Full List of Cousin Skeeter Episodes

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Below is a complete Cousin Skeeter episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Cousin Skeeter episodes are listed along with the Cousin Skeeter episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Cousin Skeeter episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll features items like “Mo' Skeeter Blues (aka Mo' Better Skeeter)” and “Not So Great Outdoors.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Cousin Skeeter episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
The Bother of the Bride Nov 12 1998
Skeeter lands him and Bobby in deep trouble! He gave Bobby's mum's wedding dress to the Salvation Army. Trouble is some other bride is wearing. Skeeter has a brainwave to get it back...during ...more
Tyrannosaurus Wrecked Sep 15 1998
On a school trip to the Natural History museum Bobby slips on a sandwich and knocks down a nineteen foot tall T-Rex skeleton. So who do you reckon sneaked the sandwich in the museum and who has ...more
Sep 01 1998
Bobby has moved to a new city and a new school and the thing is he's not dealing with it too well. On top of that he's got the biggest crush on his new next door neighbour, Nina. Too make ...more
Skeeter's Toy Story Sep 03 1998
Bobby is desperate to impress Nina. Skeeter tries to help by telling her Bobby is planning to give her some really expensive rollerblades for her birthday. To pay for them Bobby gets an after ...more
Side Show Skeeter Mar 30 1999
Skeeter and Bobby accidentally break Andre's mini television. Instead of going home with the broken telly, they try and win a replacement at the school fair.
Haunted House of Blues Oct 27 1998
Skeeter, Bobby and Nina set out to get a photo of the ghost that haunts their building. They set out to get their pic and it turns out that the ghost is actually a legendary saxophone player in ...more
Blast from the Past Oct 10 1998
Skeeter's old girlfriend is back in town determined to see if Skeeter still longs for her lost love. But Skeeter would rather swallow a bottle rocket than pucker up with his ex.
Skeeter's Suplex Mar 18 1999
IN THIS CORNER--""BONE BREAKER"" BOBBY! Somebody's bones are gonna be broken when Stone Cold Skeeter slates a match between Bobby and one of the school's biggest wrestlers.
My Dinner Without Andre Sep 10 1998
Once again Skeeter tries to help Bobby by telling Nina that Bobby is a gourmet chef. Once again there's a problem, Bobby can't cook! Never fear Skeeter's got a plan!
Skeeter Stays Mar 16 1999
Skeeter overhears that he is going to be sent to military school. He is set on cleaning the house to impress Andre and Vanessa so they will allow him to stay with them in New York, but his good ...more
Skeeter's House of Style Sep 29 1998
Nina's fashion show is in danger of becoming a fashion 'faux pas'. So who should Skeeter offer to save the day? None other Bobby, who has to find the super models that Skeeter promised. When ...more
Doctor Skeeter Oct 08 1998
Bobby and Nina are assigned to the hospital for Career Day. Things go well until Skeeter shows up. Bobby has to keep Skeeter out of sight and out of trouble so he and Nina can earn passing
Miracle on 32nd Skeet Dec 17 1998
Bobby is asked to give an acceptance speech for his dad. Unfortunately for Bobby, he is still under some hypnotic suggestions, thanks to Skeeter. Everything will be fine as long as no one ...more
The Good Stuff Apr 01 1999
Skeeter talks up for Bobby. Once again talking the pair into trouble as the look for 'The Good Stuff'.
Cirque du Skeeter Sep 17 1998
Skeeter bumps into his old friend Ziggy. Ziggy's circus isn't doing too well and if the next show isn't a sell out the circus will have to close. So with the help of Bobby and Nina, Skeeter goes ...more
Skeeter's Help-A-Thon Oct 15 1998
Skeeter lands Bobby in it again, when he tells Nina that Bobby can play the piano when she sings at her granny's birthday party. Skeeter's convinced that Bobby's piano playing will liven up the ...more
Choir Boyz Mar 25 1999
Nina needs help with the church choir. Now, thanks to Skeeter, Bobby's taking a solo--but Bobby can't sing a note. He just needs to chill out, though, because Skeeter has yet another plan...
Mo' Skeeter Blues (aka Mo' Better Skeeter) Sep 24 1998
Skeeter accidentally destroys the tape of a single Andre is supposed to play for his executives. Skeeter manages to get the artist to record another song and gets some friends to help make it a ...more
Apocalypse Skeeter Dec 01 1998
Bobby and Skeeter and a load of kids from school go away to camp. Whilst on camp they oversleep and miss the start of a game of 'capture the flag' against a rival camp. With the rest of their ...more
Air Skeeter Sep 08 1998
Skeeter comes out of retirement to help the school basketball and he stars as they break their losing streak. He's the man when it comes to slam-dunking and the school team just keep on winning ...more
Two Men and a Baby Pig Sep 14 1999
Bobby, Skeeter and Nina discover a baby pig being treated inhumanely as a mascot at a store. They kidnap the pig in hopes of giving him a better life, but are caught and brought to court. ...more
Apr 01 2000
Skeeter renounces his April Fool's Day pranks when he's visited by the ghost of his conscience. He learns that though he may enjoy playing practical jokes, his victims are not always having
The Hoo, I'm Wild Wild West (1) Sep 18 1999
Skeeter, Bobby and Nina join Kenan & Kel on a dude ranch vacation. When they discover a treasure map the owner of the dude ranch traps Nina and Kel in a hole and steals their map.
Be Like Skeeter Aug 17 1999
With Bobby convinced he lacks the right qualities to get into student government, Skeeter teaches him how to be ""cool,"" but ends up turning him into a monster. Bobby is ...more
New Kids On The Planet (3) Jul 08 2000
Bobby, Skeeter, Nina and Nicole learn of a Tunican plot to take over earth by replacing every teenager on it with a Tunican clone. Skeeter's personality gets the kids out of jail and into a ...more