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Below is a complete Daniel Boone episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Daniel Boone episodes are listed along with the Daniel Boone episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Daniel Boone episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “The King's Shilling” to “The Ordeal of Israel Boone” is included below. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Daniel Boone episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Cain's Birthday (2) Apr 08 1965 - Lacking water and powder, the women and children of Boonesborough seem easy prey for attacking Choctaws.

Doll of Sorrow Apr 22 1965 - Israel accidentally startles a passing peddler's horse and his goods are ruined. Daniel agrees to compensate Seth Jannings for his loss, but matters are complicated when Jannings steals a sacred ...more

The Choosing Oct 29 1964 - British soldiers and Indians surround Jemima as she tries to help Boone, wounded in the wilderness.

The Prophet Jan 21 1965 - A Shawnee prophet (John Russell) predicts massacre for the settlers of Boonesborough; guest Patricia Huston.

The Sound of Fear Feb 11 1965 - A condemned bounty hunter (Dan Duryea) who escaped from a military convoy takes the Boones hostage.

The Returning Jan 14 1965 - Boone cannot believe a boyhood friend (Pat Hingle) murdered two Cherokee youths.

Ken-Tuck-E Sep 24 1964 - George Washington sends Daniel and Yadkin into ""Ken-Tuck-E,"" the ""dark and bloody"" hunting ground of four Indian nations, to find a site for a fort. ...more

The Ben Franklin Encounter Mar 18 1965 - After returning from a trip to Virginia, Daniel and Mingo tell via flashback how they met the legendary Benjamin Franklin and almost got themselves shanghaied to England in the process.

The Reunion Mar 11 1965 - Timothy Patrick Bryan shows up in Boonesborough looking for his long lost daughter, Rebecca Boone. Rebecca wants nothing to do with the man because he abandoned her family when she was a child.

Pompey Dec 10 1964 - A bondsman (Peter Whitney) insists on returning a runaway slave (Brock Peters) unshackled by Boone.

The Devil's Four Mar 04 1965 - Boone commands four criminals recruited by Yadkin to haul frieght to Boonesborough; guests Sean McClory, Gordon Jump.

Daughter of the Devil Apr 15 1965 - Superstition runs rampant in Boonesborough when two mysterious travelers arrive and are followed by the appearance of a deadly panther.

The Quietists Feb 25 1965 - A Quaker family refuses to fight until Indians kidnap a daughter; guests Alexander Scourby, Jay Silverheels.

The Courtship of Jericho Jones Apr 29 1965 - Jericho Jones gets the hots for a Creek princess and elopes with her. Needless to say, this event causes considerable disruption of settler-Native American relations.

My Brother's Keeper Oct 08 1964 - Yadkin is seriously wounded in a Native American ambush and insists that the Native American who wounded him was none other than Mingo.

Not in Our Stars Dec 31 1964 - Mingo plans to do more than protest a new treaty when he and Boone visit Virginia's governor general (Walter Pidgeon)

The First Stone Jan 28 1965 - Boone befriends a mother (Geraldine Brooks) and son (Kurt Russell), but learns the woman is accused of witchcraft.

Lac Duquesne Nov 05 1964 - Boone chases a river pirate (Emile Genest) who plans to sell a load of stolen arms to Shawnees.

The Family Fluellen Oct 22 1964 - Boone invites a widow (Bethel Leslie) and her hungry brood to town, but one of the children steals a telescope.

Mountain of the Dead Dec 17 1964 - A dream about a man whom Daniel thought was dead is followed by the appearance of three men at his door demanding that he take them to the site of a bloody Native American massacre.

Cain's Birthday (1) Apr 01 1965 - Boone seems guilty of betrayal when he allows Choctaws to capture the town's men

The Hostages Jan 07 1965 - A band of Senecas kidnap Rebecca and ransack the Boone cabin. The unusual thing about this little group is that they are led by a white Tory officer.

The Sisters O'Hannrahan Dec 03 1964 - Yadkin's trickery leaves Boone the unexpected, and unwilling, owner of indentured Irish sisters (Fay Spain, Nina Shipman).

The Sound of Wings Nov 12 1964 - A British officer (Michael Rennie) captures Boone then impersonates him to win Indian allies; guest Frank DeKova

A Short Walk to Salem Nov 19 1964 - Israel becomes lost in the woods after fur thieves ambush him, Boone and Yadkin.

