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Below is a complete Cooking Master Boy episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Cooking Master Boy episodes are listed along with the Cooking Master Boy episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Cooking Master Boy episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll contains items like “Dirty Trap! Cornered Mao” and “Instinct! The Mystical 'okoge' Cook!.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Cooking Master Boy episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
Ultimate Skills! Incomparable Noodles Jul 07 1997
When Meili finally comes back with the ingredients, two people has already finished the noodles and qualified (3 left!). Feiyi makes 'dragon whisker' noodles which shocks the judges and also ...more
The Bad Luck Dark Chicken Nov 02 1997
Mao's party stay at 'Chicken Town' a village in south west china. This village is the largest provider of chickens in China. After Mao spends all their money on cooking books, the owner of the ...more
Big Universe Pork Dumpling Dec 07 1997
Mao doesnt believe that Shell has chosen the same ingredients as him and stolen his idea! Mao sits on the floor, cursing himself and thinking about something else. There is less than one hour ...more
Western Style Blood Match Dec 21 1997
The masked chef rejected Mao’s challenge, but Mao insisted. The next scene, we see Shilou working in the restaurant cleaning the dishes when all the lights went out. He was very scared when he ...more
The Strongest Ace Jan 18 1998
The third round starts, and it will be a cooking in a pot. Mao has a choice of the freshest ingredients, while the Masked Chef is going to use the seafood ingredients that he has stored for a ...more
The Secret of the Masked Chef Jan 25 1998
Shilou was having a hard time picking the bowl, because he knew that all the lives depended on his judgment. Mao then tells Shilou not to try and pick his bowl, just pick the one that tastes ...more
The Outside Cuisine of Friendship Feb 01 1998
Yosen Shuka was closed and the employees of the restaurant had a picnic and a fishing tournament. The prize who caught the biggest fish will be a ladle. Everyone is having a great time and ...more
Guest From the Underground, Cold-Hearted Genius, Leon Feb 15 1998
Mao was preparing a dish, and the employees at the restaurant are all fascinated with his knife skills. Luo arrived and asked Mao to prepare a special dish for a special guest. They went ...more
Wake Up Leon! The Destiny of a Cook! May 31 1998
Finally, Leon decides to come clean. Leon had killed the blacksmith that made those knives, after he said that he would make better set of knives than the Seven Stars Knives. Knowing that he ...more
Trapped in Darkness! Soul-Connecting Congee Aug 23 1998
A Mystery Mapo Tofu May 04 1997
In the on-on-one cooking match Mao easily defeats Shouan. Shouan, shamed that he was beaten by a little boy, runs away from the restraunt. General Lee congratualtes Mao on his smart thinking in ...more
Challenge the Dream! The Super Chef Test Jun 22 1997
Mao goes to the large castle which holds the Special Grade Cooking Tests. The tests are held every four years and only one person will pass the test (very strict!). In the first round, the first ...more
Instinct! The Mystical 'okoge' Cook! Sep 14 1997
Mao and Siro are found and untied by Meirii. Meanwhile the Official rejects Ang's dish because it does not taste like her father's although it looks the same. Mao appears and shows Ang how to ...more
Scary Red Congee! Secret of the Haunted House! Sep 21 1997
Mao is split up from Meirii and Siro in a forest at night. When they regroup they find a large house where they are served a very nice meal by the chef there. The sickly owners however only want ...more
Wilderness Cooking Jan 25 1998
Yosen Shuka was closed and the employees of the restaurant had a picnic and a fishing tournament. The prize who caught the biggest fish will be a ladle. Everyone is having a great time and ...more
The Evil City, Shanghai. Underground War Declared Mar 22 1998
The Yosan Shuka group composed of Mao, Leon, Shell, Shilou, and Mei Li are off to their first destination in search of the legendary cooking tools - Shanghai. There they are reunited with ...more
Super Dim Sum Battle! The Ultimate Judgment! May 10 1998
Now that none of them lifted the red spoons for Shell, they were asked to lift the white spoons for King Lakon. Surprise, surprise! The result of the battle is: A DRAW. The judges could not ...more
Magic Taste! Magic Blade Seven-Star Knife Feb 22 1998
Mei Li goes to Mao’s room, but he’s not there and she and Shilou start searching for him. It turns out Mao is in the kitchen, holding his mother’s knife. They discuss the underground and it’s ...more
Dim Sum King Lakon! The 1600-Yr-Old 'Spirit Calming' Bun May 03 1998
In this episode, King Lakon prepares the Spirit Calming Buns of the Hakura Family. The bun’s secret ingredient was a piece of 1600 year old ‘lao mien’, a piece of fermented dough passed on from ...more
Great Rival Appears, Talented Chef Fei Aug 03 1997
Mao decides to cook 'namazu noodles' (namazu is a type of fish, looks like a catfish). He quickly finishes and tells Meili to taste it. Meili rejects to the noodles finding them not fresh enough ...more
Catfish Noodle Completed! The Decision of Destiny Aug 10 1997
Mao finishes his noodles and is time is up! The judges must now taste the food..... But the judge tells the five chefs to taste each others dishes! The green hair woman presents her dish first - ...more
A Great Cooking Arena on Water. The Magical Iron Arm Soup Apr 19 1998
Mao’s group has arrived at the Lou Lin Vessel, a large cooking arena inside a huge boat. The underworld announces that the competition will be a Banquet Cooking Battle with four categories. The ...more
Water and Flame! Excitement! Legendary Cook! Mar 08 1998
Leon breaks open the seal of the Northern Wolf knife, and it turns out to be a knife that has a blade made completely out of ice! A story is told of how the knife was made. Leon and Mao each ...more
China Inside the Porgy Mar 01 1998
The gong sounded and both chefs are finished. The chiefs of Guangzhou cooking are the judges of the match. Leon starts the tasting with his dishes: 1st dish, sashimi. 2nd dish, stewed fish head ...more
Genius Cooking Boy, Mao Apr 27 1997
Qing Dynasty, Imperial China, a small restraunt in Szechuan Province is messed up by a first grade cook, Shouan.To defend his deceased mother's restraunt, Liu Mao Tsing ('Mao') has a cooking ...more