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Below is a complete Crime & Punishment episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Crime & Punishment episodes are listed along with the Crime & Punishment episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Crime & Punishment episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Vote for your favorite items, including “People v. Garcia,” “People v. Wells” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Crime & Punishment episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

People v. Garcia Aug 04 2002 - For a strange twist in the series, this case has a living victim that supports the defendant. When Garcia is found by his wife wearing her lingerie and partaking in controversial activities, he ...more

People v. Scott (and) People v. Smith Aug 25 2002 - Keeshawn Scott seems anything but innocent when he is accused of an unsolicited premeditated murder. He shoots a man in his girlfriend's home but the crime is deemed a murder in the ...more

People v. Taitano Jul 28 2002 - A girl who had been kidnapped and abused within her own apartment complex comes to the stand to give her attacker a prison sentence. Difficulties arise when the both parties admit to a candy ...more

People v. Redondo

People v. Dailey Jun 16 2002 - The first episode chronicles the trial of John Dailey, who is accused of murdering his wife. Many witnesses attest to the fact that Dailey had often spoken about graphically killing her, but ...more

People v. Vasquez Jun 30 2002 - A man is tried for murder in the first degree. He had supposedly stabbed his girlfriend out of jealousy. However, the intent that the prosecutor describes does not match up with the lustful ...more

People v. Scheirbaum (and) People v. Villa Jul 21 2002 - In the first case of Villa, the defendant is brought up on charges of beating his wife and committing a third strike of domestic abuse. In another case, the Deputy District Attorney tries to get ...more


People v. Curry Jul 14 2002 - A girlfriend of a gang member is found dead from a bullet behind a dumpster. With a minimal amount of evidence and a difficult judge, it becomes difficult for the District Attorney to convince ...more

People v. Sanabria Jul 07 2002 - A man is tried for the rape of a woman. What would seem like an easy case, difficulties appear because the victim had been inebriated and may have not been fully aware of her actions. Luckily, ...more

People v. Kayser (and) People v. Palomino Aug 11 2002 - A District Attorney with a heavy caseload tries two cases in this episode. The first case has a high media spotlight because Kayser is being tried on DWI charges. He had killed a 13 year old boy ...more

People v. Jones Jun 23 2002 - Deputy District Attorney Garry Haehnle prosecutes Marshall Jones, a father accused of suffocating his 4-month-old son and burying the body in a shallow grave in the woods. Attempting to pass the ...more

People v. Wells Aug 18 2002 - When a man is killed, matters become complicated when it becomes apparents that California gangs are entrenched in the incident. An eye-witness is killed before the hearing and other witnesses ...more

People v. Mayta Sep 01 2002 - A drunken murder occurs when an inebriated Mayta becomes upset at a popular gay night club. Mayta is unhappy when a man he is seeking is uninterested which prompts the defendant to kill a ...more

People v. Clifford Smith Jun 15 2003 - A man is brought up on 19 counts of sexual molestation for molesting his own children, relatives, and neighbors. Because the charges are made years after the abuse, the defense claims that the ...more

People v. Emile Robershaw Jun 22 2003 - Emile Robershaw is on trail for vehicular manslaughter and drinking under the influence. He allegedly drove this girlfriend from a party very drunk. He crashed the truck and killed Josh. Emile ...more

People v. Richard Arnold Jun 01 2003 - An especially heinous murder occurred, where the victim was stabbed and tortured to death. The defendant had a shoddy record filled with violence and lack of temper control. Witnesses testifying ...more

People v. Delia Contreras Jul 13 2003 - Delia Contreras was convicted for the 1998 ,urder of her husband, Anselmo Vasquez, and she's been incarcerated. But an appeal on a Miranda Vislation brings her back to court and D.D.A. Jill ...more

Jun 29 2003 - Deputy District Attorney Rachel Solovis prosecuting Joseph Villarino Jr. for kidnapping and five counts of rape. The jury verdict is guilty he was charged with kidnapping and four counts of ...more

People v. Hugo Alcazar Jul 06 2003 - Hugo Alcazar is on trail for the rape of 14 year old Carla, and the rape, torture and murder of her friend Diana Rodriguez. The jury reaches a very swift verdict. Hugo Alcazar is guilty of first ...more

People v. Ron Barker/NY Nourn Jun 08 2003 - As the defendant is brought up on numerous charges, his biggest mistake (second only to the crimes) was representing himself. By not having a layer, Nourn was unable to form directed questions ...more

People v. George Waller Jr. & Lawrence Calhoun Jun 12 2004 - George Waller and Lawrence Calhoun stand trial for second degree murder, when their reckless drag racing caused an accident that killed two teenagers and gravely injured another passenger. ...more

PEOPLE V. TERRY HALL Jul 03 2004 - Terry Hall is on trial for killing his wife after discovering she was unfaithful to him while he was away at sea. He's admitted to killing her, the question is whether it's manslaughter or first ...more

People V. Tianna Thomas & People V. Charles Mambane Jul 17 2004 - A 17-year-old defendant is accused of abducting and molesting an eight-year-old girl and attempting to abduct a four-year-old.

Jun 26 2004 - D.D.A. Kurt Mechals prosecutes Bernard Cutts for the murder of his girlfriend Cynthia Johnson, whose 18 year-old son found her bullet-ridden body. While the prosecution asserts that a domestic ...more

PEOPLE V. MCPHERSON, BUBECK & PEOPLE V. CHASTANG Jul 10 2004 - D.D.A. Allison Worden seeks to have a high school coach registered as a sex offender when witnesses say that he was masturbating outside during a football game in the presence of minors. Defense ...more

PEOPLE V. BRENDA COOK & PEOPLE V. LAWRENCE MARSH Jun 19 2004 - D.D.A. Marisa Ditillio prosecutes Brenda Cook for animal negligence after finding her potbelly pig emaciated in the backseat of her car. And, D.D.A. Corinne Miesfeld prosecutes Lawrence Marsh on ...more