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Full List of CHiPs Episodes

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Below is a complete CHiPs episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual CHiPs episodes are listed along with the CHiPs episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. CHiPs episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll features items like “The Volunteers” and “To Your Health.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the CHiPs episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    The Real CHiPs

    Erik Estrada meets real members of the California Highway Patrol...
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    CHiPs '99

    Oct 27 1998
    Ponch has returned to the police force, and is determined to help his friend Jon in investigating various car thefts....
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    Green Thumb Burglar

    Nov 10 1977
    Jon and Ponch learn that Sgt. Getraer love plants very much. He is very angry about thieves who steal plants from public places. Ponch meets twins who give him a short look in his future this...
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    Aweigh We Go

    Dec 22 1977
    A car pulling a trailer with a boat on swerves to avoid an oncoming car and smashes into a hair salon. Ponch has his mind set on buying the boat together with Jon. Being short on personnel, Jon and...
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    Baby Food

    Oct 27 1977
    A truck loses toxic baby food on the highway. A tramp pair with a baby finds two boxes.Ponch and Jon try to find the lost boxes. Ponch is being mad about Melinda his neighbour, but Melinda fells in...
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    Sep 22 1977
    A woman gets robbed by a tow truck driver and then he causes an accident. A chemical substance is spilled on the highway. Ponch gets intoxicated by the stuff. Jon has to get him to a hospital but...
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    Jan 12 1978
    Thinking that it is Jon's birthday soon, Ponch plans a surprise birthday party for him. A cattle owner is stealing his own cattle in order to rip off the assurance agency. A magician is showing some...
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    Name Your Price

    Dec 08 1977
    Rolls Royces are being stolen. Grossie, Baricza, Jon and Ponch are catching chickens which have escaped out of a crashed truck. Ponch is contestant in the gameshow 'Name Your Price'. A car is run off...
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    Surf's Up

    Jan 19 1978
    A speeding 3 wheeler motorbike goes past Jon and Ponch, who give chase. Jon and Ponch get send to Malibu when they ask for a change of scenery. 3 blokes are car stripping in Malibu. Ponch and Jon...
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    One Two Many

    Jan 05 1978
    CHP officers usually ride in pairs, but this day Ponch leaves Jon to handle an emergency. While Jon is alone, an officer pulls up to a car and acts improperly, so frightening the female driver that...
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    Dog Gone

    Sep 29 1977
    Ponch and Jon are chasing a dog which causes an accident. They bring it to Central and hide it in a truck. Some guys do sabotage on Jon's motorbike, but they wanted Ponch's. Jon and Ponch stop...
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    Nov 24 1977
    Always looking for opportunities to make money, Ponch discovers that Jon once worked as an instructor in a bowling alley and still is a great bowler. Keeping Jon's secret from the other CHiPs, Ponch...
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    Taking Its Toll

    Nov 03 1977
    When two thieves escape from Jon after a succesful robbery at a toll booth, it is the start of a crime wave and a massive manhunt. Jon and Ponch later encounters a crashed limo with a time bomb on...
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    Vintage '54

    Jan 26 1978
    A baby is left behind on a parking area. A female sky diver nearly lands on the highway when her parachute is stuck on the bridge above. Mrs Downeys car has been stolen. A dumspter gets unhitched...
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    Moving Violation

    Oct 13 1977
    When Jon and Ponch stop a speeding car on the freeway, a very large man emerges from the vehicle. The raging driver proceeds to take his car apart and wouldn't mind doing the same to Ponch who has...
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    Highway Robbery

    Dec 01 1977
    Jon and Ponch arrest a thief who uses a motorcycle to rob drivers in traffic jams. When Jon regnognizes the prisoner as a high-school classmate a former football hero, he offers him help. Ponch has...
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    Career Day

    Oct 20 1977
    Ponch is giving a ticket to his old high school principal who asked him to tell about the CHP in his old school on career day. Jon and Ponch respond to call about a traffic jam, they find that...
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    Sep 15 1977
    Jon and Ponch are chasing thieves who steal luxury cars. Ponch has problems with Sgt. Getraer and can't do anything right by him. The thieves are using moving vans with stolen licence plates, so...
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    Cry Wolf

    Feb 16 1978
    A crash of false alarms ties up CHP, fire engines and ambulances. A young man who is living by his sister does this....
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    Apr 01 1978
    A rookie, Brent Delaney, fresh out of motorschool is not very liked by his fellow patrolmen. 2 men are steeling police motorbikes. A man being pulled over with a dangerous hitch hiker. 2 young girls...
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    Mar 09 1978
    Jon and Grossie are hurt giving chase to a speeding Trans Am. They both end up in the hospital. Ponch is teamed up with Getraer untill Jon is fully recovered and out of the hospital....
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    Hitch-Hiking Hitch

    Feb 09 1978
    Two girls are found by Jon and Ponch while hitch hiking. One blames the other for beeing there and doing this but Ponch and Jon learn that this is not true. Later they have to save them out of a...
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    Crash Diet

    Feb 23 1978
    Jon and Ponch gently try to coax a disturbed veteran out of throwing dirt at passing autos. Also, Getraer orders his officers to peel off excess pounds....
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    Rainy Day

    Mar 02 1978
    Jon and Ponch are to patrol in a police cruiser as it's raining hard. A man gets thrown out of a gambling camper. Another man is driving down the highway, holding an umbrella out the window. A...
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    Down Time

    Dec 16 1978
    Ponch is proud, his new build Firebird is a lovely car. He also gets a new neighbour, Kim. This women is weird, she is very friendly to Ponch 'till she learns he's an officer. One day Ponch's...