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Below is a complete City Hunter episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual City Hunter episodes are listed along with the City Hunter episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. City Hunter episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list is made up of items like “A Gunshot to set the Heart Aflutter: Sad Lonely Girl” and “Please Kill Me: Crosshairs Don't Become a Pretty Girl.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the City Hunter episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

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Goodbye My Sweetheart Apr 25 1997 - A mysterious soldier known only as Professor plots his revenge on the government that betrayed him and Tokyo is brought to its knees! Unless the government pays Professor an impossible ransom, ...more

.357 Magnum Jun 17 1989 - A beautiful pianist comes to Tokyo for a charity concert, one which City Hunter attends. Yet, music isn't his forte; he wants lessons in the language of love. Desperation becomes the word of the ...more

Bay City Wars Aug 25 1990 - After the US military ousts a sadistic Central-American tyrant, a spirit of merciless vengeance is born. And when the Bay City Hotel unveils its new supercomputer, the deposed ruler and his ...more

Million Dollar Conspiracy Aug 25 1990 - When a mysterious stranger shows up needing protection, City Hunter's partner leaps at the million-dollar offer. The price seems a little high, but a beautiful woman with an equally attractive ...more

The Secret Service Jan 05 1996 - When James Macgyer, presidential candidate for the (fictional) country of Gainan, returns to Japan to see the daughter he left behind 18 years ago, he is greeted with death threats against her. ...more

Death of the Vicious Criminal Ryo Saeba May 03 1999 - The City Hunter Ryo Saeba has been without customers for four months, so his partner Kaori is understandably overjoyed when a customer finally contacts them. As the customer happens to be the ...more

Mokkori is the Best Medicine?! A Pool Shot to a Pretty Hustler's Heart Feb 22 1988 - Ryo is hired by Yuri, daughter of a famous pool player while she prepares for a match that may determine the fate of her father's pool club. Ryo discovers that Yuri is not a person who does well ...more

She's Getting Married at Age Sixteen: A Hot Kiss with a Pop Idol Jun 29 1987 - Ryo is assigned to protect young pop idol Nagisa from an unknown fanatic, however he is more interested in her female manager. However, it turns out that Nagisa is very attracted to Ryo and Ryo ...more

Ryo's an Instructor at a Women's School?: To Protect a Sweet Young Lady Jul 13 1987 - Ryo is requested to protect the daughter of a dead tycoon who claims that Ryo had saved her from kidnappers once before. As Ryo tries to find out who is trying to kill her, her stepmother comes ...more

One Frisky Stewardess: Ryo - Self Defense Instructor Jul 20 1987 - An old friend of Kaori's is being stalked by strange characters who are after strange looking watches that were slipped into her bag. Despite Kaori's efforts to keep her away from Ryo, Kaori is ...more

Shinjuku Honor All the Way! The Kimono Beauty Wants To Be My Student (Part One) Dec 14 1987 - When Hoodlums try to harass the owner of Otora's cafe into selling her business, Ryo intervenes with the help of a young girl who claims to be a member of the Hanafubuki Gumi, a group ...more

Princess from the Moon! Amnesia Gives Ryo Headaches Dec 28 1987 - Ryo runs into a woman who claims she has amnesia and gets notoriously drunk after one sip. Ryo deduces that the girl is not actually suffering from memory loss and is attempting to run away from ...more

The Gambling Queen: A Bet for Wonderful Love Jun 01 1987 - Ryo must protect a lovely casino dealer as she prepares for a showdown with a rival syndicate in order to win her freedom. Meanwhile, Ryo is pitted against a powerful gambler who exploits Ryo's ...more

One Dangerous Tutor: Home-Cooking from the Heart for a Sukeban Jun 08 1987 - Ryo is tricked into doing bodyguard work for the daughter of a Yakuza Boss being stalked by a biker team. Ryo realizes that the daughter is the leader of a female gang at her school, and finds ...more

One Sexy Partner! After Shower Compensation Jan 04 1988 - Ryo is hired by a female "sweeper" who works for the insurance industry. Their goal is to recover a very expensive diamond stolen from a business tycoon. Once recovered, however, the ...more

Please Kill Me: Crosshairs Don't Become a Pretty Girl Apr 13 1987 - Ryo's client is a daughter of a known scientist who developed a deadly microbe that could render humanity sterile. His client wants him to protect her at all costs while she develops a vaccine, ...more

Lady Vanish: Boutique of the Shadows Apr 27 1987 - Ryo's partner Hideyuki is frantic over the disappearance of her sister Kaori as a spate of abductions of women have swept Shinjuku. As he is trying to find his partner's sister, he comes across ...more

Don't Die Ryo: Hard Boiled Magnum Nov 09 1987 - When Ryo is hired by Saeko to bait a well known assassin, the assassin takes notice and issues a formal challenge to Ryo.

Goodbye Makimura: A Tearful Birthday on a Rainy Night May 04 1987 - Hideyuki is killed on Kaori's birthday as he refuses to do a request for the head of a powerful crime syndicate. Ryo must avenge his death.

We Asked One Hundred Kids, They said, "Ryo's Our Hero." Feb 01 1988 - Two brothers have a handful as they deal with a pervert supposedly after their sister who works as a hairstylist. But when they discover a hidden stash of cash stolen in a robbery at a ...more

No Romance for this Actress: The Last Shot for Hope May 11 1987 - As Kaori takes over as Ryo's new partner, Ryo is called upon to solve a string of incidents involving actress Yumiko Sato. As he delves deep into the mystery, he comes across a powerful ...more

A Gunshot to set the Heart Aflutter: Sad Lonely Girl May 18 1987 - Ryo's client is a man who wants to fake his own death to be free from a powerful politician so he could be reunited with his daughter. The man admits to be spineless but he is more than meets ...more

O Spring Come Soon to Love's Widow Take Off Those Clothes of Mourning Feb 29 1988 - A Job referral from Saeko has Ryo protect the widow of a dead tycoon from an unknown extortionist. At the same time, the butler realizes that only Ryo can help the widow from letting go of her ...more

Sister in Doubt Mokkori is Her Guide to Love? Mar 07 1988 - Ryo runs into a young beautiful nun who has lost her cross after a night in the town.

Ryo Plays Cupid: Here's to Diamonds Aug 31 1987 - While snooping around a lingerie show, Ryo comes across a woman who stole a beautiful diamond necklace from a wealthy young man. The woman asks Ryo to be her lover, but Ryo is aware that there ...more

Love Don't Leave Me: A Ten Count to Tomorrow Apr 20 1987 - A boxer is killed over a fight for a championship title, and Ryo must deal with the victim's rival obsessed with glory. At the same time, he must deal with the boxer's girlfriend, whose pain is ...more

A One-Hole-Shot to a Lovely: Hands Off My Lady Detective May 25 1987 - A Police detective named Saeko Nogami hires Ryo to obtain a crown containing a microchip which has stolen top secret plans inside. While Ryo agrees to do his job, he awaits his ...more

The Deadliest Enemy! Ryo and Kaori's Final Match (Part One) Mar 14 1988 - Kaori has a recurring nightmare regarding Ryo's impending death. Meanwhile, Umibozu narrowly escapes death at the hands of three siblings who are powerful assassins hired by the Lodos Mafia. ...more

Summer's Lovely Designer: Ryo has a Thing for the Super-High-Leg Type Jul 27 1987 - Ryo is recruited by a famous fashion designer's assistant after her designs were stolen by her boss.