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Below is a complete Danger Bay episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Danger Bay episodes are listed along with the Danger Bay episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Danger Bay episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Vote for your favorite items on this poll, including “A Tangled Web,” “Talk Show” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Danger Bay episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Running Free Oct 21 1985 - Wild horses cause Nicole to put herself at their front of their cause. However, not everyone agrees with what she does.

Katie and the Whale Dec 23 1985 - Katie, a mute girl, befriends Nicole and is fascinated by Biosa, one of the female Orca at the aquarium. Nicole comes to see that a great bond can be made between humans and animals when there ...more

Mad Hatter Bears Apr 16 1986 - Caos rains in Vancouver after a grizzly bear comes into the city looking for food.

Grace Under Pressure Mar 10 1986 - Grace, Grant's sister, comes to visit the Robert family much to everyone's displeasue. It is especially hard for George who left her.

Nature of the Beast Apr 23 1986 - When a person claims to have seen a marine monster in Vancouver, Grant goes to investigate to uncover the story as a scam.

The Wharf Rat Nov 11 1985 - Tensions run high after Nicole is bitten by a rabid dog and the Aquarium staff race to find it and it's owner responsible.

Flight of the Falcon Jan 13 1986 - Doug, who though handicapped physically has a passion for saving the environment, turns up to alert Grant that eggs of the falcoln were being stolen to be sold on the black market making the ...more

Timber Apr 30 1986 - Grant, along with his children, are out to save a nearby forest from disappearing because of excessive cutting.

Fish 'n' Chips Jan 27 1986 - Margaret, one of Nicole's friends, begins working at the aquarium after school. Grant has problems when he discover boxes of fish from the aquarium are being transported.

Hot Cargo Feb 24 1986 - A day of diving turns sour quickly for Jonah as he faces the possibilty of being blind because the water was polluted.

Sunken Treasure Mar 24 1986 - George Dunbar is excited when he learns that a team of divers has found a trunk filled with treasure. He shows off the valuable trunk and organising and advertising an event for opening it.

Run Salmon Run Nov 25 1985 - The Roberts family have mixed feelings when it is proven that friends of theirs are poaching salmon, only for it to be later proven as untrue.

Vet's Holiday Feb 10 1986 - Grant exchanges with a veterinary friend in the countryside thinking that it will be a great holiday. However he soon finds out that the countryside isn't as peaceful as he thought...

The Sea Pup Oct 07 1985 - An episode of the past as Danger, the family's pet otter, disappears and the Roberts have time to remember how she first came into their lives and family.

The Contender Dec 09 1985 - Tennis championships cause Jonah to be competitive and lose sight of the reason why he enjoys playing tennis.

The Only One Apr 09 1986 - The birth of a baby beluga whale brings both joy and sadness and a world first. But it dies a few weeks after being born causing a multitude of depression and sadness.

The Mask May 07 1986 - Jonah wants to take part in a traditional cermony marking entry into adulthood with his Indian friend. In the museum is an old mark which the young boy wants in order to impress his

Bengal Tiger Aug 06 1986 - A boat has to be placed in quarantine after a bengal tiger is found to be carrying the plague. Grants agrees to help the crew and the tiger to recover.

Grand Theft Whale Sep 10 1986 - A mystery is made when Grant turns detective to find a missing statue.

Bathtub Race Jul 09 1986 - The annual bathtub race arrive in the strait of Vancouver and Nicole and Jonah want to enter. The adults see the possibility of getting extra sponsers for the aquarium. With three new sponsers ...more

Mayday! Mayday! Jun 25 1986 - While J.L. is flying his plane he encounters a storm which leeda to him crashing. On board the plane was Grant and George who are injured. Back in Danger Bay, Grant's children and Grace must ...more

White Water Jun 04 1986 - Jonah helps his friend Billy, a young deaf boy, overcome his fear of water.

The Best of Intentions May 28 1986 - Grant has to take action after a sick and contagious seal is removed from the aquarium by a group of ecologists.

A New Beginning (2) May 21 1986 - George and Grace worry about the Roberts and go to help them meanwhile Joyce has to contend with other problems.

