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Below is a complete Clifford the Big Red Dog episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Clifford the Big Red Dog episodes are listed along with the Clifford the Big Red Dog episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Clifford the Big Red Dog episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll features “Mac's Secret Dog Club / The Dog Park,” “Clothes Don't Make the Dog / Short-Changed” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Clifford the Big Red Dog episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Clifford's Really Big Movie Worried that he costs too much to feed, Clifford runs away to join a carnival act and help win a lifetime supply of Tummy Yummies.

Doghouse Adventures Clifford cleans his doghouse Doggie garden Screaming for ice cream Jetta's project Then came Bob Cloths don't make the dog Limelight fright Clifford's cookie craving Guess who's coming to

Clifford Dog Days of Summer

Playtime with Clifford Tummy trouble Cleo gets a cone Tie-dyed Clifford Team spirit Follow the leader Topsy turvy day That's snow lie Led astray Stars in your eyes Fair weather friend.

Doggie detectives The kibble crook Doggie detective Who moved my bone To catch a bird Mac's secret dog club The truth about dogs and cats Good-bye, T-Bone Magic is in the air.

Best Buddies A ferry tale Cleo comes to town Promises promises Jetta's sneak peek Ears have it Saturday Morning.

Clifford The Big Hearted Dog

Good Friends A Friend In Need Stinky Friends Jetta's Friend Friends Forever Forgive & Forget.

Clifford the Big Red Dog: A Big Help

Everyone loves Clifford! Jetta's Tall Tale Everyone Loves Clifford Clifford Grows Up Cyber Puppy Problems Welcome To The Doghouse.

Puppy days: Little puppy, big adventure Jorge and the dog run Clifford's club house Paw print Picasso Hup hup.

My Best Friend / Cleo's Fair Share Sep 04 2000 - #10101 ""Best Friend"" Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone are having fun at the beach, playing pirates. The game ends when Clifford realizes that it's getting close to the time when ...more

Special Delivery / A Ferry Tale Sep 04 2000 - #10201 ""Special Delivery"" Cleo, T-Bone and Cliford are playing hide-and-seek. Cleo finds T-Bone and so they both go to search for Clifford. However, unlike their normal ...more

And Birdy Makes Three / Home is Where The Fun is Sep 04 2000 - #10301 ""And Birdy Makes Three"" Emily Elizabeth tells her Mom that she's going to go take care of her chores. One of these chores is brushing Clifford's teeth. She gets a ...more

Clifford's Carnival / Clifford's Doggy Reunion Sep 04 2000 - #10401 ""Clifford's Carnival"" Scene opens with T-Bone and Cleo playing slide on Clifford. Suddenly, they spot a big giant head floating near the schoolhouse. Fearing that a ...more

The Great Race / Tummy Trouble Sep 08 2000 - #10501 ""The Great Race"" Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone are playing freeze tag. Clifford moves in order to try to get a butterfly off of him that is tickling his nose. Cleo tells ...more

Cleo Comes to Town / False Friends Sep 11 2000 - #10601 ""Cleo Comes to Town"" Clifford and T-Bone are at the docks. They're eagerly awaiting the ferry bringing Cleo back to the island, as she's been on vacation for the ...more

Clifford and the Beanstalk / An Itchy Patch Sep 12 2000 - #10701 ""Clifford and the Beanstalk"" Mr. Howard is raking leaves, when Clifford and Emily Elizabeth come. Clifford jumps in one of the piles of leaves, messing it up. ...more

A New Friend / Stormy Weather Sep 13 2000 - #10801 ""A New Friend"" Cleo and T-Bone are walking along when they notice a dog they've never seen before behind a fence. The dog introduces himself as K.C. He's visiting ...more

Circus Stars / Limelight Fright Sep 14 2000 - #10901 ""Circus Stars"" The episode opens with Emily Elizabeth putting up a poster of Gordo the Great - an elephant almost as big as Clifford - in Clifford's doghouse. ...more

To Catch a Bird / The Best Party Ever Sep 15 2000 - #11001 ""To Catch a Bird"" Emily Elizabth's class is having a spelling bee. It's down to just two students left- Emily Elizabeth and Jetta. Ms. Carrington asks Emily ...more

Come Back, Mac / Boo Sep 18 2000 - #11101 ""Come Back, Mac"" Jetta has lost her sweater and can't seem to find it anywhere. Emily Elizabeth comes over and asks if she can help. So they go hunting for it. Jetta ...more

Little Clifford / Welcome to Birdwell Island Sep 19 2000 - #11201 ""Little Clifford"" ""Little Clifford"" begins with a pan-shot, showing Clifford dozing outside Emily Elizabeth's school on Birdwell Island. The ...more

Doing the Right Thing / The Dog Who Cried Woof Sep 20 2000 - #11301 ""Doing the Right Thing"" T-Bone is outside of Mr. Kibble's shop. Mr. Kibble has just gotten a truckload of new toys. As he carries some of them in, he drops one, a ...more

Leaf of Absence / Nobody's Perfect Sep 21 2000 - #11401 ""Leaf of Absence"" Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone are playing the park. It's fall and they're all having fun jumping in leaf piles. Clifford and Cleo both jump and then ...more

Teacher's Pet / Islander of the Year Sep 22 2000 - #11501 ""Teacher's Pet"" Clifford, T-Bone, Cleo and Mac are starting ""doggy-school."" Before class, there's some chatter about the teacher, Brittany ...more

Clifford's Big Surprise / The Ears Have It Sep 25 2000 - #11601 ""Clifford's Big Surprise"" Clifford's found a new toy, a large ship ring thingy. It's multi-functional, as it can be a ring or a frisbee. He wants Emily Elizabeth to ...more

