TV Episodes Full List of Clifford's Puppy Days Episodes

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Below is a complete Clifford's Puppy Days episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Clifford's Puppy Days episodes are listed along with the Clifford's Puppy Days episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Clifford's Puppy Days episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll features items like “A Promise is a Promise / Share and Share Alike” and “Grooming Gloom / The Letter.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Clifford's Puppy Days episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Oct 15 2003 - #10401 ""Paw Print Picasso"" Emily Elizabeth makes a painting for an Art Fair, but when Clifford starts a game of ball with kittens Flo and Zo, he ends up getting into the ...more

Sep 15 2004 - #12101 ""Moving On"" Due to the birth of their new son (""Oh, Brother"") and their growing children, the Sidarskys are moving into a new, bigger mouse ...more

Sep 01 2003 - #10101 ""Keeping Cool"" On a hot day, Emily Elizabeth's regular babysitter comes because Mrs. Howard has to work at the library. He wants to stay outside and watch ...more

Sep 06 2004 - #11601 ""Mr. Blanky"" During a sleepover, Emily Elizabeth lets out a secret to a friend. It's a big deal to her, but the secret gets out and soon it seems like everyone ...more

Feb 17 2004 - #11201 ""Sing-a-Song Norville"" Norville isn't a songbird, but hearing the singing of other birds makes him want to sing too. Clifford encourages him to pursue his dream, but ...more

Sep 10 2004 - #12001 ""Oh, Brother"" There's a new baby mouse in the Sidarsky family and Lucy is feeling a bit left out. To cheer her up, Daffodil tells her the tale of when Clifford first ...more

Feb 16 2005 - #12401 ""Lights, Camera, Action"" Ken Burns pays a visit to the class of Emily Elizabeth and her friends, explaining that he's at work on a documentary about pets. He's been ...more

Feb 19 2004 - #11401 ""The Best Nest"" On a heavily windy day, things are being blown all over the place, including Norville's nest to parts unknown. A search for it comes up empty and ...more

Nov 26 2003 - #10601 ""Friends Of All Ages"" A new neighbor moves into Clifford and Emily Elizabeths' apartment and brings her dog Tricksie with her. Tricksie is an older dog and Clifford ...more

Sep 01 2003 - #10201 ""The Monster in 3B"" New neighbors are greeted with suspsicion by the gang, particularly Norville. They fear that the new neighbors might be keeping a monster, an ...more

Sep 07 2004 - #11701 ""Time Out"" With Nina's super-scheduled life, Jorge begins to feel as she doesn't play with him enough. He concocts a plan to have her all to himself, but finds that ...more

Dec 24 2003 - #10901 ""Something Special"" Nina and her family are putting on a Cinco de Mayo party and when Emily Elizabeth compliments a dress Nina made for her Mom, Nina tells her about ...more

Feb 20 2004 - #11501 ""Your Secret Valentine"" When Clifford learns that Valentine's Day can be a great day to make new friends, he tries to befriend a small, yellow puppy by getting her ...more

Dec 10 2003 - #10701 ""Clifford's Field Trip"" Clifford is disappointed that Emily Elizabeth's going to be gone for a while on a field trip, but decides to take a nap and sleep on it. ...more

Sep 08 2004 - #11801 ""A Promise is a Promise"" Emily Elizabeth is learning how to skate for the first time. She's ready to learn with a skating book she checked out from the library. ...more

Feb 17 2005 - #12501 ""The Halloween Bandit"" Clifford, Emily Elizabeth and friends take part in a neighborhood Halloween party. Emily Elizabeth has some trouble deciding on Clifford's ...more

Dec 17 2003 - #10801 ""Nina's Perfect Party"" Nina's birthday is coming and she's set up the perfect party plan. She's going to do it at a t-shirt shop, with all sorts of balloons and ...more

Feb 18 2004 - #11301 ""Hoop Dreams"" Evan has been practicing hard at basketball and his practice pays off - he makes it onto the school basketball team. In is first game, he is on the ...more

Feb 15 2005 - #12301 ""Adopt-A-Pup"" There's a neighborhood street fair being held in Emily Elizabeth's neighborhood and Clifford gets to come along as Emily Elizabeth and Evan help out ...more

