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Below is a complete Class of 3000 episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Class of 3000 episodes are listed along with the Class of 3000 episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Class of 3000 episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Too Cool For School” to “Free Philly” is included on this list. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Class of 3000 episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Free Philly Jun 21 2007 - Philly Phil quits studying at Westley and joins a science school after being mistreated by his classmates. Meanwhile, Principal Luna tries to outshine Sunny.

Nothin' to Do It But to Do It Jun 14 2007 - The students are to do Sunny's chores while he relaxes at a teachers' relaxation event, in return they get to use his music studio. However, Sunny's house is out of the ordinary and doing the ...more

Nov 03 2006 -

Too Cool For School Jun 07 2007 - Kim replaces all the "boring" teachers excluding Sunny into celebrities. All starts great until the celebrities act boring and Sunny quits.

Brotha From the Third Rock Jan 26 2007 - Lil' D seeks out his own music career, but things go wrong when he meets big D (who, claims the D stands for "Dereick" but is implied to stand for "Devil") whom tricks him ...more

Eddie's Money Dec 01 2006 - The Westley kids stumble upon Sunny's old school yearbook and mistake his years in a funk band for a tour of duty as a pirate. They find a treasure map that leads to a cave where they awaken and ...more

Funky Monkey Nov 17 2006 - Sunny's first lesson teaches the kids to be musically and artistically free. When Principal Luna gives Sunny an overwhelming number of teacherly duties, including being responsible for the ...more

Feb 09 2007 - Kim and Kam have to face their sibling rivalry, while Sunny encounters his rival from Eastley, who has his own class who are basically evil twins of Sunny's.

Peanuts! Get Yer Peanuts! Nov 10 2006 - Lil'D and his incredulous classmates set out to convince Sunny to play at their benefit concert. Sunny rejects this proposition, but when he hears the kids play, he realizes that though he may ...more

Prank Yankers Feb 23 2007 - Preparing for a nerve-wracking all-school performance, Philly Phil's latest invention goes haywire and turns the kids blue. After they perform well and become big hits, they attribute their ...more

The Devil and Lil'D Dec 15 2006 - Eddie has an amazingly exorbitant birthday party, the value of which Sunny feels Eddie's not appreciating. Sunny gives him a magical compass which will lead him to his 'real' birthday gift and ...more

The Hunt for Red Blobtober Nov 24 2006 - Intent on getting into the upperclass performance of "The Kong and I", Lil' D meets and befriends another drum prodigy- who happens to be a four hundred pound gorilla. The gorilla ...more

Feb 02 2007 - Philly Phil's efforts to convince the kids that alien life exists send him on a mission into space. Returning almost immediately to Earth, he is captured and taken to Roswell, Georgia where he ...more

Feb 16 2007 - "Am I Blue?" is a song written by Harry Akst and Grant Clarke in 1929, and was a big hit that year for Ethel Waters in the movie On with the Show. It has become a standard and has been ...more

Home (Part 1) Nov 03 2006 - Lil' D's heart is broken and his faith is shaken when his musical idol, Sunny Bridges, and his music teacher both go missing on the same day. Joined by his music fellow student music prodigies, ...more

Mini Mentors Apr 20 2007 - Sunny encounters a mad scientist named Dr. Nefario who tries to destroy him, while he also sets up a concert dedicated to his old mentor, who he believes has no faith in him, after their ...more

Tamika and the Beast Jun 28 2007 - "The Beast," an eighth grader who is the stuff of the legends, causes a stir when he charms Tamika and is suspected of vandalizing the school.

Safety Last Jul 05 2007 - Eddie is to star in a Rapunzel play with Tamika, but after the Westley auditorim collapses his parents are concerned with his safety and make major changes to the script.

Study Buddies Jul 12 2007 - When Li'l D is forbidden to go on a field trip for a failing an exam, he and Sunny become study buddies.

The Cure Aug 31 2007 - Sunny catches a cold on the day before he is supposed to model at Kim's fashion show to save the rain forest, so the kids try to cure him. While Sunny is out, Principal Luna looks to get the ...more

Big Robot on Campus Dec 14 2007 - Li'l D tries to get off Santa's naughty list in time for Christmas.

The Class of 3000 Christmas Special (Part 1) Dec 21 2007 - Li'l D tries to get off Santa's naughty list in time for Christmas.

Two To Tango May 25 2008 - When Sunny and Lopez fight after their respective class pulll multiple pranks on each other, things go wrong and this has an effect on the two. So, both classes must figure out a way for Sunny ...more

You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yeti May 11 2008 - A local news station is offering a $500 reward for a picture of a Yeti rumored to be residing in Atlanta. Li'l D quickly discovers the creature is at Sunny's house. However, he makes him promise ...more

Kam Inc. May 25 2008 - Kam and Eddie gain a rivalry over a girl named Zelda, so they created their own company (Selling cases with their face on them). But it goes out of hand.

Vote Sunny May 11 2008 - The students intensely campaign Sunny to get him Nominated for Atlanta's Teacher of the Year. However, only one can go with him to the awards dinner. So he organizes a "musical ...more

Take a Hike! Dec 14 2007 - Madison and Tamika get separated from the class in a camping trip.