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Below is a complete Come Dine With Me episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Come Dine With Me episodes are listed along with the Come Dine With Me episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Come Dine With Me episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this list include everything from “Series 10, Episode 11” to “Series 13, Episode 7.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Come Dine With Me episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Series 13, Episode 6 Apr 18 2010 - The culinary comp goes cockney in East London this week, where five budding cooks are prepping their jellied eels and Ruby Murrays in the hope of scooping the cash prize.

Series 9, Show 1 May 25 2009 - Soccer legend, Rodney Marsh, is famous for his provocative performances on and off the pitch. Can the cooking virgin score some points in the celebrity Come Dine With Me kitchen?

Series 7, Show 28 Feb 18 2009 - Girlie girl Laura hosts a night of glitz, glamour and plenty of sparkle on Come Dine With Me Dundee If it's pink or silver or sparkly, Laura will love it. For her dinner party, she's going for a ...more

Celebrity Special - Brian Kennedy Jan 02 2012

Celebrity Special - Pippa O'Connor Apr 10 2012

Celebrity Special - Madeline Mulqueen Apr 09 2012

Celebrity Special - Michael O'Doherty Apr 12 2012

Celebrity Special - Paul Martin Jan 05 2012

Celebrity Special - Noel Cunningham Jan 03 2012

Celebrity Special - Rozanna Purcell Jan 04 2012

Celebrity Special - Shane Byrne Apr 13 2012

Celebrity Special - George McMahon Jan 06 2012

Celebrity Special - Holly Sweeney Apr 11 2012

Celebrity Special - Joe Rooney Jan 11 2013 - Comedian and actor Joe Rooney hosts the final dinner party of the week, and decides to throw his guests off the scent by writing a menu in a mix of five different languages. He hopes that his ...more

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Celebrity Special - Brian McEvoy Jan 10 2013 - Photographer Brian McEvoy hosts the penultimate party, but is happier describing the celebrity pictures on his wall than he is cooking in the kitchen. However, the party gets even more star ...more

Celebrity Special - Rosanna Davison Jan 09 2013 - Former Miss World Rosanna Davison hosts a dinner party with a vegan menu for model-agency boss Celia Holman-Lee, reality TV star Geraldine O'Callaghan, showbiz photographer Brian McEvoy and ...more

Celebrity Special - Geraldine O'Callaghan Jan 08 2013 - Former apprentice star Geraldine O'Callaghan hosts the second dinner party of the week, but her chances of success do not look good when she struggles to get to grips with her starter and ...more

Celebrity Special - Celia Holman Lee Jan 07 2013 - Model agency boss Celia Holman Lee hosts a Moroccan-themed party for reality TV star Geraldine O'Callaghan, former Miss World Rosanna Davison, photographer Brian McEvoy and comedian Joe Rooney ...more

Come Dine With Me Extra Spicy Nov 01 2011 - It’s Come Dine With Me – Extra Spicy. The nation’s favourite cooking show is back on DVD and packed with all new highlights that are extra saucy, extra back on DVD and packed with all new ...more

Made in Chelsea Mash Up: Binky Felstead Jan 02 2012 - The guests decamped to Binky's country pad, where the starter was mushroom soup in a chi-chi teacup. Her main was roast pheasant, which she proudly skinned herself. Well, almost. With a little ...more

Made in Chelsea Pt1 Jan 02 2012 - Made in Chelsea stars Caggie, Binky, Spencer and Mark-Francis take turns to host a special edition of Come Dine with Me. Pt 1 of 2.

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Come Dine With Me: The Tasty Bits! Dec 01 2010 - For the first time ever on DVD, we present the very best moments from Channel 4's hugely popular and multi-award winning show Come Dine With Me. The DVD features the most bizarre conversations, ...more

Made in Chelsea Mash Up: Mark Francis Vandelli Jan 02 2012 - Born-and-bred Chelseaite Mark-Francis showed off his Italian heritage with a starter of risotto - with porcini mushrooms and white Alba truffles, natch. Unfortunately we can't bring you ...more

Made in Chelsea Mash Up: Spencer Matthews Jan 02 2012 - Cor blimey, guv'nor! Spencer took the West End darlings east for the night, with a typically cockney starter of... tuna tartare. Oh. His main was more like it, a good old plateful of pie and ...more

Made in Chelsea Pt2 Jan 02 2012 - Made in Chelsea stars Caggie, Binky, Spencer and Mark-Francis take turns to host a special edition of Come Dine with Me. Pt 2 of 2.

