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Below is a complete Conan the Adventurer episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Conan the Adventurer episodes are listed along with the Conan the Adventurer episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Conan the Adventurer episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Vote for your favorite items on this poll, including “Greywolf of Xanthus,” “Star of Shadizar” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Conan the Adventurer episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Heart of the Elephant Sep 22 1997 - The evil sorcerer Hissah Zul, who rules the land as King, has a nightmare in which a powerful warrior challenges his rule. He throws red rubies into a conjuring pool, summoning The Skull That ...more

The Heart of the Elephant Part 2 Sep 22 1997 - En route to Yara's stronghold, Conan and Otli are ambushed by the female bandit Karella and her archers. Karella takes Conan in and tries to seduce him. Conan tells her he is only his way to ...more

Lair of the Beastmen Oct 06 1997 - Conan is imprisoned by strange creatures and kidnapped under the earth. He is locked up with other humans, who are designated of the beast people. Conan discovers fast that the other prisoners ...more

The Siege of Ahl Sohn-Bar Oct 13 1997 - Conan and his friends save a beautiful young woman from a monster, which wanted to devour them straight. They bring it into the village to Ahl son bar, where Conan finally falls in love with ...more

A Friend in Need Oct 20 1997 - Conan and his companions are on there way to Agida, where they hope to find Hissah Zul. They meet Savann, an old friend of Conan's.Conan has had many common battles. Savann tells them that he is ...more

The Ruby Fruit Forest Oct 27 1997 - Our four heroes come into a verzauberten forest, which is inhabited by a monster named Kala. Kala eats the fruits of the Corundrumbaums and kills everyone, whom he comes across. The remaining ...more

The Three Virgins Nov 07 1997 - Conan and his friends roam across the area on the search for Karella and their bandits. During the journey Conan is attacked and his companions are taken by slave traders, who are led by a 2.10m ...more

Ransom Nov 14 1997 - Bandit leader Garth is kidnapped and is brought before the future bride baron Ursaths, with his gang Adraina. It looks like his friends call see into its crystal ball and sees Conan and his ...more

The Curse of Afka Nov 21 1997 - Katrina, a beautiful gypsy dancer, and her pickpocket partner steal money from Conan and his friends. They pursue the thieves to a close by gypsy camp and require their money back. Katrina ...more

Impostor Nov 28 1997 - The Zauberer Evad creates a double of Conan. This double destroyes a Kumpanen village.A little later the genuine Conan enters the village, and he is attached by the double.

Amazon Woman Dec 07 1997 - Conan saves the beautiful girl from its aggressors, that want to have the baby, which it protected. It has the order to bring the child,to its father Prada. The aggressors were sent out by ...more

Homecoming Jan 25 1997 - Conan and his companions cross Bayus homeland. Actually they assume that Bayul wants them to visit its village, but he refuses, since allegedly all would hate him there. Conan insists however on ...more

The Taming Feb 01 1997 - King Orad, who once saved Conans life, asks for help to save his daughter, princess Hana. She is kept imprisoned by the Zauberer Novia. Hana is engaged with the prince of the neighbour kingdom, ...more

Red Sonja Feb 08 1998 - Conan and his friends help a few soldiers with the repair a bridge, so that they can over there with their car. What they don't see however is that a young Lutai is trapped in the wagon on the ...more

Shadows of Death Feb 15 1998 - Conan saves Karella from the catches of Hissah Zul's general Nor, which wants to make her its Sexsklavin. Before the soldiers can catch up, Conan with his men flees to a boat to go to a island ...more

The Child Feb 22 1998 - Conan and his companions are taken prisoner by Kannibalen. Conan is tortured and led then together with the others taken to Galgen. Conan succeeds in freeing himself the others with the help of ...more

The Crystal Arrow Mar 01 1998 - Conan and his friends meet old elbow contactors, which sits down against a group of soldiers under the guidance of the bad Zauberers Khartan to the resistance. They sell the soldiers, but before ...more

The Labyrinth Apr 26 1998 - Conan and his friends fight against Hissah Zul, during this 3 woman and a girl is kidnapped and Otli is worried about the women. Can Conan save the day and the women.

The Cavern May 03 1998 - Hissah Zul causes an enormous storm and Conan and his friends run into a cave. There they make a fire and a Conan look around only once. Hissah Zul causes an earthquake, which breaks the soil ...more

Antidote May 10 1998 - Conan and his companions help queen Vita return from their imposed exile in a cave. They must fight against a sea-monster, which is controlled by a Magier, but when the queen leaves the cave. ...more

Lethal Wizards May 17 1998 - Conan arranges an army to the attack on Hissah Zuls fortress. They close in with the intention to take over. Zul sends a man out,Conan make friends and then with Gefolgsleuten they go to a ...more

Heir Apparent May 24 1998 - One of Hissah Zuls man is poisoned from a arrow.Conan breaks down, And a medicine man examines Conans wound and states that Conan will die, if someone does not procure a Gegengift. Will Conan ...more

Isle of the Naiads Sep 23 1993 -

The Once and Future Conan Nov 08 1993 -

Star of Shadizar Sep 26 1992 - Conan and Zula journey to Shadizar to find the Star of Transmutation, a powerful magical jewel which might help Conan break the curse on his family. On the way they meet a mysterious circus ...more

Greywolf of Xanthus Oct 31 1992 - Conan,Jezmine,and Zula journey to Xanthus, the ancient city of wizards, to look for a way to break the stone curse that Wrath-Amon placed on Conan's family.

Hanuman the Ape God Sep 22 1993 -

Labors of Conan Oct 05 1993 -

An Evil Wind in Kusan Oct 08 1993 -

Nature of the Beast Oct 14 1993 -

Down to the Dregs Oct 20 1993 -

Dregs-amon the Great Oct 21 1993 -

Full Moon Rising Nov 10 1993 -

The Stealer of Souls Nov 11 1993 -

The Star-Metal Monster Nov 16 1993 -

The Claw of Heaven Nov 14 1992 - Conan and Greywolf hear of a tribe of Celts (primitives) whose shaman/tribal leader wields a staff with a piece of Star Metal forged in the shape of a claw upon it (the Claw of Heaven of the ...more

Serpent Riders of Set Nov 21 1992 - Conan, Jasmine and Snag are travelling through a forest when they come across a band of warriors who challenge them. The leader of the warriors turns out to be a youth, the ruler of the local ...more

Seven against Stygia Dec 05 1992 - Wrath-Amon is about to complete a second pyramid and come much closer to free his master Set. Conan and Zula discover this and call on the rest of their comrades so they may prevent it from

Curse of Axh'oon Sep 14 1993 -

The Treachery of Emperors Sep 29 1993 -

The Queen of Stygia Oct 13 1993 -

The Wolfmother Oct 22 1993 -

Sword, Sai, & Shuriken Nov 09 1993 -

A Serpent Coils the Earth, Part 1 Nov 18 1993 -

Tribal Warfare Sep 13 1993 -

Thunder and Lightning Sep 20 1993 -

The Book of Skelos Oct 04 1993 -

The Amulet of Vathelos Oct 06 1993 -

The Final hours of Conan Oct 07 1993 -

Return to Tarantia Oct 01 1993 -