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Full List of Corrector Yui Episodes

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Below is a complete Corrector Yui episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Corrector Yui episodes are listed along with the Corrector Yui episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Corrector Yui episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features “Secrets Of The Eight Software,” “Showdown at Western Net” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Corrector Yui episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    Let's Go To ComNet!

    Jan 01 2006
    A Computer Software named IR recruits Yui as a Corrector. He takes her inside a computer, where she sees her father's newest creation, ""Galaxy Land"". While at Galaxy Land, IR downloads ""The...
  • 2

    Beware Of Nasty E-Mail

    Yui finds out that IR wasn't a dream after all! She trys sending a message to her friends, but with the help of IR, she sends it by Comnet Mail. At school, Yui is asked a question she does not know,...
  • 3

    Take It Easy With The Food

    Yui and IR suspect foul play when Chef Kirch, a family friend who can never get his recipes quite right. In the beginning if he mentions he has a new dish everyone wants to run for cover! Yui unable...
  • 4

    Trouble On The Fourtune Telling Net

    Jan 01 2006
    A school-craze for fortune-telling develops into a destructive obsession. Who knew love advice could be so dangerous?...
  • 5

    Listen To Nature's Song Part One

    Jan 01 2006
    A virtual-reality field trip into a nature park turns a day picking up litter into an all-out search for missing people. Can Corrector Yui save the day... and finish her homework?...
  • 6

    Listen To Nature's Song Part Two

    Yui and the other try to convince Eco that not all humans are bad. But at the same time Yui must also battle War Wolf. Who plans to burn the place to the ground! It turns out that Eco was the one who...
  • 7

    Big Trouble In D-Edo Net

    Yui and her friends visit a virtual theme park. Here they can assume the roles of ancient Edo historical figures. Yui and the others must prevent Freeze, Jaggy and Virus from stealing a scroll that...
  • 8

    Please Help Rescue

    Yui finds a hurt blue bird and then goes to investigate Medical Net's malfunction. Freeze has a not to pleasant encounter Rescue another Corrector program. Later Yui has a run-in with Freeze who...
  • 9

    Yui's Space Odyssey

  • 10

    Danger In The Gingerbread House!

  • 11

    Heart Thumping Double-Date Part One

    Jan 01 2006
    When Yui's dad asks her and some friends to test his company's latest VR, ""Marine Adventure Land,"" Yui is thrilled. But not all of Yui's friends are free, so double-dates (Yui and Shun, Haruna and...
  • 12

    Heart-Thumping Double Date Part Two

    Jan 01 2006
    Yui and Haruna's double-date is ruined when Grosser's Corruptors come to Marine Adventure Land. All seems lost... but then Yui meets two new components of Professor Inukai's software. Can Corrector...
  • 13

    Secrets Of The Eight Software

    Jan 01 2006
    It's an exciting, guided tour inside the world of Corrector Yui...lead by Yui herself! Look back on how Yui and IR first met, and at their adventures to date. Features a closer look at Corrector...
  • 14

    Showdown at Western Net

    Jan 01 2006
    There's trouble at Western Net! The Corruptors have taken over Western Town...but, this time, something's different---the usually selfish, self-serving Corruptors are working as one! Can Yui convince...
  • 15

    Jaggy's Training Course

  • 16

    The Howl Of The War Wolf

    A computer-virus goes awry, causing Virus, Jaggy and Freeze to get transformed into mysterious entities. When the virus-infected Corrupters stubbornly refuse his help, War Wolf must make a difficult...
  • 17

    Double ‘O' Yui, Rookie Spy

  • 18

    Princess of Training

    Jan 01 2006
    In search of the last Corrector software, ""Synchro,"" Yui and friends find themselves on Spy Net. When it seems as though a spy named ""Q"" may actually be the software they're looking for, a race...
  • 19

    Grosser looks for Haruna

  • 20

    Syncro, the last corrector

  • 21

    The Angel of the Darkness

  • 22

    Corrector Against Corrector

  • 23

    Yui's Decision

  • 24

    Let's Go to Grosser's castle

  • 25

    A New Beginning