King of Stanley Park Aug 20 1986 - A friend of George, who has isolated himself from people with his fitchet, becomes center spotlight when he saves the like of a small boy which makes people look at him differently.

Venom Jul 16 1986 - Someone has been importing exotic snakes after Nicole goes to the river with J.L. and finds a coral snake. They need to find out who is bringing them in and stop them.

A Place for Ponga Jun 11 1986 - Dealing with animals is always tricky, but an orangutang who can't control her temper is something different. After trying various ways to help her keep calm, George finally find out they all ...more

Trouble on the Range Jul 23 1986 - The lake is polluted and Nicole loses her sight because of it. Grant goes to a ranch thinking that they might be the source of the pollution. By the end, Nicole's sight returns.

Deep Peril Aug 27 1986 - Jonah and Nicole become suspicious of their father after he starts being secretive. Unknown to them, Grant has been sent on a secret assignment from the state to prevent a massive pollution.

Aquarius Jul 30 1986 - Grant is busing preparing for the Chinese president who is going to visit the aquarium. The children though feel left out as they are not getting the attention that they need and turn to J.L.

The Leopard's Spots Jul 02 1986 - J.L. is stopped by the possible and in the compartment of the helicopter wildlife skins are found. It is up to Grant to prove J.L. innocent and bring down a smuggling ring.

A New Beginning (1) May 14 1986 - Joyce is reading to leave Danger Day behind herm but when the Roberts are taken hostage she has time to think it over.

Poison Bay Aug 13 1986 - Once again there is polluted water and Nicole and Grant must find out who is responsible. They find that the reason behind the pollution came down to money.

Fish Forgery Sep 03 1986 - J.L. is roped into helping prepare an anniversary for Grant.

Survival Jun 18 1986 - A training survival course proves to be more than Nicole wants when things go wrong.

All the King's Horses Feb 11 1987 - Nicole goes away for the weekend to visit her friend Heather, J. L. accidently finds out that Heather's father is David Cormier, an old flame of hers from the past. Grant, finding out all this, ...more

A Man of Few Words Mar 04 1987 - A young man who has just been employeed at the Aquarium can't read or write. When Nicole finds this out she seeks to help him learn before it to loses him his job.

The Turning Tide Sep 17 1986 -

Aquarium Rock Mar 18 1987 -

The Otters Return Feb 18 1987 - Grant gets concerned when the otter's appear to have disappeared from the bay. He sets out in the boat with Jonah and Doug to try and find out what has happened to them.

Big Horns Jan 21 1987 - Grant learns to let Jonah work through his own problems now that he is getting older.

Time Out Feb 04 1987 - Grant receives some upsetting news when he learns that a friend who lived in Africa has disappeared. It troubles him to the point where he considers going to Kenya. His children don't want to go ...more

The Ultimate Gift Nov 05 1986 - Grant must juggle his responsibilities at the Aquarium caring for a soon-to-be orphan otter pup with his fledgling relationship with J.L. The frosty disposition of his new assistant adds to the

Superfish Apr 01 1987 - While Jonah and Grant are out fishing they start getting bites from big fish. Earlier in the day they had been joking with George over the very same thing. But when more and more oversized fish ...more

Million Dollar Whale Song Dec 03 1986 - Jonah can't wait to get to know Jean-Paul, a friend of Grant's who has come to visit and has a sports car! While Grant works on a machine which might be able to re-create the songs of whales, ...more

Old Friends Jan 14 1987 - A man working at a circus helps an old female seal to the Aquarium hoping that she can live in peace, in return he takes a younger seal. Grant and Nicole are able to find the seal and kidnapper ...more

Thursday's Child Nov 12 1986 - After Grant and J.L. find a young South American girl hiding in the Aquarium's Amazon exhibit, J.L. decides to become the girl's guardian and must quickly adapt to motherhood.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight Nov 26 1986 - A wayward wildcat terrorizes Vancouver and the Roberts & Co. do their best to return the creature to the wild before amateur hunters can get to him. Meanwhile Donna must decide whether or ...more

The Vigilantes Nov 19 1986 - Jonah & his friends decide to take action into their own hands when their favourite forest is threatened by the logging industry. Grant is forced to confront the fact his son is growing up ...more

The Fish Who Walks Oct 08 1986 -