Dec 31 2003 - #11001 ""Clifford's Winter Spirit"" Norville is excited about the first day of winter and wants to have snow fun with his friends outside, but finds that they're all busy ...more

Sep 09 2004 - #11901 ""Fall Feast"" Clifford, Emily Elizabeth, Daffodil and the family are all headed to the train station for Fall Feast. They enjoy this tradition every year with their ...more

Sep 24 2003 - #10301 ""Jorge and the Dog Run"" Clifford is excited to go to his first outing at the local dog run, but becomes worried that he won't fit in after a conversation with ...more

Feb 16 2004 - #11101 ""No Small Parts"" Nina has created a new play about springitime. She's the director and has cast Shun, Emily Elizabeth and dogs Clifford and Jorge in the play. At ...more

Nov 19 2003 - #10501 ""Sock It To Me"" Clifford has a favorite toy called a sock spider which he and Emily Elizabeth enjoy playing with. Daffodil, however, claims that she doesn't like it ...more

Sep 22 2004 - #12201 ""Grooming Gloom"" Jorge is excited about his first-ever visit to the grooming shop with Nina until Norville's misinformed ramblings convince him the experience is ...more

Sep 12 2005 - When their rather large new playmate, Bruno, plays a little rough, Clifford and Jorge start avoiding him. But then they realize how much they've hurt his feelings and decide to tell him the ...more

Sep 13 2005 - While playing at the Dog Run, Clifford keeps getting reminded of how small he is. Finally his friends help him see the good things about being little. Norville claims that he knows where to find ...more

Sep 14 2005 - Jorge digs up a shark-tooth necklace in the courtyard and can't understand why it is then returned to its owner. Since he found it, doesn't he get to keep it? Nina and Jorge become celebrities ...more

Sep 15 2005 - Clifford and Jorge get a little overzealous while trying to help EE and Nina win a sand castle contest, and EE has to explain that the object really is to have fun. When the kids go off to ...more

Sep 16 2005 - The kids decide to turn a vacant lot into a city garden and discover that a little cooperation helps the project go much more smoothly. Jenny replants a broken willow branch so that it can grow ...more

Oct 26 2005 - Evan's spooky tricks go a little too far, but he learns a lesson when Clifford accidentally gives him a real fright. At a camp-out party, unfamiliar sounds have Clifford too scared to go to ...more

Clifford and Jorge get a little overzealous while trying to help EE and Nina win a sand castle contest, and EE has to explain that the object really is to have fun. When the kids go off to ...more

Clifford and Daffodil get very competitive over who can make Emily Elizabeth a better Valentine's Day gift. Meanwhile, Emily's excitement over the father-daughter/mother-son dance at the ...more

Although it lacks high-tech robotics and glitz, Emily Elizabeth's presentation on how she cares for Clifford is the hit of Show and Tell. Daffodil tells the little Sidarsky kids a story that ...more

Clifford tries to be a hero to impress Emily Elizabeth, but soon learns that "my best friend in the whole world" is an even better title. Mrs. Z gives the kids candy canes, and they ...more

Daffodil's stuffed bunny is missing, and Daffodil blames Clifford. Then Bubbles turns up in her toy basket, and Daffodil has to admit her own carelessness. Emily Elizabeth and her friends think ...more

The kittens accidentally break the menorah, and their attempts to fix it get a little "sticky." Zo can't resist sneaking in and opening all eight of his presents on the first night of ...more

Jorge digs up a shark-tooth necklace in the courtyard and can't understand why it is then returned to its owner. Since he found it, doesn't he get to keep it? Nina and Jorge become celebrities ...more

Nobody believes Clifford when he claims to have seen a huge flying dinosaur and an enormous floating teddy bear. Mr. Solomon's attempt to make his mom's favorite potato pancakes for Thanksgiving ...more

Clifford's plan to give Daffodil a surprise birthday party collapses, and he is afraid she'll be disappointed. Instead, she is touched by the trouble he and all her friends went to. Norville ...more

Clifford promises to play with Lewis but then gets involved in a game that Lewis is too small to play. Then he realizes that Lewis has disappeared and has to find him and apologize. While ...more