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Full List of Cold Case Episodes

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Below is a complete Cold Case episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Cold Case episodes are listed along with the Cold Case episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Cold Case episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items include everything from “Boy in the Box” to “The Promise.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Cold Case episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    Look Again

    Sep 28 2003
    Kathryn Morris stars as Philadelphia homicide detective Lilly Rush, who investigates long-unsolved crimes, otherwise known as Cold Cases. In the pilot episode, Lilly investigates a 1976 case...
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    Boy in the Box

    Feb 15 2004
    The 1958 death of an unknown 6-year-old boy found in a field inside a cardboard box is reinvestigated after a small suitcase with the child's picture and his old cowboy hat is left in front of a...  more
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    Oct 05 2003
    The fiancé of a fireman (DeLane Matthews) asks Lilly to help prove that a convicted felon, about to be paroled on an unrelated crime, is responsible for the murder of the fireman's first wife. The...
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    Our Boy Is Back

    Oct 12 2003
    A serial rapist sends a letter to the squad announcing his return to Philadelphia after five years and his plan to strike again. Lilly's best hope of catching the rapist comes from a victim who is...
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    Churchgoing People

    Oct 19 2003
    Lilly re-investigates the case of a murdered church organist (John Walcutt), when his Alzheimer's-stricken widow (Isabella Hofmann) begins having flashbacks of the night in question. Lilly's...
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    The Runner

    Oct 26 2003
    After a drug addict (Dee Freeman) brings in an audio tape she found on which a fatal shooting is heard, Lilly reopens a 1973 murder case involving the death of a 21-year-old rookie cop (Cory...
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    Love Conquers Al

    Nov 09 2003
    A petty crook, Ricky (Tim deZarn), hoping to get a reduced sentence, relates witnessing a young man washing blood out of his car the night a teen track runner was murdered. The young athlete, Paige...
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    A Time to Hate

    Nov 16 2003
    Lilly investigates the case of Daniel Holtz, a college baseball player who was found beaten to death in an alley behind a gay bar in 1964. Daniel's mother comes to Lilly in the hopes that his killer...
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    Fly Away

    Nov 30 2003
    When a young woman, Rosie (Laura Regan), wakes up from a coma, Lilly re-opens the fall in which her 6-year-old daughter Toya (Aynsley Lemon) died. Things get complicated when the mother remembers...
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    Sherry Darlin'

    Dec 07 2003
    Lilly gets an anonymous phone call from a man claiming he killed an elderly woman back in 1989 and buried her body in the basement of a house. When Lilly checks the dwelling, a body is recovered, but...
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    The Hitchhiker

    Dec 21 2003
    Rush and Valens investigate the case of a cold-blooded killer who shot a young man trying to hitchhike his way home to Philly from Atlanta....
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    Jan 11 2004
    A college professor (Jeffrey Nordling), who lost everything − his career, his family, his reputation − after being suspected of murdering one of his female students (Kaitlin Doubleday) in 1995,...
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    Jan 18 2004
    Det. Stillman asks Lilly to re-open a case he couldn't solve, wherein an 8-year-old boy, Tim Barnes, was murdered in 1980. The prime suspects included a catholic priest, three glue-sniffing...
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    The Letter

    Jan 25 2004
    Rush and Valens re-open the case of a 25-year-old black woman, who was murdered in 1939, after the woman's granddaughter comes forward with new information. The woman was assumed to be a prostitute...
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    Disco Inferno

    Feb 22 2004
    Construction workers discover a skull with bullet hole under the ruins of a disco club burned down in 1978. 22 people died in the fire. Rush and Valens come to the conclusion that the burning of the...
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    Mar 07 2004
    When the remains of a young black man and a white woman are found under the foundation of a building, Rush and Valens discover that not only did the two go missing in 1969, but that they may have...
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    The Lost Soul of Herman Lester

    Mar 14 2004
    When the son of a murdered high-school basketball star receives a death threat, Rush and Valens reopen the 1987 case of Herman Lester who was stabbed to death only hours after leading his team to win...
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    Mar 28 2004
    A drunken driver's hit-and-run confession leads the detectives to discover that foul play -- not an accident -- may have killed the victim....
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    Late Returns

    Apr 04 2004
    The shooting death of a man in his driveway is connected to the unsolved 1992 murder of a Democratic campaign worker whose lifeless body was thrown into a nearby river on election night. The...
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    Apr 18 2004
    The team reopens the 1985 case of a wealthy stock broker. At the time it was deemed that Charles Danville was killed when someone attempted to steal his car, but new evidence suggests that he may, in...
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    Maternal Instincts

    Apr 25 2004
    The 1989 case of a woman murdered in front of her 3-year-old son is re-opened. A psychologist asks Det. Rush to look into the case again when the son, now a 17-year-old teen, suffers from intense...
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    The Plan

    May 02 2004
    The 1999 drowning death of a military academy's swim coach, which was originally ruled as accidental, is reinvestigated after the homicide division receives a note that suggests it was murder. Back...
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    Lover's Lane

    May 23 2004
    When DNA evidence reveals that a wrong man was convicted for killing 15-year-old Eve Kendall back in 1986, the team re-opens her case in an attempt to find the real killer....
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    Factory Girls

    Oct 10 2004
    On the eve of the 60-year reunion of women who worked in a weapons factory during World War II, Lilly is asked to re-investigate the death of Alice Miller, one of the worker girls. The death was...