Made in Chelsea Mash Up: Caggie Dunlop Jan 02 2012 - Caggie got a little help from best friend Millie to prepare her twice-baked cheese soufflé. Not that it helped much. Her main was steak and chips in fancy clothes - tournedos rossini. ...more

Top 30 Oct 23 2012 - The Come Dine with Me vault has been ransacked to countdown the top 30 best bits ever. During more than a thousand episodes, hundreds of people have attempted to host the ultimate dinner party ...more

Stoke, Jane Bagley Jan 10 2005 - Part-time opera diva Jane Bagley from Come Dine With Me Stoke kicks off with a menu that looks set to impress. Her obsession with lists should ensure nothing is left to chance but the prospect ...more

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Stoke, Sarah Adams-Lipa Jan 11 2005 - Sarah provides this weeks second dinner and a glimpse into the glamours life of a real footballer's wife.

Stoke, Father Lucifer Williams Jan 14 2005 - Father Brian cooks dinner for four over-excited female guests in Come Dine With Me Stoke. IIt's the final dinner, and the gourmet group are really hitting their stride. Sarah, Tricia, Lesley and ...more

London, Moona Messamri Jan 17 2005 - Meet domestic goddess, Moona Messamri, from Come Dine With Me London. She believes her 10-course Italian feast will wow her guests and guarantee her top marks, but with such an extensive menu ...more

London, Bruce Mainwaring Jan 18 2005 - City slicker, Bruce Mainwaring, from Come Dine With Me London plans to wow his guests with his stunning bachelor pad and extensive wine cellar. He's playing to win, but is so caught up with his ...more

London, Pauline Morrison Jan 19 2005

London, MIchael O'Keefe Jan 20 2005 - Innovator, Michael O'Keefe, takes a relaxed approach to hosting in Come Dine With Me London. He believes success lies in perfect planning rather than slaving over a hot stove, so he's booked ...more

London, Belinda Taylor Jan 21 2005 - Belinda hosts the final dinner party in Come Dine With Me London. Her newly decorated modern dining room is her pride and joy and she's hoping it will rid her of the "mumsy" image the ...more

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Leeds, Vera Liburd Jan 24 2005 - Spiky-haired, leopard-printed dinner lady Vera Liburd welcomes four complete strangers into her home for the first dinner party in Come Dine With Me Leeds. And this dinner lady is hoping to cook ...more

Leeds, Stuart Moss Jan 25 2005 - Stuart creates something you’ve never seen before by combining two British favourites - the full English breakfast and the curry.

Leeds, Craig McAlpine Jan 26 2005 - Super suave 25-year-old Craig is planning a thoroughly sophisticated evening for his guests. But will his formal manner stifle the atmosphere?

Leeds, Pippa Hudson Jan 27 2005 - Pippa Hudson is well practised in the art of entertaining, but there's a small problem with her guests: she doesn't like them. In the fourth episode of Come Dine With Me Leeds we witness Pippa ...more

Leeds, Paul Ulett Jan 28 2005 - It's the last menu of the competition in Come Dine With Me Leeds and the turn of former army chef Paul Ulett to host his dinner. He runs his kitchen by the 'five Ps' (prior preparation prevents ...more

London, Jane Furlong Jan 31 2005 - Office manager Jane cooks up a lavish five-course banquet, but how will the guests react to her obsession with all things purple?

London, Sarah Donohue Feb 02 2005 - It's Sarah's turn to show off her hosting skills. She's laying on a 12-starter extravaganza. But will her love for the Middle East prove her undoing as well as her inspiration?

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London, Rocky Scott Feb 03 2005 - Rocky Scott doesn't believe dinner parties should be hard work. She relies on good, honest home cooking, most of which (in her case) can be bought from the shop.

London, Paul Martin Feb 04 2005 - Paul’s homemade bread is calculated to impress, and his lemon tart looks truly delicious. The oven gloves are off for the final dinner party of Come Dine With Me!

Series 1, Show 17 The centrepiece of debonair David's meal is ‘Duck in a Box’, a dish that he's created himself and involves a very clever trick with duck breasts and a loaf of bread.

Series 1, Show 4 Estate agent and former Miss Stoke finalist Lesley creates an extraordinary three-course all-chocolate menu. Can her guests stomach it?

Series 1, Show 3 Tricia Martin - Stoke's answer to Hyacinth Bucket - makes her bid for dinner party dominance in this episode of Come Dine With Me. Tricia's menu is carefully thought out: home-made watercress ...more

Dublin - Monica O'Mara Aug 30 2011

Dublin - Emma Carr Sep 01 2011

Cork - David Roche Jun 06 2011