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TV episodes Full List of Davey And Goliath Episodes

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Below is a complete Davey and Goliath episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Davey and Goliath episodes are listed along with the Davey and Goliath episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Davey and Goliath episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll features “The Lemonade Stand,” “Down on the Farm” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Davey and Goliath episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

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The Bell Ringer Davey buddies up with the Bell Ringer at church. Davey notices how God uses Mr. Oph to ring the bell to get people ready for church. Davey doesn't know how God would use him. Mr. Oph invites ...more

Not For Sale At a cottage in the winter, Davey goes skiing with his Dad's skis. After falling down on an attempt to ski, one of the skis falls off and falls down a cliff. Davey gets mad at Goliath for not ...more

A Dillar, A Dollar Davey's friend Teddy's mother is very sick, and taking care of her causes the boys to be late for school. When being sent to the Principal's office, Teddy fears to tell the Principal why they ...more

The Dog Show Davey is running an annual dog show and a man from a TV station stops by and shows interest in airing the event. As Davey is training Goliath how to roller skate, Goliath is looking forward to ...more

The Bridge The family goes on a hike. Davey, Goliath and Sally go their own seperate ways. Davey and Sally come across a rope bridge. For fun, Davey and Sally jump up and down on it, causing it to collapse ...more

Ten Little Indians Davey feels that his parents will not be as proud of their boy if he does not make the track team. Davey learns that his parents love him no matter what his failures and accomplishments are.

On the Line Davey and Jimmy make telephones out of cans and string. A circus cougar escapes, while Davey and Jimmy are camping out in the back yard. As the cougar approaches the tent, Davey and his parents ...more

Happy Landing Davey's dad is on his way home in an airplane. Davey gets to join the air traffic controller to wait for his dad's arrival. Davey is impressed that the air traffic controller knows so much about ...more

Man of the House Davey learns responsibility as his parents leave him in charge to babysit Sally while they are away.

Officer Bob A bunch of kids in the neighborhood attend Officer Bob's bicycle safety school. While attending class, Davey promises to obey all the rules. On the way home, Sally runs into Davey. Sally is late ...more

All Alone The family goes on an inclined railway car to a family area. As Davey and Sally are wandering around, they come across a bunch of refrigerator cargo trains. Davey goes up to one and smells ...more

The Parade Davey and his pal Jimmy decide to create a float for the town's parade. The winner gets a pony. As Davey is searching for some wood, he comes across a house that is under construction. Noticing ...more

Stranded on an Island The Hansen family goes on an island for a picnic and some exploration. While on the island and after having so much fun, the tide goes out, which means that they have to stay longer. As it is ...more

The Time Machine Davey, Sally, and Goliath come across an old abandoned house. They go inside to explore to see what's inside. After entering, the door slams shut on them and the kids are locked inside. Davey ...more

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New Year Promise Sally keeps doing dumb things that makes Davey want to yell at her, so as a New Years resolution, Davey decides not to yell at her at all. He can barely take it and decides not to talk to Sally ...more

Davey and Goliath's Snowboard Christmas Dec 19 2004

Jeep in the Deep Davey, his dad, and Goliath drive on to a boat to get to another side. The waves get rough which makes the boat rock back and forth. Eventually, the car starts to move back and forth as well. ...more

The Waterfall On a family camping trip, Goliath wonders off and gets lost. He falls in a trap and gets in some mud. When he decides to wash off in the lake, he approaches a waterfall and holds on to a rock. ...more

Boy Lost It's Davey's birthday and just before his big birthday party, Davey's dad takes him and Goliath to the carnival. While at the carnival, Davey and Goliath accidentally lag behind and end up ...more

Big Apple Sharing is the theme in this episode when Davey comes across an apple orchard. As he approaches an apple tree, Davey thinks that he can have the apples that are hanging outside of the fence. ...more

Summer Camp to the Rescue

Rags and Buttons Davey is teasing Sally to the point where she says that she doesn't love Davey anymore and how she can't understand why God loves him. Davey knows that God doesn't approve of bad behavior, but ...more

Lost in a Cave John, Davey's dad is taken home by a co-worker and John says ""God Willing"" after his co-worker asks if he will see John at work tomorrow. Davey asks what ""God ...more

The New Skates Davey gets a package and it's a pair of new ice skates. Davey's mom tells Davey not to ice skate yet because the temperature is not cold enough to make the pond solid enough to carry Davey's ...more

Bully Up a Tree Davey is spending his vacation at his Grandparents'house in the country. While shopping in the city, Goliath is suppose to guard the shopping bags. A neighborhood bully's dog steals one of the ...more

Christmas Lost and Found

Down on the Farm Davey and Sally are on their grandparents' farm for the summer. Davey wants to enter his prize vegetables in the County Fair, but they require a lot of tending and he'd rather go fishing or ...more

The Kite Goliath smashes Davey's new kite by accident. Davey builds another one, and a new kid smashes it for spite. Forgiveness is shared all around.