Tough Enough / Stars In Your Eyes Sep 26 2000 - #11701 ""Tough Enough"" Sheriff Lewis and T-Bone are playing with a jiggly rope. Sheriff Lewis calls him a sweet puppy and rubs his tummy. Then T-Bone notices a squirrel and ...more

Mac's Secret Dog Club / The Dog Park Jul 02 2001 - #11801 ""Mac's Secret Dog Club"" Clifford, T-Bone and Cleo are playing ""shuffle-dog."" They have a shuttlecock. Cleo scores in the proper area for ten ...more

Fluffed Up Cleo / Team Spirit Jul 03 2001 - #11901 ""Fluffed Up Cleo"" The episode opens with a beautiful view of the Birdwell Island sea and the birds flying above. It pans to a competition in which Cleo is ...more

Clifford on Parade / Follow the Leader Jul 04 2001 - #12001 ""Clifford on Parade"" The Birdwell Island parade is coming and everyone is getting ready. A plane with a bone streamer flies overhead. Down on the ground, Emily ...more

Good-bye, T-Bone / The Truth About Dogs And Cats Jul 05 2001 - #12101 ""Good-bye, T-Bone"" Clifford and Cleo are playing a game of ""Red light / Green light"" by the beach. Clifford gets a little too enthusiastic, ...more

The Big Sleepover / Dog for a Day Jul 06 2001 - #12201 ""The Big Sleepover"" Emily Elizabeth is leaving on a ferry to go to her cousin's wedding. She explains to Clifford that he can't come along because her cousin is ...more

T-Bone, Dog About Town / Clifford's Big Heart Jul 09 2001 - #12301 ""T-Bone, Dog About Town"" Clifford and T-Bone are waiting for the ferry. Cleo is just returning from a vacation with Mrs. Diller. Then, a female dog gets off the ...more

Who Me, Jealous? / A Bunny in a Haystack Jul 10 2001 - #12401 ""Who Me, Jealous?"" Cleo's playing with Mrs. Diller when she hears Mrs. Diller say ""what a sweet little puppy you are."" She's confused at first, ...more

Clothes Don't Make the Dog / Short-Changed Jul 11 2001 - #12501 ""Clothes Don't Make the Dog"" Sheriff Lewis has received a couple of purple sweaters from his aunt. He puts one on and then puts a matching one on T-Bone. Looking at ...more

The Kibble Crook / Screaming for Ice Cream Jul 12 2001 - #12601 ""The Kibble Crook"" T-Bone's gone over to Cleo's but Cleo seems to be out for the moment. She does, however, have what seems to be some extremely delicious dog food ...more

Jul 13 2001 - #12701 ""New Dog in Town"" The episode opens with a nice pan shot of the island, as a seagull flies overhead. Clifford, Cleo and T-Bone are playing frisbee in the park. Cleo ...more

Babysitter Blues / Saturday Morning Jul 16 2001 - #12801 ""Babysitter Blues"" Emily Elizabeth and her family are going out for the day, so they've left Clifford with a babysitter - Mrs. Bleakman. Or, rather, Mr. Bleakman, ...more

Best Paw Forward / Then Came Bob Jul 17 2001 - #12901 ""Best Paw Forward"" Construction workers are working on a new wading pool for the park, as well as the sidewalk leading up to it. For fun, they let everybody leave ...more

Friends, Morning, Noon, and Night / Mr. Bleakman's Special Day Jul 18 2001 - #13001 ""Friends, Morning, Noon and Night"" Cleo has a big surprise for Clifford - she's going to be staying over at his house! Clifford at first is excited about this, it's ...more

Doggie Garden / Captain Birdwell's Treasure Oct 03 2001 - #13101 ""Doggie Garden"" When Emily Elizabeth and her friends get excited about ""Keep Birdwell Beautiful"" month, the dogs do too. They decide to plant ...more

Welcome To The Doghouse / Promises, Promises Oct 10 2001 - #13201 ""Welcome To The Doghouse"" Emily Elizabeth is with Clifford in his doghouse. She's looking at some pictures, which bring back memories of the time when he was just a ...more

Clifford's Hiccups / It's My Party Oct 17 2001 - #13301 ""Clifford's Hiccups"" There's something causing rumbling in the area of Clifford's household. It's disturbing Mr. and Mrs. Howard. It gives Mr. and Mrs. Bleakman a ...more

Clifford Cleans His Room / Baby Makes Four Oct 24 2001 - #13401 ""Clifford Cleans His Doghouse"" T-Bone, Mac and Cleo are just arriving at Clifford's place. The day's just starting and they're really hoping that Clifford can play. ...more

Jetta's Tall Tale / The Big Fetch Oct 31 2001 - Jetta feels a twinge of jealousy when the other children make a fuss over mily Elizabeth's wonderful big pet Clifford, so she blurts out a story about her own wonderful big pet – a huge parrot ...more

Potluck Party Pooper / The Best Gift Nov 07 2001 - #13601 ""Potluck Party Pooper"" It's Saturday, and Emmy is having a potluck party in her backyard. Everybody's excited, well, everybody that is except Mr. Bleakman. Even his ...more

Two's Company / Fair Weather Friend Nov 14 2001 - All of the dogs are so excited that their old friend K.C. is back on the island for a couple of days. Cleo, however, is particularly excited and focuses all of her attention on him – at the ...more

Topsy Turvy Day / Clifford's Charm School Nov 21 2001 - #13801 ""Topsy Turvy Day"" Emily Elizabeth is getting with Clifford for Topsy Turvy Day. She's hoping to reclaim the first class prize she won last year for the ...more

Forgive & Forget / Mimi's Back In Town Nov 28 2001 - #13901 ""Forgive & Forget"" Cleo and T-Bone are at the beach. T-Bone digs a hole, as he wants them to keep cool until Clifford gets there with some tires for them to ...more