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Below is a complete Clocking Off episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Clocking Off episodes are listed along with the Clocking Off episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Clocking Off episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list is made up of different items, including “Yvonne's Story” and “Gary's Story.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Clocking Off episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Yvonne's Story Jan 30 2000 - Exactly what is a woman supposed to do when the man she sleeps with kicks her out of their home, leaving her and her children with no where to go? This is the question facing Yvonne, a machinist ...more

Steve's Story Feb 13 2000 - Steve Robinson, factory foreman and Mack's right-hand man, is trying to save his marriage. His wife Sylvia suspects he has had a fling, although Steve is admitting nothing. Steve has, in fact, ...more

Catherine and Mack's Story Feb 27 2000 - On the morning after their wedding anniversary, Mack lavishes Katherine with gifts in a bid to hold onto her. After yet one more night of loveless sex, Katherine packs a few things into a case ...more

Trudy's Story Feb 20 2000 - Trudy, Mack's secretary, has spent her whole life looking after other people: her father, Mack, the employees at the factory. So busy has she been sorting out other people's problems that her ...more

KT's Story Feb 06 2000 - KT's life is about to be turned upside-down. At the bottom of the factory's hierarchy, KT works the shopfloor and lives with his grandparents at home. The last thing he expects is to be seduced ...more

The Leaches' Story Jan 23 2000 - Some men just disappear. They kiss their wives and children goodbye, saying they'll be home for tea and are never seen again. Stuart Leach is one such man. Thirteen months ago he set off from ...more

Kev's Story Apr 02 2001 - Ever wondered what goes on behind the neighbours' doors? Sometimes its best not to delve into other people's lives, as Kev Leach finds out. Kev is pretty happy with his life - steady job, cute ...more

Bev's Story Apr 09 2001 - Good-time girl Bev likes a drink and a laugh, but life hasn't turned out quite as planned. She's lonely, her only son is nothing but trouble and it seems like the fun times are gone for ever. ...more

Freda's Story Apr 23 2001 - After sitting all week at a sewing machine at Mackintosh, Freda is ready for a girls' night out. However, she has to tell her friends to go on without her. She has been babysitting her two small ...more

Barry's Story Apr 30 2001 - Life has not been good to Barry Jackson. His wife ran off with his previous boss, leaving him to bring up two young daughters in his mother's house while he works nights as a security guard at ...more

Ronnie's Story May 07 2001 - For over 20 years, Mackintosh truck driver Ronnie Anderson has cared lovingly and devotedly for his wife Jess (Kate Fitzgerald), a wheelchair-bound victim of multiple sclerosis. What no one ...more

The Lads May 14 2001 - After a night on the town, Ade, Barney, Kev and Nick are waiting in the taxi queue when some drunks start a fight, during which someone is knifed. At the sound of sirens, they run. The next ...more

Martin's Story May 21 2001 - Martin and Trudy are together and very happy. Martin's relationship with Mack, however, is not so good. Mack is jealous that Trudy, who was always devoted to him, has settled for Martin and, as ...more

Tasha's Story Feb 07 2002 - Tasha (Katie Blake) is a textile design student, doing work experience at Mackintosh. She's a posh girl from a leafy suburb and she doesn't fit in. She desperately wants to but she comes from ...more

Jenny's Story Feb 28 2002 - Jenny (Sophie Okonedo) has a pretty good life. She drives a forklift at Mackintosh alongside her best mate, Suzie (Nicola Stephenson), so work is a real laugh. Their eight-year-old sons, Tom and ...more

Gary's Story Mar 14 2002 - Gary (Marshall Lancaster), works in the off cuts department at Mackintosh, and has a beautiful, expensive home, full of costly antiques and erudite scientific tomes, everything just so. The only ...more

Alan's Story Mar 07 2002 - Alan (Bob Pugh) is always the life and soul of the party. In his mid-forties, he's not quite one of the lads anymore but still sees life as a giggle. He has a wonderfully happy marriage to Sally ...more

Franny's Story Jan 31 2002 - Franny is one of those people who cannot admit defeat. Whatever he's up against, he'll keep going, until it breaks him in two. And if he decides that a course of action is right, then he pursues ...more

Mark's Story Feb 14 2002 - Sometimes the reality of who people are is so terrifying, even to themselves, that it must remain hidden. Mark Talbot (James Murray) is one of these people. Someone with darkness in his past and ...more

Julie's Story Feb 21 2002 - Julie (Siobhan Finneran) is a Mackintosh old hand. She's a strange girl really - mid thirties, lives at home with her parents, popular, kind and generous but not truly close to anyone. As for a ...more

Mack's Story Mar 21 2002 - Mack has never exactly been a bundle of laughs but over the last few months, his bitter disappointment with life has been increasing, day-by-day. Is the factory with its big pressures and small ...more

Maya & Kev's Story Mar 16 2003 - When Maya hits Kev in a car accident, he finds himself suffering from epileptic fits, and is no longer able to drive or operate machinery. Maya, stricken with guilt, finds herself drawn into ...more

Grace & Faz's Story Mar 30 2003 - Grace is attracted to Faz, one of the few Asians in the area. But Faz's father does not approve of his son mixing with his white co-workers, while Grace's father is furious at the thought of his ...more

Freda & Pat's Story Apr 06 2003 - Freda has recently been promoted to supervisor and found love with builder Kenny, but when she feels slighted by Pat, she starts a malicious campaign against the factory manager that spirals out ...more

Colin's Story Mar 23 2003 - Colin attacks the nurse who has been bullying his mentally ill brother Mark at the care home where he lives, but the police think Mark is to blame for leaving the man in a coma.

Suzie's Story Mar 02 2003 - Suzie Davidson is getting married to Jamie, the man of her dreams, but she disappears through the bathroom window in her wedding dress, leaving him at the altar. She later confesses that she has ...more

Pat & Roy's Story Mar 09 2003 - Pat is given a target of doubling the factory's production and is determined to get the staff on her side. However, success at work is marred by problems at home. She discovers her husband Roy, ...more