Full List of Cyborg 009 Episodes

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Below is a complete Cyborg 009 episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Cyborg 009 episodes are listed along with the Cyborg 009 episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Cyborg 009 episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll contains items like “Terror of the First "Shisunetoku"” and “Cursed Desert.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Cyborg 009 episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
Cyborg 009 (1966) Movie Jul 21 1966
World-class sprinter Joe Shimamura is seriously injured in an accident and taken away by the Black Ghost, an agent of the sinister Merchants of Death, who intended to take over the world. The ...more
Cyborg 009 and the Monster Wars Mar 19 1967
The evil organization 'Black Ghost' launches worlwide terror attacks using a dinosaur (plesiosaur) type giant robot, and the team of 9 cyborgs launches their quest for Black Ghost's hideout in ...more
Apr 05 1968
Joe Shimamura (Cyborg 009) awakes in a strange room only to find himself dressed in a red suit and yellow scarf. A strange voice telepathically guides Joe when suddenly someone breaks in and ...more
The Challenge of 'X' Apr 12 1968
Joe begins to recover his memory but it's still very vague. It remains a mystery why he was there and why he has such power. Nine Cyborgs inculding Joe escape from from the base of 'Black ...more
Confrontation at the South Pole Apr 19 1968
The cyborgs are staying at the home of Dr. Koizumi who is a friend of Dr. Gilmore. They feel relaxed thinking it it safe there. But a new enemy breaks in on them with a flash of lightning. It is ...more
Space Demons Apr 26 1968
The Cyborgs manage to rest while it rains. Then the rain clears and 0010 comes back. 001 is sleeping and Joe is exhausted from overusing his accelerating system during the last battle. The seven ...more
Ah, Kubikuro May 03 1968
A new assassin, 0011, appears. He is a Cyborg but looks like a robot with a shape of a giant spider. First it looks like he should win but when 004 and 002 reinforce the Cyborg ranks they almost ...more
Rescue Galleria's Ring May 10 1968
Dr. Koizumi, a friend of Dr. Gilmore and a weapons specialist, is kidnapped. 009, 007 and 004 go to a strange mansion in search of him. A fascinating lady greets them. She says she lives alone ...more
The Schoolbus May 17 1968
The search party heads to Tokyo to look the kidnapped doctor. 009 searches in his old neighborhoods and there he meets an old friend who tells him about the past. An odd yet huge young guy joins ...more
The Girl with the Golden Eyes May 24 1968
0013 is sent out by the leader of the Black Ghosts to destroy Tokyo. 009 finds a little helpless girl in the ruins and suddenly someone in his mind leads him to a park. After defeating one of ...more
The Night the Devil Walks May 31 1968
The race between Black Ghost and the Cyborg team has started. Their goal is to find the head that controls robot 0013 and they hope to find some information on it. The submarine sent by Lord ...more
Royalty of the Golden Earth Jun 07 1968
The Cyborg team highjack a Black Ghost airplane over the South Pole. It turns out that the pilots are holding a young woman as hostage. Her name is Cynthia and her father is a scientist. He has ...more
The Golden Iron Jun 14 1968
It's Christmastime and the Dolphin is just outside of Paris where the Cyborgs are celebrating under the deck. But 003 has decided to visit her city alone. She visits places that bring back old ...more
Giant of the Sky Jun 21 1968
005, 006 and 007 are tracking an electronic signal when they suddenly have problems with their aircraft and have a crash landing on an unmanned island. In their hunt for food they find a ...more
Secret of the Devil's Castle Jun 28 1968
While the heroes are visiting London, strong memories are hitting 007 who hasn't been in his hometown for 17 years. Soaked in sad memories he walks past a little theater where they practice a ...more
Cursed Desert Jul 05 1968
In the Republic of Muanba there is an evil dictator controlling the people. A little rebel group gets a strange offer by a man who ends up saving them from the dictator's tanks with an ...more
Tragedy of the Animal Man Jul 12 1968
Continued from the last episode, the fleeing party is attacked by numerous enemies in which the heroes fight back. The mystic man appears and he is so powerful that the heroes must flee again. ...more
Ghost of the Pacific Jul 19 1968
BG orders one of their generals to capture the heroes dead or alive. A huge battle is fought and the Cyborgs stand as losers because their enemies had sent out an electronic wave making them ...more
Ghost Alliance Jul 26 1968
But is it really the end of BG and/or all of the fighting?
My Father, the Demon's Apostle Aug 02 1968
This episode follows each of the heroes separately helping others. The main act is concentrated toward 006 and some friends helping him with the food and how they shall manage to please the ...more
Terror of the First "Shisunetoku" Aug 09 1968
Cyborg 002 visits his old hometown of New York City and thinks back on the old good days. He meets a little boy whom he tells stories of the Cyborgs and they become very good friends. However, ...more
The Final Escape Aug 16 1968
A few people are suddenly set on fire in central Tokyo. Joe's new pet, the dog Kubikuro, had earlier located the car that ran over his family. This awakens a huge anger in the little animal. 009 ...more
The Phantom Cavalry Aug 23 1968
Dr Gilmore receives a letter from his very good friend Dr Ross, who writes that since the death of the BG, he has been set free and is now interested in nature and animals. He has discovered a ...more
Revenge Spirit Aug 30 1968
Very strange and deadly phenomena are showing up all over the globe. It's total chaos and people are starting to ask the question, is God responsible for all of it? The heroes collect the names ...more
Revenge Spirit Pt 2 Sep 06 1968
The team heads to the island and enters a huge battle against the Gods. It is revealed that the Gods are also cyborgs and they begin to get into fights between themselves that poses Apollo, ...more