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Below is a complete Cowboy Builders episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Cowboy Builders episodes are listed along with the Cowboy Builders episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Cowboy Builders episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Series 4, Episode 5” to “Series 4, Episode 2” is featured on this list, so cast your votes below. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Cowboy Builders episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Series 2, Episode 5 May 11 2010 - Melinda and Dom meet Simon and Cheryl, a couple who put their dream of adoption on ice after a cowboy with the gift of the gab promised them the Earth, but left them with nothing but a hazardous

Series 2, Episode 4 May 04 2010 - Melinda Messenger and Dominic Littlewood head to South Gloucestershire, where Stuart and Michelle are in desperate need of help. After paying a builder £43,500 for a two-storey extension, ...more

Series 2, Episode 2 Apr 20 2010 - This week, Melinda and Dom meet a family that has endured 18 months of misery at the hands of a cowboy builder. Melinda is keen to transform their home from crater-scarred bomb site to luxury ...more

Series 2, Episode 3 Apr 27 2010 - This week, Melinda Messenger and Dominic Littlewood head to the market town of Dunstable in Bedfordshire, where Angus and Tracy are on the brink of collapse. Since a cowboy trashed their ...more

Series 2, Episode 6 May 18 2010 - In the final instalment of the series, the team takes on two renovation jobs at once when Melinda and Dom uncover the extent of the destruction left behind by a Derbyshire cowboy.

Series 2, Episode 1 Apr 13 2010 - This week, Melinda Messenger and Dominic Littlewood meet a family from Sheffield who were left with a derelict house and thousands of pounds’ worth of debt.

Northwich Jul 21 2011 - Dom and Melinda take on their most heart wrenching story yet as they meet a couple who have had to deal with a string of recent tragedies, with the wife's mother and her son both passing away ...more

Bradford Jul 28 2011 - Dom and Melinda go to Bradford to help a couple who hoped to build an extension which would provide a bedroom to each of their children. Ayaz and Shazia spent £30,000 with a father and son ...more

Horsham Aug 18 2011 - When Neil and Davina needed an extension to their two-bedroom semi in West Sussex, and their architect recommended a local builder, they thought he would have no excuse not to show up. However, ...more

Bolton and Sheffield Revisited Sep 08 2011 - The dynamic duo catch up with two of their favourite stories to see what has happened since. They focus on cases in Bolton and Sheffield.

Balham Jul 07 2011 - Dom and Melinda are in Balham to help a pair of newlyweds who had plans to extend their ground floor flat. Following the death of her mother, Sarah and her partner Stuart decided to use the ...more

Return to Dorset Sep 01 2011 - The dynamic duo are in Dorset to revisit one of the worst cases of shoddy building work either had ever seen at the time. When grandmother Karen was struck down by cancer, she needed her own ...more

Nottingham Jul 14 2011 - After living in their house for 17 years, a couple decide to invest in an extension for the sake of their adult sons. They thought that by hiring a female builder to undertake the work, they ...more

Langley Aug 04 2011 - Dom and Melinda investigate the work of a septuagenarian builder who has over half a century of experience in the building trade. Lawrence and Helen live in Berkshire with their three children. ...more

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Worcester Park Aug 25 2011 - In south London Mel and Dom meet the Marrs, who have saved up to afford an extension to their kitchen. After paying a building company £23,000 the contractors have disappeared leaving just ...more

Guildford Aug 11 2011 - Simon and Diane bought a detached house in the affluent town of Guildford with a view to extending it so their adult children could live with them. The builder they hired took £54,000 of a ...more

Wolverhampton Jan 03 2012 - The property series exposing Britain's most irresponsible builders returns. Melinda Messenger meets a Wolverhampton man whose plans to provide his seriously ill wife with her dream home were ...more

Solihull Jan 24 2012

Pontefract Jan 10 2012 - Dominic and Melinda find the hey find walls filled with toilet paper after they attempt to help a retired couple from Yorkshire who had employed a local builder to erect a large extension to ...more

Lincoln Jan 31 2012

Cardiff Dom and Mel hunt down a rogue builder in Cardiff after he left a roof in danger of collapse.

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Camberley revisited Feb 07 2012 - Melinda and Dom catch up with a woman they visited in 2010.

