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TV Full List of Dani's House Episodes

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Below is a complete Dani's House episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Dani's House episodes are listed along with the Dani's House episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Dani's House episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features items like “Toby No-Mates” and “Celebrity.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Dani's House episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Pirates Sep 26 2008 - In the first episode Dani is in a big dilemma. She has broken her mum's favourite vase and, as she's already "borrowed" money from Max, is in desperate need of cash to sort out the

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Best Friends Oct 03 2008 - Dani is left to look after the baby while her friends get go to the party of the century without her. Toby and Sam are surprised at how well they get on together without Dani, and the young ...more

Luck Oct 10 2008 - Dani's lost her lucky socks - and she needs them for this afternoon's audition. Will she find them in time. Meanwhile, Max starts winning loads of competitions - with the help of Ben

Killer Party Oct 17 2008 - Dani's vivid imagination gets the better of her. She's convinced that Toby and Sam's surprise birthday party plans for her actually involve having her assassinated! Lil' Chris stars as one of ...more

Sleepover Oct 24 2008 - Sam sleeps over at Dani's so she can revise for an important exam in peace, but all Dani wants to do is practise for her Grease auditions. With Ben on sleepover to redress the boy/girl balance, ...more

Ghost Mutterer Oct 31 2008 - Dani is being a "Halloween humbug" and refuses to take little brother Max and his friend, Ben, trick-or-treating. The two boys plot their revenge, roping in Toby and Sam to help trick ...more

Amnesia Nov 07 2008 - Toby and Dani are set to enter the Utterly Go Dancing heats, but when Dani takes a fall, not only can she not remember the steps, she also can't even remember her own name – let alone her ...more

Snakes Nov 14 2008 - Toby's new pet-sitting service is under threat when his snake escapes. With Dani's fear of snakes and Max desperate to fund a record deal for Ben, there's enough screaming in the house to wake ...more

Toby No-Mates Nov 21 2008 - Dani and Max are accused of wasting so much electricity because they leave things on all the time when they're not using them. Sam tries to help reduce their carbon footprint by turning off the ...more

It's Not Easy Being Green Nov 28 2008 - Dani and Sam set out to find Toby some male company. Toby is tired of being with the girls all the time but realises he has no male friends to bond with, so the girls set out to help him by ...more

Celebrity Dec 05 2008 - Dani has been nominated for her first award and is busy choosing what to wear for her big night. She is also expecting a visit from her old acting class chum, Mo White. Dani appears to be the ...more

Snowed In Dec 12 2008 - Dani and Max are filled with panic and despair after being snowed in. It gradually dawns on the brother and sister that they will be forced to spend time in each other's company. Trapped, the ...more

House for Sale Dec 19 2008 - Dani discovers that her house is up for sale. The aspiring young actress needs to scupper the plans laid by Max and his greedy mentor, estate agent Edgar Molloy, if she wants to keep the big ...more

Wedding Dress Nov 30 2009 - Dani is rehearsing for a romantic role but cannot quite get into the part. When a hassled Sam has to leave her very demanding sister's wedding dress in Dani's care, Dani sees the perfect ...more

Marathon Man (Sport Relief Special) Mar 19 2010 - A very useless Jack, wants to run a marathon for Sport Relief. In addition of this, Dani and Sam try him to help him with his training and would like to sponsor him lots of their donation money. ...more

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Alien Invasion Dec 14 2009 - Dani is understudying the part of a witch in Macbeth: The Musical, which means Jack and Sam get the job of ensuring little brother Max does not cause chaos. Dani's most loyal viewers, the ...more

Jack in the House Nov 30 2009 - Dani has moved house and she wants to celebrate in style with a big party for all her mates, but finds everything thrown into chaos when the oddly familiar DJ Jack causes mayhem. Meanwhile, ...more

Break a Leg Dec 02 2009 - Sam has written a play. Dani thinks it is dreadful but doesn't want to hurt her best friend's feelings. Soon she finds herself agreeing to be the play's star. Desperate for some way to get out ...more

Abracadisco Dec 01 2009 - Jack needs a new gimmick for his gigs. Despite Dani and Sam's doubts he decides to become a DJ-gician, a combination DJ and magician. All he needs now is an audience to test himself on. At the ...more

Use Your Noodle Dec 04 2009 - Dani has become the face of Noodle Puffs. Jack is delighted but Sam is appalled: Noodle Puffs are bad for your health and made from endangered dugong milk. Sam decides she must put an end to ...more

The Axolotl Factor Dec 03 2009 - Dani could finally be getting her big break. Top talent spotter Guy Flannel has heard her voice and thinks she might have the Z factor. But can Dani play along when Guy decides he wants her best ...more