Tekawitha McLeod Oct 01 1964 - An assclown named Flathead Joseph kidnaps the adopted daughter of a Cherokee chief and offers her to the Boonesborough settlers in exchange for a jug of rum. When it's revealed that the girl is ...more

The Price of Friendship Feb 18 1965 - Boone assists a boy (Kurt Russell) and winds up at the mercy of a larcenous clan; guests Lloyd Nolan, Lane Bradford.

A Place of 1000 Spirits Feb 04 1965 - While hunting, the Boones meet a delirious British officer (Macdonald Carey) pursued by vengeful Shawnees.

Four-Leaf Clover Mar 25 1965 - An idealistic schoolteacher (George Gobel) incites Boonesborough's wrath by giving gunpowder to the Shawnees.

The High Cumberland (1) Apr 14 1966 - On his way through Kentucky, Boone meets his future wife, makes an Indian friend and uncovers deception.

A Rope for Mingo Dec 02 1965 - Vigilantes stalk Mingo after his knife falls into the hands of a Cherokee who murders a trader s family.

The High Cumberland (2) Apr 21 1966 - In the conclusion of this two-part episode detailing the early years of Daniel Boone's life he must lead a party of settlers through a canyon and take a stand against pursuers who want their ...more

Empire of the Lost Sep 16 1965 - Daniel receives a major surprise upon his return from a journey when British Colonel Worthing orders Boonesborough to be evacuated. He says it's because he's battling a Native American rebellion ...more

The Thanksgiving Story Nov 25 1965 - Boone s eccentric father-in-law (John McIntire) concocts a Thanksgiving Day plan to prevent a Choctaw attack.

Seminole Territory Jan 13 1966 - After Seminoles hail him a god, a magician lets his power go to his head; guests Diane Ladd, Leonard Nimoy.

The Accused Mar 24 1966 - Mingo arranges a prison break to free Boone after a couple frames him for murder; guest Joanna Moore.

The Tortoise and the Hare Sep 23 1965 - Boonesborough loses hope of winning an annual race when Boone sprains his ankle, until Jericho steps in.

My Name Is Rawls Oct 07 1965 - Boone pursues a runaway slave (Rafer Johnson) stealing pelts to earn passage to Africa; guest Michael Conrad.

The Aaron Burr Story Oct 28 1965 - Disgraced Vice President Aaron Burr arrives in Boonesborough looking for a guide to the mouth of the Cumberland River. Daniel smells a rat and declines but young Jericho Jones agrees to ...more

The Peace Tree Nov 11 1965 - A Scottish emigrant, a Cherokee chief s son and Israel try to prevent a war between settlers and Indians.

Cry of Gold Nov 04 1965 - Two scumbag land developers hire English boxing champion Thomas Cromwell to dispose of Daniel in a prizefight so they can buy up Boonesborough property.

Jan 27 1966 - A former Continental Army officer (George Sanders) uses a smallpox threat to raise troops against Indians.

The Perilous Journey Dec 16 1965 - Daniel and Rebecca finally get to take a long delayed honeymoon but it gets interrupted by an officer of the Continental Army with a confidential message for Daniel to deliver to New Orleans.

The Prisoners Feb 10 1966 - Three escaped Army prisoners, seeking revenge on a former commander, pressure Boone by seizing his children.

The Mound Builders Sep 30 1965 - A chief (Henry Silva) of a long-dead Aztec tribe enters the Shawnees Valley of Death; guest Simon Oakland.

The Gun-Barrel Highway Feb 24 1966 - Daniel tries to avert bloodshed between the Shawnee and road builders who have started building through tribal hunting grounds in direct violation of a treaty.

The Old Man and the Cave Oct 14 1965 - Israel violates a burial ritual when he rescues an aged Indian (Cyril Delevanti) from death in a cave; guest Val Avery.

Dec 30 1965 - The sister of a British officer lies that she narrowly escaped an Indian massacre; Boone must avert war.

The Gun Feb 03 1966 - Boone heads to Pennsylvania to have a new gun made, but meets two scoundrels seeking a guide to the Mississippi.

The Search Mar 03 1966 - An ambush on the way to New Orleans leaves Boone in possession of a famous pirate s journal.