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Below is a complete Dangerous Women episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Dangerous Women episodes are listed along with the Dangerous Women episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Dangerous Women episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “Episode Sixteen” and “Episode Nineteen.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Dangerous Women episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Episode twenty-eight Nov 06 1991 - Holly fantasizes about her engagement party; Joe and Cissie discuss Fisher's behavior patterns; Fisher's health deteriorates but Holly refuses to help him; Minnie begins to annoy Rita; Maria ...more

Episode thirty-six Dec 04 1991 - The townspeople form a search party for the kids; Joe pressures Cissie to tell him about Patricia's past.

Episode Six Aug 21 1991 - Cissie is thrilled when Patricia reveals her true identity, but is upset about her discretion; Captain Goddard tries to convince Joe to sell him the inn; Rita and Debbie discuss their future; ...more

Episode forty-eight Jan 17 1992 - Conner questions Rita and Patricia about their involvement with the mob.

Episode forty-six Jan 10 1992 - Patricia tries to persuade Rita to get rid of Hal; Brad and Debbie return to the inn and give the money to Cissie.

Episode twenty-seven Nov 06 1991 - Jerry threatens Fisher to stay away from Holly; the plan to force Ray to confess backfires; Brad refuses to service Fisher at the bait shop; Ray gets arrested for assaulting Cissie with ...more

Episode fifty-one Jan 31 1992 - Conner offers Patricia a chance to be cleared of criminal charges; Joe considers moving to Chicago.

Episode thirty-four Nov 27 1991 - Roxy visits Rita at the prison and reveals her plan to corrupt Debbie; Patricia's past threatens her future with Joe.

Episode thirty-nine Dec 18 1991 - Fisher throws Rita into solitary; Roxy persuades Joe to let her stay at the inn while Patricia is away.

Episode thirty-one Nov 20 1991 - Fisher sees through Roxy's charade; Crystal and Randy fantasize about what they might do with their new found wealth; the charges against Cissie for harboring a fugive get dropped; Patricia ...more

Episode One (Series Debut) Aug 07 1991 - Debut: A Serial Drama about six female ex-convicts who try to begin new lives at a lakefront inn. First Up: Holly starts her new job as a live-in nursemaid for the Walkers and is raped by Mr. ...more

Episode Twelve Sep 11 1991 - Patricia becomes paranoid that Tony knows her true identity; Crystal makes a deal with her boss so that she can get paid in advance.

Episode Sixteen Sep 25 1991 - Joe and Jerry move Tony's body to the baitshop; the girls thank Cissie for getting rid of the body, unaware that it has already been found; Chief Carson and Jerry investigate Tony's murder; Kath ...more

Episode Seventeen Oct 02 1991 - Ricky questions Crystal about his mother; the girls put pressure on Crystal about her not keeping up with work; While in solitary confinement, Holly fantasizes about Jerry; Jerry begins ...more

Episode forty-five Jan 10 1992 - Patricia and Rita find shelter while on the run; Joe brings Karen to the inn to help her recover.

Episode thirty-three Nov 27 1991 - While on their morning jog, Debbie explains to Roxy about the ""Tiger scavenger hunt"" and school dance that is coming up; Roxy's influence over Debbie concerns Rita; Joe's ...more

Episode Forty Dec 18 1991 - The plans to break Rita out of prison are put into motion; Holly and Jerry get married; Ben finds out that Patricia has the money and threatens to kill her.

Episode Eleven Sep 11 1991 - Patricia suspects both Tony Osorio and Rita of stealing her money; Maria throws out Kath's heart medication assuming the pills are illegal drugs; Crystal and Randy face tough times.

Episode twenty-nine Nov 13 1991 - Fisher decides to stay the inn a little while longer to recuperate; Brad discusses the inn brochure with Joe and Patricia; The disappearance of two more people from Cedar Lake prompts a manhunt; ...more

Episode Two Aug 07 1991 - Jerry and Chief Carson investigate Faith's murder; The inmates hear of Faith's murder, prompting Cissie to come forward with incriminating evidence; Patricia offers to buy the Cedar Lake Inn; ...more

Episode forty-three Jan 01 1992 - Debbie unwittingly takes off with the money, leaving Rita and Patricia to fend for themselves.

Episode fifty-two (Series Finale) Jan 31 1992 - Holly attacks Fisher with a knife; Warden Grayson attacks Michael at the hospital; Patricia donates the remainder of her money to a non-profit organization; Conner informs Patricia that he knows ...more

Episode forty-nine Jan 24 1992 - Debbie visits Rita at the prison; Tommy Lee continues to follow Crystal.

Episode forty-one Dec 25 1991 - Faith holds Ben at gunpoint while she explains her sudden disappearance; Holly's past haunts her.

Episode Four Aug 14 1991 - Cissie and Patricia get acquainted; Rita continues to panic over Debbie; Patricia offers Cissie a job as the inn's cook; Rita learns that Debbie has been hospitalized for taking a drug overdose; ...more

Episode thirty-eight Dec 11 1991 - Joe confronts Patricia about her secretiveness; Debbie has a new appearance.

