young gets tutoring from Sam, but is really trying to use her to pass his big Math test and to not pay for her services. Her bandmates are not sure what to do about it. ...more

The Year of the Woo Nov 20 1993 - After the van breaks down again, Sam gives the band the money that she was going to use to go back to Hong Kong to celebrate the New Year. After giving the money to the mechanic, the gang is ...more

Jake's Song Sep 11 1993 - Matt and Sly (as well as the rest of the band) are scared of the ""tough guy"" at school, Jake Sommers. Then Jake starts to take an interest in joining the band.

High Plains Dreamer Oct 30 1993 - Tony faints at a Western movie when his date's old flame shows up. He has a dream that he and the rest of the band are back in the Old West.

Sleazy Rider Oct 02 1993 - Tiffani and Tony think that there might be more than friendship between them. Sly borrows Jake's bike and ends up causing an accident that sends Tony to the hospital and Jake's bike gets ...more

Schoolhouse Rock Nov 27 1993 - The band gets an audition to open for Sting, but Sgt. McBride is on the rampage and gives Jake and Tiffani detention. The two have to try to escape detention in order to make the audition with ...more

The Long Goodbye Oct 15 1994 - After Allison announces that she's going away to another school, Sly is heartbroken. Lorena and Sam accuse Jake and Tony of not being as romantic as Sly. Jake and Tony try to prove that they are ...more

Budget Cuts Sep 24 1994 - Lorena loves working on the school radio station, but due to budget cuts, the station will be closed. She takes Jake's advice to try and keep it open. Mark also does an on-air review of Tony's ...more

Trust Me Oct 22 1994 - The gang competes in a video competition. When trying to write a new song, Mark spends a lot of time at Lorena's house. They end up kissing and Mark tries to find a way to confess to Jake ...more

Family Tree Nov 26 1994 - The gang is assigned a school project to research their family tree and give a report. Tony isn't able to find anything about his family past the Civil War. Embarrassed, Tony lies about his ...more

Follow Your Dreams Sep 17 1994 - Everyone takes a career aptitude test at school that will tell them what career would be perfect for them. Mark a guidance counselor, Sam a photographer, Tiffani a veteranarian, Jake a florist, ...more

The Princess and the Yeti Oct 29 1994 - Lorena's father hires the band to play at his ski resort in Colorado. During their stay they run into some weird things, including an old mountain man and a Yeti driving the guests away from the ...more

Blind Dates Oct 01 1994 - Sly's trying to find a date for the Romance Dance at school. So, he heads online and meets a girl, Allison, on the online chat room ""Comp-U-Chat"". When he finally meets ...more

Junior Achievements Dec 24 1994 - For an economics project at school, the gang decides to sell Sam's Great Great Grandmother's cold remedy. Sam is overwhelmed with greed, and later has to decide what's more important- money or ...more

Harley and the Marlboro Man Dec 03 1994 - Jake enters a motorcycle contest and Uncle Frank pays a visit to help Jake win the competition. Uncle Frank gets Jake hooked on smoking. The whole gang thinks that smoking is a bad idea, ...more

Tiffani's Gold Jan 07 1995 - While trying out for a spot on the National Volleyball Team, Tiffani realizes that her small size is keeping her from being the best. Sly suggests that Tiffani takes steroids to make her bigger ...more

The Treasure of PCH Dec 31 1994 - Lorena makes a bet with Jake that greed can rip apart friendship, even the band's friendship. Lorena and Jake create a plan to make the gang believe that there is buried treasure hidden nearby. ...more

Daddy's Girl Nov 19 1994 - Not wanting her dad to be alone, Tiffani sets her father, Paul, up with marine biologist Ariel. This turns out to be a bad idea when Tiffani's dad spends all his time with Ariel instead of ...more

Rebel Without a Nerve Dec 10 1994 - The new guy at school, Tommy Keating, bad-mouths Jake around the school. After Tommy challenges Jake to a motorcyle race, Jake accepts. After hitting a speed bump at Sharkey's, Jake crashes his ...more

Yoko, Oh No! Oct 08 1994 - It's time for another battle of the bands. This time the California Dreams are against the rap group Total Defiance. Managed by Rosie, Sly in the form of a girl. After Total Defiance says that ...more

The Unforgiven Sep 10 1994 - After the Garrison family moves away, including Matt, Sam moves in with Lorena Costa. The band also get to use her place to practice from now on. Unfortunately, all their equipment is at a pawn ...more

Boyz R Us Dec 17 1994 - An old friend from Tony's childhood, Darren, pays a visit to Tony. He aks Tony to help out one of their friends from a gang that he's joined. The friend ends up in the hospital and Tony has to ...more

Winkle/Wicks World Nov 12 1994 - The band must work on a project for school, creating their own television shows. Tiffani and Mark partner up to create ""Ms. Smith's Neighborhood"", which is a cross between ...more

Dancing Isn't Everything Apr 06 1996 - Lorena enters a dance contest, but right before the contest, her dance partner gets injured. Sly wants to get closer to Lorena, so he tries to convince her to let him be her partner. Meanwhile, ...more

Heal the Bay Dec 02 1995 - With so much trash being discarded onto the beach, Tiffani and Mark decide to create an environmental group called Save the Beach. Tony gets too involved and the gang ruins his date with a girl ...more