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Below is a complete Crime Story episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Crime Story episodes are listed along with the Crime Story episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Crime Story episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list contains items like “The Kingdom of Money” and “Roadrunner.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Crime Story episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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For Love or Money Dec 05 1986
Divorced Torello finds comfort with Inger. The Crime Unit nabs Luca's jewelry-heist team. Torello's best friend supplies the Mob with capital.

Fatal Crossroads (aka Fortune in Men's Eyes) Jan 09 1987
Torello is subpoenaed to testify for Luca. An enraged Abrams jumps to Torello's defense. Luca orders Torello and Abrams killed.

Hide and Go Thief Dec 12 1986
Indelli and Krychek must deal with a tense hostage situation. Torello travels to Indiana to make his move on Frank Holman.

Abrams for the Defense Oct 14 1986
Attorney Abrams falls for a reporter helping him defend a tenant accused of assaulting a slum landlord.

Ground Zero Mar 13 1987
After his murder mistrial, Luca clashes with a crime kingpin over plans to split up control of the sinking Luca gambling empire. Pauli changes his mind and rescues Luca from Torello as they hide ...more

Strange Bedfellows Dec 26 1986
Holman ideintifies Torello as a dirty cop to Breitel. After an attempt on his life, Luca takes refuge in Florida.

The Survivor Feb 13 1987
Torello falls in love with a Justice Attorney's former wife, only to find out that the attorney has been molesting his adopted daughter. Molestation charges jeopardizes the Unit's investigation ...more

Pilot (2) Sep 18 1986
Here we meet the three major players of the series: Lt. Mike Torrello, head of Chicago's Major Crime Unit(MCU); Ray Luca, a young hood about to make his mark on the underworld; and David Abrams, ...more

Final Transmission Sep 19 1986
With Torello's MCU hunting a psychopath, Luca plots jewel heists and the takeover of a sports-gambling operation.

Old Friends, Dead Ends Nov 04 1986
Torello confronts his new friend, now laundering money for the Mob. Federal investigators indict Luca and Bartoli.

Justice Hits the Skids Nov 11 1986
Devastated by Kehoe's death, Torello stonewalls Breitel's federal investigation. Abrams joins the MCU on the street.

Torello on Trial Jan 16 1987
Breitel brutally cross-examines Torello. Acquitted Luca moves to Las Vegas. Torello gets a new assignment.

Crime Pays Dec 05 1986
Mike Torello's obsessive pursuit of Ray Luca is recalled through flashbacks. Guest stars Michael Madsen, Lorraine Bracco.

Top of the World (aka The King in a Cage) Mar 06 1987
Luca's jubilation over his growing business turns to fear that his associates are setting him up. Luca's insatiable lust for violence proves his undoing when he rapes Pauli's girlfriend. Pauli ...more

Shadow Dancer Sep 26 1986
Torello gains a major advantage when one of Luca's burglars is connected to a robbery-homicide of a coin collector's wife. Torello finds out Julie is pregnant.

The Battle of Las Vegas Feb 06 1987
To take over Las Vegas casinos, Luca murders the head of a resort-workers union to put his own man in the position.

The Saint Louis Book of Blues Sep 30 1986
Mobsters support Luca's nationwide gambling scheme. A publicity-seeking sheriff hampers Torello's arrest of one of Luca's men.

Pilot (1) Sep 18 1986
Here we meet the three major players of the series: Lt. Mike Torrello, head of Chicago's Major Crime Unit(MCU); Ray Luca, a young hood about to make his mark on the underworld; and David Abrams, ...more

The War Oct 07 1986
A book intercepted by Torello jeopardizes Luca's nationwide gambling operation. The Torellos meet with tragedy.

The Kingdom of Money Jan 30 1987
Torello and Krychek join the Federal Task Force planning to raid Luca's new gambling business in Las Vegas.

The Pinnacle Feb 27 1987
Luca's greedy ploy to take over another casino puts his entire gambling empire in jeopardy.

Pursuit of a Wanted Felon Oct 28 1986
Conflict ruins the Torello's weekend trip. Luca situates in Las Vegas. Bigots target Abrams's relationship with Susan.

Last Rites Feb 09 1988
After Manny is stricken by a heart attack, Luca demands that he be the first heart-transplant recipient. Max convinces Steve to put a hit on Luca.

Escape (2) May 03 1988
Torello and his men save Danny from certain death while Luca is told by a top military commander that he is nothing in Mexico.

Shockwaves Nov 03 1987
Luca returns to Vegas with immunity to work for the US Government, causing revenge-minded Abrams to resign in frustration and Torello unable to get near Luca.