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Below is a complete Candid Camera episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Candid Camera episodes are listed along with the Candid Camera episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Candid Camera episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll contains items like “#2115” and “#2117.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Candid Camera episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Chapter 1: Show openings from the '40s, '60s, '70s, and today. Chapter 2: Two Segments that launched Candid Camera. Chapter 3: Candid fin with cars. Chapter 4: Celebrity guests in the '60s. ...more

Apr 27 2003 - Shoppers in a supermarket sample taste-free food. A group of school children respond to the news that a new student has green skin. Several dollars worth of quarters is left on the ground in ...more

Mar 23 2003 - An all-kids edition of Candid Camera. At a New York City tennis club, kids contend with an out of control ball machine. Among other Candid Kid moments: eating spaghetti, shuffling a deck of ...more

Apr 06 2003 - A pizza parlor takes recycling efforts to a new level when they insist on giving customers used pizza boxes. Kids Jokes - Kids tell the Candid Camera of their favorite jokes. Adult Jokes I - ...more

Jan 26 2003 - In a supermarket in Indiana, customers checking out must deal with a cashier who chats incessantly on her cell phone. On the island of Maui, Peter Funt, asks passersby to help out with the ...more

Mar 30 2003 - A movie theatre serves popcorn that has been left behind in the theatre! In a fancy New York restaurant, jackets and ties are not allowed. People are confused when the daily newspaper is ...more

Feb 02 2003 - Windshield washers on a car are rigged to squirt unsuspecting people nearby. Customers in a New York restaurant are given pagers that will ring when the restroom is free. Visitors to a pancake ...more

Jan 22 2002 - Parents in a Dallas photo studio are perplexed when the photographer informs them that in order to get the special price for a family photo, they must add one more child - in this case, a ...more

Mar 16 2003 - In Colorado, a veterinarian fits pets for eyeglasses. Store customers are stunned to receive shrunken U.S. coins, no larger than an aspirin tablet, as change. Diners in a restaurant are shocked ...more

Mar 09 2003 - Gas station attendants struggle to find the gas tank on a 24-foot stretch Hummer. In Wisconsin, an elevator operator insists on a minimum of three passengers per ride. Motorists in Detroit, ...more

May 09 2004 - Haircuts from beginners. The DMV justifies peoples' weight. Dog wigs. Classic TV mothers ask advice of other mothers (in character).

Nov 23 2003 - In Elk Grove, Illinois, Peter Funt tries to outbid customers for a store's last bagel. A carwash offers customers theft and fire insurance. Shoppers are drawn, inexplicably, to a tiny store ...more

Oct 26 2003 - Moviegoers must pass through an electronic scanner, in a crackdown on snack foods purchased outside the theater. Kids are observed as they struggle to drink thick milkshakes. A supermarket ...more

Feb 29 2004 - Supermarket patrons discover that their carts will only turn in circles to the right. A New York store imposes a surcharge when customers use cash. A movie theater sells extra large popcorn in ...more

Nov 02 2003 - Peter Funt poses as a cop with bandaged arm and asks motorists in Naperville, Illinois to write their own tickets. An automatic dollar-bill changing machine gives only pennies. Diners at a steak ...more

Jan 04 2004 - A store in Illinois gives change only in pennies. Rental car customers must pass a vision test before renting a car. In Memphis, a restaurant changes its menu to an ...more

Oct 05 2003 - Peter Funt, pretending to be an executive from the baseball Commissioner's office, discusses excessive spitting with Yankee ball players. New York Yankee pitcher Andy Pettitte is confronted ...more

Feb 22 2004 - Shoppers are offered samples of 100 percent pure baked cholesterol. Skaters in New York's Central Park discover the rental skates have training wheels. A saleswoman visits homes of people on the ...more

Nov 09 2003 - A guard at a gated community insists that motorists give a ""secret password"" for entry. Camp kids struggle to pitch a tent, as the song ""It Takes Two"" ...more

May 16 2004 - Internet dating service for dogs. Speed bumps in a supermarket aisle. A 16-blade shaver. ""Vend-A-Vow"" – couples ""getting married"" by vending ...more

May 02 2004 - Homeowners are stunned to discover that a fire hydrant has been installed on their front lawn! Applicants for a new ""reality"" show tell how far they'd go to win big prizes. ...more

Jan 18 2004 - Restaurant patrons don't know what to make of a menu that offers only one item. A parking meter is installed at the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant. A charity asks passersby to donate their ...more

Oct 12 2003 - A machine issuing tickets in a parking lot goes haywire. Guests checking out of a hotel are shocked to learn they can purchase a security video recorded in their room. In Mississippi, golfers ...more

May 23 2004 - A do-it-yourself security check system. Bags of bread cut so the bread falls out. Customer's purchases packaged in boxes that are way too big. How they made the sideways elevator. Classic from ...more

Apr 18 2004 - In New York City, a parking garage makes unwanted repairs on customers cars. A store holds a 110% off sale! Customers at a photo shop find that their roll of 25 exposures mysteriously produced ...more

Apr 04 2004 - Matchmakers are hired to find a ""simple"" girl for billionaire Donald Trump. Rival tow truck drivers try to tow a car from opposite ends. A watch store insists customers ...more

Among the highlights: In a festive, heavily-decorated neighborhood, a phony city inspector tells residents they need more lights. Residents in the New York City suburbs are surprised when a crew ...more

Feb 08 2004 - Motorists try to navigate a road that has speed bumps every 3 feet! Window cleaners are troubled by a spot that keeps moving from one side of the glass to the other! Second graders make a mess ...more

Mar 22 2004 - Peter plays a pilot whose plane is missing an engine. Dina plays a cop writing tickets in private driveways, a waitress tasting customers food, and a golfer whose pre-shot routine takes several ...more

Apr 25 2004 - With the weather 80 degrees and sunny, residents in the beach town of Santa Cruz, California, receive morning papers with front page news that they've been ""buried"" by a ...more

Feb 15 2004 - Taxi drivers contend with a passenger whose large rubber raft inflates inside the cab. Car buyers are introduced to the ""Trash n Go"" device that turns household garbage ...more

Oct 19 2003 - In a twist on Candid Camera's hidden-camera tradition, tourists in California are fooled into thinking they can ""sign up"" to be caught on Candid Camera. In New York, a man ...more

Jan 11 2004 - Tourists are frustrated by an automated telephone service that provides more questions than answers. A record store charges customers a ""piracy tax."" Americans prove to be ...more

Nov 16 2003 - Customers leaving a convenience store discover that parking meters have been installed while they shopped, and an officer is ready to write a ticket. Pedestrians make unusual sounds to call a ...more

Mar 14 2004 - Shoppers returning to their cars in a parking lot, find that a raffle is underway, with their cars as prizes! For St. Patrick's Day, New Yorkers tell their favorite Irish jokes. Classic segment ...more