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The Runaway After a trip to the circus, Davey is wearied of mowing the lawn. ""Work, work, work,"" he complains. He refuses to eat dinner and is sent to bed early. He and Goliath both ...more

The Gang Davey doesn't agree with his fellow club members, The Jickets, so they kick him out of the club.

Hocus Pocus Davey wants to enter a fair for prized vegetables at his Grandparent's farm. Davey thinks that all it is is planing the seeds and then ""hocus pocus"", you're done. He then ...more

The Silver Mine Davey and Sally are out looking for interesting minerals when he ignores the caution sign and falls down an old abandoned mine shaft. Dad climbs down a rope to rescue him, but Davey wants to ...more

The Polka Dot Tie Davey and his buddies make jokes and reject a kid named Nat because the tie he wears is quite strange to them. They see the error in their ways as they find out that God does not reject anybody ...more

Editor- In- Chief Ed Brown, Davey's boss for his paper route gives Davey a portable printing press. Davey wants to show his appreciation and thanks by doing something for him. Davey goes out to get a story for Ed ...more

Good Neighbor It is Good Neighbor week. A celebration parade marches through the city, and Good Neighbor balloons are being handed out to the kids who are good neighbors. Teddy gives his ice cream cone to ...more

Happy Easter This special starts where Davey, his Grandmother, and Goliath are all getting ready for Easter. Davey's Gradma tells Davey how she will see his baseball game on Saturday and how they will get ...more

Cousin Barney Davey's cousin Barney visits the family's vacation condo and is making all kinds of accidents. He accidentally breaks John's rosebush, gets paint all over himself after playing Cowboys and ...more

The Wild Goat A terrible thinderstorm erupts and the hiking trip Davey is suppose to go on is called off. As the Hansen family stays at home, the kids decide to paint. Davey decides to paint a picture of God, ...more

The Shoemaker Davey goes on his paper route and asks a man if he would like to subscribe. The man, who is French and does not speak much English yells at Davey in a foreign tounge. Davey, not knowing what he ...more

Pilgrim Boy Davey is curious about the holiday of Thanksgiving, so his father reads him the story of the first Thanksgiving. The whole story is played out through Davey's imagination. The story consists of ...more

The Stopped Clock Davey wishes that everybody would be like him, so his dad tells him to imagine what the world would be like if everyone was like him, and there was nobody else. While imagining the scenario, ...more

The Mechanical Man Davey and Sally get a gift from their Aunt and it turns out to be a robot. This robot can play with the kids and play sports. At the same time, Sally finds a kitten. Davey's mother suggests that ...more

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Halloween Who Did It? It is Halloween and the kids get all dressed up. Afterwards, the baker allows them to have a mischeif night, but they go way too far. Disguised in masks, they realize that they can do anything ...more

A Sudden Storm The Hanson family is spending their vacation at a cottage. Davey and Goliath go with his friend Teddy on a sailboat ride. As Davey, Goliath, and Teddy are out in the sea, a viloent storm erupts. ...more

The Winner Davey has to learn in this episode that God made no two people alike on purpose. Davey's buddy Mike is about to enter a race with a homemade car and asks Davey if he would like to be in the ...more

The Lemonade Stand Davey and his Dad are suppose to build a lemonade stand. Sally accidentally breaks her doll carriage before having to appear in a doll parade. John then attends to Sally's needs first. Davey ...more

The Watchdogs Davey accidentally watches a robbery while camping in his backyard, and is threatened into silence by the robber who catches him. (C. 1971)

Six- Seven- Six- Three Dognappers are foiled by the identification number given to Goliath by the authorities.

Boy in Trouble Davey and Johnathan hunt to recycle old bottles in order to earn money to go to the movies. The kids raid most of the garbage cans and get a lot of bottles. Meanwhile Davey and Jonathan ...more