St. Albans Sep 10 2012 - Dom and Mel face one of their toughest challenges yet: dealing with a builder who may well offer the worst value for money in Britain. The problem is, no one knows where he is... Christophe and ...more

Worcester Park Sep 17 2012 - When Karen and Tristan Crook got married in 2011, they did not have to look far to find their first marital home. Karen's grandmother had recently passed away, leaving behind her 1920s semi. The ...more

Fleet Sep 24 2012 - Dom and Melinda come to the aid of a single mum in Fleet, who has been left with a house that is not fit for human habitation.

Milton Keynes Dec 06 2012 - Dom and Melinda are in Milton Keynes, helping out a family who were left with nowhere to wash themselves but the kitchen sink. In 2011, Kate Snow, husband Mike and their two sons Henry, 20, and ...more

Bath Dec 13 2012 - Single mum Rosanne lives in Bath with her son. Rosanne wanted to extend her cottage, but after paying all of the money to the builder, Rosanne was left with an unfinished shell.

Cramlington Nov 29 2012 - Dom and Mel are in Cramlington, just a few miles north of Newcastle, where they face a 'Cowboy Builders' record: a house with more problems than they have ever encountered. In 2010, Michelle and ...more

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Harrow revisited Dec 20 2012 - Dom and Melinda head back to Harrow to visit a family they helped back in 2010 and find out whether the cowboy responsible has received his just deserts. College lecturer Rae Green had decided ...more

Warrington Feb 05 2009 - Melinda Messenger and Dominic Littlewood go to Warrington to help Sheila, who was left devastated when builders abandoned her extension half-finished.

Bath Jan 15 2009 - Melinda and Dom head to Bath to rescue single mum Jenni Rossi. The 46-year-old school secretary wanted a better home for her and her teenage son, so she decided to remortgage her three-bedroom ...more

Leeds Jan 29 2009

Eastbourne Jan 08 2009 - Melinda and Dom are in Eastbourne helping a single parent whose life has been turned upside down. Following his wife's death, 50 year­old-chef David Kon was left to bring up his three ...more

Plymouth Jan 22 2009

Taunton Feb 12 2009

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Series 3, Episode 1 Sep 22 2010 - This week Dom and Sheree are on the outskirts of Cardiff, helping a family who have been left to freeze and live in a half-finished extension with no central heating for three years. Care-worker ...more

Recap Dom Littlewood and Sheree Murphy revisit the families that have been helped over three series of the consumer show, and catch up with the builders who made their lives hell.

Twickenham Sep 26 2010

Series 3, Episode 5 Oct 20 2010

Series 3, Episode 6 Oct 27 2010

Leicester Oct 03 2010 - Bhavner and her husband Kirit had always known that they would need to extend their small family home when their three sons were too old to share a room. The extension would prove costly for a ...more

Series 3, Episode 4 Oct 13 2010 - Dominic Littlewood and Sheree Murphy continue to track down renegade builders and rescue their unfortunate victims. This week, the pair head to Warwickshire to assist the Collins family. While ...more

Series 4, Episode 6 Feb 23 2011 - Dom returns to Cardiff to have another crack at catching a cowboy who last time slipped through his grasp. He also revisits the homeowners whose house was damaged by the rogue. Julia and her ...more

Series 4, Episode 4 Feb 09 2011 - In Glasgow, Melinda and Dom meet couple Natalie and Rob, whose timber-framed extension was left to rot when a cowboy builder of tender years abruptly downed tools and scarpered. As Melinda ...more

Series 4, Episode 1 Jan 19 2011 - In Dorset, Melinda and Dom meet a grandmother who entrusted a builder with creating an attic conversion where she could recover in peace from a gruelling course of chemotherapy. However, four ...more

Series 4, Episode 3 Feb 02 2011 - Melinda and Dom come to the rescue of single mother Pam from Camberley, Surrey. Pam was forced to give up the pursuit of her dream job when a cowboy's actions left her on the brink of financial ...more

Series 4, Episode 5 Feb 16 2011 - In Lewisham, south London, Dom and Melinda meet couple Cathy and Stuart and their two young children. The family's beautiful Victorian terraced home was left structurally unsound after a cowboy ...more

Series 4, Episode 2 Jan 26 2011 - This week Dom and Melinda come to the aid of a couple in north-west London, who need to complete a loft conversion and a downstairs extension to give them the space to move their sick ...more