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Below is a complete Co-Ed Confidential episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Co-Ed Confidential episodes are listed along with the Co-Ed Confidential episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Co-Ed Confidential episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “Forget to Remember” and “Butt Naked.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Co-Ed Confidential episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Feature 01: The First Time Mar 02 2008 - The sexy doings at a college fraternity house are the focus of this in this compilation from the erotic series, Co-Ed Confidential. Episodes Include: Episode 1 The First Time, Episode 2 What a ...more

Feature 02: Breaking Up Mar 06 2008 - The sexy doings at a college fraternity house are the focus of this in this compilation from the erotic series, Co-Ed Confidential. Episodes Include: Episode 4 Breaking Up, Episode 5 Clothing ...more

Feature 03: Blind Date Apr 06 2008 - The sexy doings at a college fraternity house are the focus of this in this compilation from the erotic series, Co-Ed Confidential. Episodes Include: Episode 7 Blind Date, Episode 8 The ...more

Feature 04: When Virgins Attack The sexy doings at a college fraternity house are the focus of this in this compilation from the erotic series, Co-Ed Confidential. Episodes Include: Episode 10 When Virgins Attack, Episode 11 I ...more

Butt Naked Jan 18 2008 - Ophelia and Lisa go streaking across the campus and wind up stuck in the Dean's office where they hook up, but when Ophelia tells James about the encounter her informs her that the Dean has a ...more

When Virgins Attack Jan 04 2008 - Now that Lisa has given up her virginal status she is consumed with a voracious sexual appetite, which she sates with Jose at any opportunity. However she is faced with a dilemma; her teenage ...more

Of Co-ed Bondage Nov 16 2007 - When Jose naively attempts to help a young woman and is jailed his roommates plan a jailbreak.

Happy Endings Jan 25 2008 - In the season finale, Ophelia receives the news that she won her grant and will be leaving for Borneo in a week. The end of the semester means that friends will be parting and the gang quickly ...more

The Climax Killer Dec 28 2007 - Students are caught up in a phony campus-wide scare when a video about a fictional serial killer is mistakenly released as real news causing everyone to believe a real killer is stalking ...more

I Don't Jan 11 2008 - The free spirited Karen has a past and when a man shows up she gives everyone, particularly Freddy, a major shock when she identifies him as her husband… who is being followed closely by la

Blind Date Dec 15 2007 - After Karen makes Lisa's sexual history public knowledge, she and the Omega House crew decide to help Lisa find her true love with an Omega House special, a wild Blind Date party.

What A Rush Nov 10 2007 - Rush week places the residents of Omega House in a variety of erotic positions.

Clothing Optional Nov 30 2007 - Ophelia’s sociology assignment takes her to a strip club and James just has to follow with the rest of the gang. While Ophelia finds that women are not all that is being exploited, Jose learns ...more

The First Time Nov 02 2007 - When Dean Loward finally closes a problem fraternity house, the university uses it for overflow housing, placing four freshmen under the supervision of the former fraternity president and his ...more

I Never Dec 08 2007 - An alcohol fueled game of I Never yields a surprising admissions from Lisa and James followed by some erotic confessions from the other residents of Omega House.

Breaking Up Nov 24 2007 - Freddy makes his on-screen debut in a gonzo erotic film and James seeks to double his pleasure.

The Intervention Dec 21 2007 - Freddy's addiction to pornography causes his house mates to stage an intervention. He denies he has a problem but finally agrees to a challenge. If Freddy goes one week without any sexual ...more

French Style Jun 27 2008 - Karen tries to cool the passion with new roommate Cooper by setting him up with French exchange student, Emmanuelle, whose is more interested in another roommate. Ophelia considers moving in ...more

Splitsville Aug 08 2008 - Karen's father and Larry's mother's divorce is final except for who gets the condo and they have returned to claim the property. Looking to sidetrack the estranged couple the gang send Guillermo ...more

Star Whores Jul 18 2008 - Larry plans a Sci-Fi themed student film with the dual goals, a passing grade and the attention of the girl of his dreams. Cooper offers his unique vision to the project adding a pornographic ...more

Forget to Remember Aug 15 2008 - With James and Ophelia celebrating their engagement all over the condo, Karen, Emmanuelle/Emma and Cooper plan to housesit for a friend and Emma asks Guillermo to go along. Ciara finally is fed ...more

The Bachelor Party Aug 22 2008 - James lies to Ophelia about his bachelor party plans but Cooper tells Karen all so Ophelia, Karen and Emily decode to sneak into the strip club and catch the boys at play. Things go array when ...more

Undecided Jun 20 2008 - Ophelia is having passionate flashbacks to her time with James, which disturbs her relationship with Ring. Larry turns to James for romantic advice. Karen is visited by a guy from her past ...more

The Truth Will Out Jul 25 2008 - Ophelia's dream of her lost lover, Royce, is interrupted by thoughts of James. Karen's green card husband, Guillermo, visits needing her help obtaining a passport. Royce turns up and Cooper ...more

The Hunt Is On Jul 04 2008 - A sold out concert by pop star Minx excites Karen so she decides to enter the Omega House in a radio station scavenger hunt with the prize of free tickets. Sibling rivalry rears up as Larry ...more

Welcome Back Jun 13 2008 - It's a new school year and the gang's not all here. Dean Loward is determined to rid the campus of Omega House and his plan includes demolition. James attempts an intervention with the demo man ...more

Cold Feet Aug 29 2008 - In an episode inspired by Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. The ghost of the founder of Omega House, Jake Marley, visits James and attempts to convince him not to marry Ophelia.

