Full List of Crank Yankers Episodes

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Below is a complete Crank Yankers episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Crank Yankers episodes are listed along with the Crank Yankers episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Crank Yankers episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features items like “Episode 311 (Christmas episode - Season 3b premiere),” “Episode 306”, and many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Crank Yankers episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
Oct 28 2011
View the all-time greatest crank calls from this side-splittingly funny Comedy Central television show that features the vocal talents of such hilarious comedians as Jimmy Kimmel, Wanda Sykes, ...more
Jun 23 2002
Spoonie calls a country club for tee time but they don't have tee time. Niles needs a healthcare giver. And Elmer needs some hearing aids.
Jul 28 2002
Karl Malone wants Beanie Babies. Danny calls a caterer. Elmer lodges a complaint to the cable company about what he saw on TV. Birchum calls for a moving company. And Haddassah calls the ...more
Jun 09 2002
Blind stripper Cammie wants to join a strip club but is denied. Spoonie Luv(From Up Above) wants to send flowers and asks for inappropriate things to be written on the card. Denis Leary's ...more
Jun 16 2002
Shavin books a room for the Wu Tang Clan. Haddassah wants to be a nanny. Rob's friend(who's deaf) wants to call a phone sex line. And Elmer keeps finding chicken beaks in his dinner.
Aug 04 2002
Spoonie orders flowers. Gene Winterbuck makes a call to a library. Haddassah catches crabs. And someone took a pee on Elmer's house.
Jul 14 2002
Haddassah has a survey. Spoonie's got an idea for greeting cards. Sav macauley is on the Phone Zone. And Bobby accidentally kills his grandfather. Also featuring Ween.
Jun 30 2002
Bobby seeks out a job. Cammie needs computer help. Birtchum loses a fake leg. And Danny is sick.
Jul 07 2002
Niles wants invitations for an ass slaping contest. Tony Deloge wants votes. Helen's son gives her a foul mouthed parrot. And Bobby tries to sign up to be a consulor to help kids on drugs. Also ...more
Jun 02 2002
Someone crapped in Gladys' car. Elmer tries to get an appartment. Batman's Nemesis tries to find Batman. And Special Ed wants to go to Hawaii. Birchum tries to get a job. Also starring Billy ...more
Jul 21 2002
Spoonie wants hot girls. Helen calls a grocery store. OCD Ken wants love. And Terrence calls Subway.
Nov 11 2003
Ken calls a paper with breaking news, Tab wants to hypnotize his Grandmother, Hadassah's having a Baby, Ed calls a Restaurant, Cammie wants to learn magic, and Terrence wants to buy some dolls ...more
Mar 04 2003
Elmer needs a gift for his wife so he buys anal beads. Special Ed wants to buy a CD with a certain song on it.
Mar 11 2003
Spoon Love needs karate lessons before he goes back to jail. Gladys finds a pornography cassette of her sons.
Oct 07 2003
Bobby Fletcher needs a loan, Elmer can't get out of his bed, Niles Standish needs a new suit, Arthur Johnson gets even, Ken calls a pharmacy, George Zucco Plans a family event.
Apr 29 2003
Elmer calls about a gay cruise.
Elmer checks his lucky numbers, Dr. Mark Premise looks for love, Birchum applies for a job, Dick Rodgers has a personal revelation, Kevin & Katie call a Butcher Shop, Gladys has some ...more
Nov 18 2003
Katie's having a party, Terrence is looking for new artwork, Sonny Tanning delivers a singing Phone-O-Gram, Birchum needs some able bodies, Chip Le Las Comiquitas, Bobby wants to lose some ...more
Sep 30 2003
Birchum expresses his feelings on female police officers, Hadassah wants to conceive, Ed peed in the pool, Jeff needs a new job, Kevin gets help with his homework, Cammie Has Some Questions.
May 06 2003
Hadassah Calls a Landfill, Chip calls a hardware store, Kevin and Katie call a bowling alley, Spoonie Needs Driving Lessons, Niles Standish wants a balloon ride, Niles Standish wants a balloon ...more