Scrooge Tube Dec 21 2009 - It is Christmas Eve and Dani and the gang get to welcome old pal Toby back from university. Meanwhile, Dani's brother Max is getting into the yuletide spirit - and demanding loads of presents. ...more

Secret Millionaire Dec 04 2009 - Thanks to a mix-up, Dani and Sam come to believe that Jack is a secret millionaire - it would explain his eccentric behaviour and shabby dress sense, after all. When someone claiming to collect ...more

Double Trouble Dec 02 2009 - Sam and Jack are tired of Dani always ditching them for auditions and try-outs, so she promises them faithfully that she won't let them down again. When the perfect audition clashes with a date ...more

Hit the Jackpot Dec 01 2009 - Dani needs to raise her profile but Sam and Jack's attempts to help her create a perfect pop promo may not have the required effect. Meanwhile, Max is in need of cash and decides he has the ...more

Lady and the Vamp Dec 03 2009 - Dani has never found dancing lessons easy, but things are made an awful lot worse when her pal Jack gets it into his head that her new dance teacher is a vampire. With brother Max working out a ...more

Weird Wednesday Sep 10 2010 - Sam, Jack and Ben are all sick of Dani and Max's endless fighting. They agree that Dani and Max would get on better if they understood each others' lives better, and force them to swap places ...more

Chat Show Sep 17 2010 - Dani is asked to go on a popular afternoon chat show, but worries that her life isn't interesting enough to talk about. Jack plans to create a 'behind the scenes' video of Dani to help the ...more

Grandad and the Emo of Doom Sep 24 2010 - Dani is over the moon about her upcoming meeting with famous emo heartthrob Brandon Noir. She's hoping that he'll be interested in her for more than her singing, but Max, Jack and Sam are ...more

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The Cook Off Sep 24 2010 - Dani is over the moon about her upcoming meeting with famous emo heartthrob Brandon Noir. She's hoping that he'll be interested in her for more than her singing, but Max, Jack and Sam are ...more

Only Child Oct 08 2010 - In a rash moment which she thinks is just a joke, Dani says she wishes Max would disappear. Amazingly, he does - and Dani is full of remorse as she tries to get him to come home. Little does she ...more

Book Squirm Oct 15 2010 - When the local library closes down, Dani reluctantly agrees to to set up the library in her house. With Sam and Jack's help, she turns it into a hip and happening reading place, but just as the ...more

Maxworld Oct 22 2010 - Max contrives to lock Dani, Sam and Jack in Dani's bedroom so they can sort out their differences, but it's all just a plot so he can take over the house and turn it into his very own theme ...more

Driving Miss Dani Oct 29 2010 - Dani wants to learn how to drive, but can't afford proper lessons. When Max and Ben get hold of a new super driving game, Dani becomes completely obsessed and can't be stopped from playing it ...more

Jack's Rival Nov 05 2010 - An old DJ competitor of Jack's shows up to fix the plumbing at Dani's house, and Dani's lyric book of songs mysteriously goes missing. When Sam and Dani totally fall for his charm, Max and Ben ...more

Who Do You Think You Aren't? Nov 12 2010 - Dani discovers a famous branch of her family tree who has definitely lost touch with his roots! The now-famous celebrity comes to visit, but is truly on another wavelength, so the gang contrive ...more

Valentine Nov 19 2010 - Dani is upset that she has no date for Valentine's Day, but Max is making loads of money delivering flowers and candy to love-struck clients via Ben dressed up as a cherub. While Sam is doing ...more

Buddy Movie Nov 26 2010 - Against all odds, Dani gets a part in a big action movie and can take one friend with her to the exotic location. Sam and Jack vie to see who can be Dani's most indispensible friend - but manage ...more


Sister Act Dec 02 2011

The Natural Sep 30 2011 - Jack lands a role in McHurties Hospital, but is embarrassed to find he is due to have an on-screen kiss with Dani. Meanwhile, Max and Ben consider a glam-rock sound for their band.

They Came from Outer Space... Again Nov 18 2011

The Big Grapple Oct 21 2011

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A Fine Bromance Nov 25 2011

One Small Step for Sam Oct 29 2011

Achy Breaky Art Sep 16 2011

Pen Pal Nov 11 2011 - Jack has a new pen pal from Japan. Worried Jack isn't sufficiently cool, Dani sends him secret emails, making Jack sound amazing.

Bollywood Dec 09 2011

We Should Be Heroes Oct 07 2011

Sayonara Sam Nov 04 2011