Educating Larry Aug 01 2008 - Larry is torn between his lust for his film muse Sophie and his affection for his film buddy Ciara while James and Ophelia begin to reconnect; Emmanuelle helps Karen and Cooper connect while she ...more

I Do, Do I? It's the big wedding day for James and Ophelia, but before the knot can be tied the groom goes AWOL.

Rolling Royce Dean Loward and Royce's plan to initiate dig up dirt and expel James after Royce is reelected Student Body President causes James to begin a campaign to unseat his rival, Cooper attempts to get ...more

Fact vs. Fiction Apr 03 2009 - The co-eds are back but without womanizing party boy, James. Now that he is married to Ophelia he has gone to Florida to seek job opportunities. A series of sexual experiments wins Ophelia a ...more

The Smartest Dumbest Guy Apr 25 2009 - Karen tries to get Brody, the "Spring Break Sex Scoreboard" king, in her bed. Larry tries to cool things off with the Ice Princess. Using his best pick-up lines, Zack goes to the rival ...more

Riding the Airwaves May 29 2009 - Jenny has a clever, sexy plan to sabotage competitor Dick Johnson's live commercial broadcast and to shut down his bar and the Co-ed crew goes to extreme measures to help out. Larry spends some ...more

Three Days of the Cougar May 22 2009 - Karen's in for a rude awakening when she finds out her family may be poor. Her step-mother (Sydney Steele) comes to town on a hunt for a new sugar daddy. James must decide whether to consummate ...more

It Ain't Over Till It's Over Jun 26 2009 - Spring Break is over. Double D's is closing. The hot romances are cooling down. One final wild party is what the Co-eds need. Royce has one last chance to save the bar and to win Jenny's heart. ...more

Spring Breakup Apr 10 2009 - The co-eds go wild as they try to out do each other in a Spring Break sex competition. Karen and Zack attempts to sabotage each other's sexual conquests may leave them both off the scoreboard. ...more

The Wet 'n' the Wild May 15 2009 - A wet t-shirt contest at Johnson's bar brings out the wild, side of the Co-eds. While the Co-ed men try to use seduction in order to score points for their bar, Double D's, the Co-ed women get ...more

An Ill Wind Blows May 08 2009 - A hurricane blows into town bringing chaos to the love lives of our Co-eds. Larry decides to cool things off with the Ice Princess. During a power outage, things heat up for Karen and Brody, and ...more

Got Balls Jun 05 2009 - Zack and Stacey put an artistic spin on their lovemaking. Royce and Dick Johnson battle for Jenny's affection. Karen is fearful that her relationship with Brody is over. James uses Blowjobs and ...more

The Power of Suggestion May 02 2009 - In order to make money for the bar, James hires a hypnotist to perform. The co-ed gang each decides to use the hypnotist to jumpstart their sex lives. James wants to use hypnosis to reveal that ...more

Girls Gone Wild Apr 17 2009 - The bar is having financial problems, so Zack and Larry decide to raise money by making sexy co-ed party movies. James is upset because Ophelia is gone and becomes infuriated when Royce, ...more

Blast from the Past Jun 12 2009 - Karen resorts to kissing a girl to push Brody to leave her. Dick Johnson wants Jenny back -- if not in his bed, then perhaps in his bar. James' brother, Jessie, is back in town and wants to see

Let the Games Begin Jun 19 2009 - Sex becomes a sporting event for the Co-eds as they spend their last few days in Miami. But it's the sexy games of the Spring Break Olympics that bring the Co-eds toe-to-toe with rival, Dick ...more

Come As You Are

Performance Anxiety

After Party Girl Jun 11 2010 - On the morning after the party, Olga, Victoria and Maxwell wake to confront their actions of the night before. James discovers that his ex-wife, Layla, has enrolled as a student, while Larry ...more

Finding Mr. Right Now Jun 18 2010 - James' business students resurrect an old campus bar as their class project. Erin tries to use the campus by-laws to get James thrown off campus, but fails. James and Layla come to the ...more

Hot for Teacher Jun 25 2010 - The sale of "Vantastic" creates a rift between Zach and Karen, forcing them to seek guidance from a school counselor; James and Layla battle their feelings for one another; Ciara ...more

Let Me Seduce You

It's Not What it Looks Like