Episode twenty-six Oct 30 1991 - Karen finds very little information from her news crew about Patricia; Randy comes back to the inn to discuss things with Crystal, only to find out she just wants to be friends; Patricia is ...more

Episode thirty-two Nov 20 1991 - While Roxy and Fisher are in the cellar, everyone has a nice, quiet evening upstairs while discussing Holly's wedding reception; Roxy and Fisher discuss each other's motives while back at the ...more

Episode Twenty Oct 09 1991 - Ben insinuated that he caused Ron's accident and continues to threaten Cissie's family when he doesn't get answers; Crystal and Rita become worried when Ricky and Debbie don't come back from ...more

Episode thirty-five Dec 04 1991 - The teenagers discuss intimate details of their lives while trapped inside the cave.

Episode twenty-five Oct 30 1991 - Maria informs the girls that she's going to Women's State for her first day at work as a guard; Kath tries to set Rita up by puting a knife inside her matress; Maria finds the knife and covers ...more

Episode Eight Aug 29 1991 - Maria is pulled to safety by Fisher; Dr. Armstrong gives Maria a good diagnosis; Maria makes Holly promise not to go near the roof again; Nell and Warden Grayson discuss Holly's suicide attempt ...more

Episode Three Aug 14 1991 - Cissie finds a halfway house to stay at; The girls have fun gossiping while playing cards; Cissie goes to Ray's house to see Debbie; Cissie informs Rita that Ray will bring Debbie by for a ...more

Episode Ten Sep 04 1991 - Holly shows up at the inn after escaping from prison; Debbie learns the truth about her father's shooting; Patricia makes a startling discovery.

Episode twenty-three Oct 23 1991 - Joe and Patricia inform everyone at the inn that Cissie is alright and will be home the next day; Patricia tries to get Cissie to avoid work and get some rest; Cissie questions Patricia about a ...more

Episode forty-seven Jan 17 1992 - Joe plans a murder-mystery-weekend to encourage business at the inn.

Episode Fifty Jan 24 1992 - Chief Carson questions everyone at the inn; Maria feels responsible for the attempt on Michael's life.

Episode twenty-two Oct 16 1991 - Karen tries to reconcile with Joe; Joe and Patricia have a discussion about secrets; Cissie gives Holly the day off to spend time with Jerry; Joe reveals to Karen that he's in love with Patricia ...more

Episode Seven Aug 29 1991 - Maria informs Warden Grayson of Holly's pregnancy; Holly begs Dr. Armstrong to give her an abortion; Warden Grayson questions Fisher about Holly's rape and pregnancy; Maria informs the girls of ...more

Episode Thirty Nov 13 1991 - everyone at the inn has the pleasure of meeting Roxy Lawrence; Fisher offers to let Roxy stay at his cottage; Ricky and Debbie help Brad with the inn brochure; Rita worries that her twin sister ...more

Episode Eighteen Oct 02 1991 - Ricky gets angry with Crystal and threatens to leave; the rest of the girls find out about Crystal being Ricky's mother; Randy finds out the news from Ricky; the girls give Crystal advice; ...more

Episode Nineteen Oct 09 1991 - Patricia discusses her concern for Joe with Cissie; John Randell discusses prison reform with Maria; Brad shows Debbie a picture of her he had published in a magazine; Cissie is informed that ...more

Episode forty-two Dec 25 1991 - Joe is disheartened when Patricia leaves him to go after Rita.

Episode twenty-four Oct 23 1991 - Maria and Debbie talk about Ricky's attitude toward Crystal; Brad and Ricky have a heart to heart at the bait shop; Kath and Rita get into a fight; Maria tries to explain Crystal's point of view ...more

Episode thirty-seven Dec 11 1991 - Joe and Jerry find the kids and return them to the inn.

Episode Fifteen Sep 25 1991 - Jerry promises to prove Holly's innocence; Crystal covers up Tony's absence when Goddard gets persistant; the girls get anxious as things keep getting in the way of their plans; Jerry brings ...more

Episode Nine Sep 04 1991 - Jerry organizes a search party to find Andrew; Crystal persuades Kim to testify on Maria's behalf; Maria tells Fisher of Sharon and Kath's plan to smuggle drugs into the prison.

Episode forty-four Jan 01 1992 - Rita and Patricia resort to robbery while on the run; Brad goes to Las Vegas to help Debbie.

Episode Thirteen Sep 18 1991 - Patricia, Rita, and Cissie continue their charade to scare Tony away from the inn; Dr. Gardener brings Crystal to the inn; Randy finds out where Crystal is; The women enjoy discussing their ...more

Episode twenty-one Oct 16 1991 - Ben receives information about his missing money; Al tells Ben the money is missing; Rita is taken back to prison to await trial for shooting her husband; Debbie and Brad make up after their ...more