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Below is a complete ChuckleVision episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual ChuckleVision episodes are listed along with the ChuckleVision episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. ChuckleVision episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. “Spooks and Gardens” and “Bats in the Belfry” are included on this list, along with many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the ChuckleVision episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Do It Yourself Dec 05 1987 - The Chuckle Brothers give out some useful tips on decorating and DIY

Breakfast Telly Sep 26 1987 -

Traditional Christmas Dec 19 1987 - The brothers celebrate Christmas in true style.

Movies Oct 17 1987 -

Dance Oct 03 1987 - The duo try dancing.

Oct 24 1987 -

Travel Nov 14 1987 -

Sport Oct 10 1987 -

Fashion Nov 21 1987 -

Antiques and Heirlooms Nov 07 1987 -

Magic Nov 28 1987 -

Halloween Oct 31 1987 -

ChuckleVision Clip Show Dec 12 1987 -

Brazil Nuts Jan 27 1999 - The duo travel are going to enter a kite competition. However, a sudden gust of wind whisks them away to South America.

All At Sea Feb 17 1999 - Trouble for Paul and Barry when a party arrive expecting a sophisticated night out on a luxury yacht. Unfortunately all the Chucks have available is an old bus.

Chairmen Chuckles Feb 03 1999 - Paul and Barry go into the sedan chair business.

Matchstick Men Jan 06 1999 - Paul and Barry arrive to do a spot of cleaning for an avid matchstick modeler. Unfortunately things don't go quite as well as they might.

Stargazing Feb 10 1999 - Barry discovers a new comet but Paul is out to steal his stellar success.

Mountain Excitement Mar 10 1999 - Paul decides to conquer a mountain - with Barry's help of course. Unfortunately things don't go too well between them and co-operation soon turns into downright hostility.

Chuckle and Hyde Mar 03 1999 - Whilst working at a laboratory, Barry starts to behave very strangely - Paul can't understand what's making him so aggressive.

In The Soup Mar 24 1999 - Paul and Barry are running a café but they have mislayed the tin opener.

Getting The Bird Feb 24 1999 - Chuckle Pet Supplies is sadly bereft of decent animals ... until the budgie starts doing impersonations. After a few weeks the Lads are pretty fed up. Barry wants to sell it but Paul sees its ...more

Optical Illusions Mar 17 1999 - The brothers try to assist a TV presenter, who's having a bit of trouble with his glasses and unfortunately wanders into their optician's for advice.

Brothers in Law Jan 20 1999 - An unfortunate misunderstanding over the ChuckMobile puts Paul and Barry on the run. Can they escape the long arm of the law?

King of the Castle Mar 31 1999 - While on holiday in Ruritania, Paul and Barry discover an ancient well.

Comic Relief Special Mar 26 1999 - Paul and Barry film a music video for their song and perform it in front of a tough music executive.

One Man and his Barry Jan 13 1999 - The siblings need to find a dog fast to enter into the sheep-dog competition otherwise they'll lose their jobs, so Paul decides to put Barry in a costume...

Garden Pests Dec 30 1998 - Paul and Barry visit a garden centre, causing chaos as usual.

Breakdown Dec 22 1998 - When the float showcasing Dan's new Mexican restaurant breaks down Paul decides he can fix it. Quite soon there is a large traffic jam building...

The Hidden Genius Mar 06 2002 - Paul and Barry manage to track down the professor, who is being held captive by Maddy. The only problem now is how to get into Maddy's lair.

All Clued Up Feb 06 2002 - With the Professor kidnapped, Paul and Barry return to his house in search of clues. They find his diary and try to recreate his movements, which takes them to some unusual places.

Trouble at the Mill Jan 09 2002 - The ruby has gone missing, so Paul and Barry visit the mill owner, Tatlock, who they believe to be the most likely suspect, on his own teritory.

The Men From The Monastery Apr 03 2002 - Paul and Barry find that Maddy is hiding out with the mysterious Shoo-ing monks. They go undercover to try to track her down.

Mission Implausible Feb 20 2002 - Paul and Barry discover the final component is concealed on a medallion worn by the famous pop idol MCC Ugly. They follow him on his hectic schedual to retrieve it.

Barry The Spider Feb 27 2002 - Maddy has the ruby, the three components and the professor.There is nothing to stop her completing the machine, but Paul has an idea to stop her.

Run Robot Run Mar 13 2002 - Paul and Barry celebrate saving the world then discover that they have been locked in and the door is guarded by a silver robot.

Chips That Pass In The Night Feb 13 2002 - Paul and Barry set about tracking down the missing components to complete the professors machine.

Flat and Apartmental Jan 16 2002 - Paul and Barry go to the second suspect on their list of suspects, the suave Carrington-Smythe. Rather than tackle him direct, they search his flat for clues.

That Ol' Chuckle Magic Mar 27 2002 - Now they have the duplicate ruby, Paul and Barry recall all the original guests back to Gran's house on the pretence of a magic show by the illusionist, Stomoli.

A Change In The Weather Apr 10 2002 - Maddy has been captured. As Paul and Barry celebrate the weather starts to turn. Could it be due to the professor's machine?

On The Hoof Jan 23 2002 - Paul and Barry are sent for special training with MI7. Things go from bad to worse when Paul has to look after a donkey due to be presented to a visiting diplomat.

Out of this World Jan 30 2002 - Carrington-Smythe reveals Paul and Barry's mission and sets them on the trail of Professor Rex Frimley.

Do As You Are Bid Mar 20 2002 - Paul thinks that they can flush out the original robber by pretending there's another jewel. Dan the Van agrees to help as long as they sell one of his antiques.

Safe and Sound Jan 02 2002 - Paul and Barry install a safe for Dan the Van's Gran and discover a priceless ruby and some suspicious dinner guests.

Our Latest Model Feb 15 2007 -

The Perils of Porters Oct 12 1991 - A hospital administrator unwillingly gives Paul and Barry jobs as hospital porters, but they soon get into trouble with the laughing gas.

Movie Moguls Jan 04 1992 - Paul and Barry take over Harry Houseys Bingo Drome, and they decide to turn it back into a cinema, so Paul decides to make his own film, by joining lots of old films together.

The Great Outdoors Nov 09 1991 - The brothers go tent-testing in the country.

Market Forces Nov 02 1991 - Paul and Barry set up a stall at a market but where are the other traders and, more importantly, the customers?

Shore Thing Dec 07 1991 - The daffy duo go into the beach hut business.