TV Episodes Full List of Da Ali G Show Episodes

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Below is a complete Da Ali G Show episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Da Ali G Show episodes are listed along with the Da Ali G Show episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Da Ali G Show episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features “Realize,” “Rekognize” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Da Ali G Show episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Borat Hunts in Texas Borat gets a hunting lesson at an exclusive ranch

Borat Learns Football Borat learns American football in Texas

Ali G's Full Spyz Movie Bling Bling is a straight-to-video release of clips from the Da Ali G Show, plus unaired segments and an interview with David and Victoria Beckham from a Comic Relief special. It was hosted by ...more

Ali G's Harvard Commencement Speech Ali G, Innit is a VHS release (later re-issued on DVD) of Ali G interview segments from The 11 O'Clock Show hosted by Ali G himself.

Ali G with Noam Chomsky Ali G interviews linguistics professor Noam Chomsky

Ali G Visits Civil War Navy Ship Ali G visits an historical naval vessel

Bruno Speaks with a Hollywood Stylist Bruno dishes gossip with a Hollywood stylist

Ali G Christmas Message to the Nation

Borat's Guide to Britain - Countryside Borat gets to know English hunters… and protesters demonstrating against the hunt.

Borat at the Hampton Classic Horse Show Borat at the Hampton Classic Horse Show

Borat with PIMA Republican Club Borat at the Hamptons Horse Show and the American Patriotism Event

Ali G Dangerous Drugs (UK)

Ali G Sally Jesse Raphael Ali G visits the Sally Jesse Raphael show

Borat's Guide to Britain Guide to Henley, Guide to Hunting, Guide to Etiquette

Bruno Visits a Psychic Bruno visits a psychic to speak to his late boyfriend.

Borat's Guide to Britain - Cambridge Borat also meets some drunken students and learns the finer arts of cricket.

Ali G at Educational Summit

Borat at the Patriot Rally Aiii is a straight-to-video release of clips from Da Ali G Show (original, UK series) plus unaired segments from the show, hosted by Ali G himself.

The Best of Borat

Ali G Animal Rights Talkshow

Peace Aug 01 2004 - Ali G interviews Newt Gingrich. Bruno reports from New York's Fashion Week. Borat covers American hobbies at a gun club and gym. Ali G talks in the studio with a Drug Enforcement Agent. Ali G ...more

Jah Aug 15 2004 - Ali G conducts a roundtable discussion on science. Borat visits a minor-league baseball team. Ali G interviews Ralph Nader. Borat visits a Nevada test site and protests nuclear testing. Ali G ...more

Peace Aug 01 2004 - In New York to sell book ideas to high-profile publishers and agents, Ali G pitches the following would-be bestsellers: "A Kiss on the Lips," a vibrating book designed to stimulate the ...more

Realness Aug 22 2004 - Ali G gets relationship advice from Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus author John Gray. Excited to discuss reproductive rights with a lesbian couple (after all, "he's got loads ...more

Respek Jul 18 2004 - Ali G talks with Sam Donaldson, "boss man of ABC News," about Nixon's "Waterworld" crisis, journalist biases and TV ratings, among other critical issues. Borat over-imbibes ...more

Rekognize Jul 25 2004 - Ali G interviews former U.N. Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali and tours the U.N. Ali G conducts a roundtable discussion of experts on religion. Borat gets a lesson in etiquette. Ali G ...more

Realize Aug 08 2004 - Ali G ponders issues of security - from airports to dogs to trains to green cards - with former Commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service James Ziglar. On the road to sample ...more

Jah Aug 15 2004 - Ali G muses about Moses and the U.S. Constitution with historian/author/"hair stylist" Gore Vidal, then pays a visit to Mt. Vernon, the home of Washington (alas, Denzel isn't at home). ...more

Neil Hamilton Mar 30 2000 - Ali travels to the Cannes Film Festival, to pitch his new movie 'Booka' - named after the noise a gun makes. There's a lively discussion on animal rights, Neil Hamilton joins Ali on the sofa and ...more

Marissa Tait, Sally Jesse Rafael, Roy Hattersley Chrissy Hynde Apr 21 2000 - Ali gets the low-down on the FB, Aiiii. There's rapping from Mohammed Al Fayed, and Borat finds out what it takes to be a true British huntsman.

Mohamed Al Fayed Mar 30 2000 - Ali interviews John Humphrys, then goes on to present his new home shopping channel, QVG. Borat learns about British comedy, which includes some practical slapstick lessons. And Francis Healy ...more

Gail Porter Apr 14 2000 - It's up to Ali G to turn the tables in the Third World... with turntables. Ali goes behind the scenes of US TV, and Roy Hattersley and Chrissie Hynde join Ali on the show.

Anita Roddick, Jarvis Cocker May 05 2000 - Anita Roddick joins Ali in the studio to discuss some interesting new products for Body Shop, Borat feels the passion of the Henley Regatta, Jarvis insists on helping the aged, and Ali saves the ...more

John Humphrys, Fran Healy Apr 28 2000 - Ali learns how to save the environment... and use guns to kill people. Later, he serenades the lovely Gail Porter, and Borat mingles with Cambridge University's young intelligentsia over a game ...more