Full List of Deadly 60 Episodes

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Below is a complete Deadly 60 episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Deadly 60 episodes are listed along with the Deadly 60 episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Deadly 60 episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Season 2, Episode 23” to “Season 2, Episode 26” is included on this poll. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Deadly 60 episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
Deadly 60 On A Mission: Costa Rica
In the Costa Rican rainforest, Steve is almost strangled by a boa constrictor, is struck dumb by the strike speed of a viper, and plays hide and seek with a deadly bushmaster. Then he gets ...more
Deadly 60 On A Mission: Argentina and Peru
In the heart of South America, Steve hunts for the mighty anaconda, swims with piranha and has a surprising face-to-face encounter with a creature that bit him. Steve then visits Peru to meet ...more
Deadly 60 On A Mission: Mexico and Panama
In Central America, Steve takes to the water in chain mail in search of a deep sea monster. Back on land he searches for the world's biggest wasp before setting off for a day of snake hunting. ...more
Deadly 60 On A Mission: Philippines
Steve Backshall is in the Philippines for another of his best ever missions. He has a tense and intimidating encounter with a living dinosaur, and delves into a subterranean world to find an ...more
Deadly Top 10: Killer Tactics
Steve is on a mission to choose his ten favourite killer tactics. These are the cleverest tricks that animals use to catch their dinner, and this cunning countdown includes a team of top hunting ...more
Deadly 60 On A Mission: South Africa and Namibia Feb 10 2011
In South Africa, Steve confronts blacktop sharks, the mighty black eagle, and a huge swarm of killer bees. He then heads into Namibia, to encounter a sidewinder and gets hands on with the ...more
Deadly Top 10: Fiercest
Steve is on a mission to choose his ten favourite fiercest animals. This fearsome line up includes a vicious deep-water monster, powerful sharks, and even gigantic killer hornets! Ten absolutely ...more
Deadly 60 On A Mission: British Columbia
Steve starts in a natural museum comparing skeletons, notably dental, of predators from British Columbia. In coastal waters, he meets the huge Steller sea-lion with a scarier mouth then bears. ...more
Deadly Top 10: Lethal Weapons
Steve is on a mission to choose his ten favourite lethal weapons. In this blazing battle to the finish, there are ultimate talons and tusks, even some bloodthirsty plants with killer spines, and ...more
Deadly Top 10: Toxic
Steve is on a mission to choose his ten favourite toxic animals. This lethal line-up includes an ancient dragon with killer drool, a spear-throwing snail, and a venomous spider that can bite ...more
Deadly Top 10: Fastest
Steve is on a mission to choose his ten favourite fastest speedsters. In this race to first place, there is a turbo-charged fish, a mole with a record-breaking nose, and an animal whose tongue ...more
Indonesia Mar 26 2012
Steve travels to Indonesia in search of three very different reptiles to add to his list of 60 deadly predators. He and his crew have a nerve-racking close encounter, when they are chased by a ...more
Ethiopia Mar 27 2012
In the medieval Ethiopian city of Harar, Steve Backshall has a unique and potentially lethal encounter with a pack of spotted Hyenas. Capable of tearing their prey apart with super strong jaws ...more
Australia 1 May 08 2012
Steve heads into the outback to find the world's most venomous snake, then to Tasmania to meet the Tasmanian Devil, and finally goes in search of a toxic terror living right in the heart of ...more
Mexico 2 Jun 06 2012
Steve and the crew return to Mexico in search of more animals to add to the Deadly 60. Steve searches a swamp at night for a rare and beautiful crocodile with a nasty bite, before heading to the ...more
South America 1 Jun 04 2012
Steve and his crew are back in the jungles of South America for this deadly adventure. Steve heads into crocodile infested waters for a spooky nocturnal encounter with a truly shocking predator, ...more
Mexico 1 May 07 2012
In Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, Steve chases the sea's fastest fish, the sailfish, reef-dives in search of a real-life sea monster and ventures alone, in complete darkness, into the 'cave of ...more
New Zealand May 09 2012
Steve descends deep into New Zealand's Waitomo caves to find an unusual predator that lures insects to their death with a lethal lightshow, heads to South island to get an aerial view of one of ...more
Nepal Jun 05 2012
Steve and the crew head to the mountain kingdom of Nepal to search for more animal predators. Steve enlists the help of an elephant to track down a very grumpy rhinoceros and stalks the forests ...more
Venezuela Jun 07 2012
This time Steve and the crew travel to Venezuela in search of more lethal animal predators for their Deadly list. First they comb the Venezuelan wetlands looking for the biggest snake in the ...more
South Africa 2 May 10 2012
Back in South Africa, Steve plays a friendly game of football with cheetahs, meets a monkey snatching crowned eagle eggs, and turns the latest camera technology on a trio of Africa's deadliest
Australia 2 May 11 2012
Back in Australia, Steve drops from a helicopter into the nest of giant saltwater crocodile, goes in search of the most venomous animal on earth, the box jellyfish, and finally enters a ...more
Venezuela Jun 08 2012
Steve returns to South America to search for more of the planet's deadliest animals. He joins a team trying to save a highly endangered predator, the Orinoco crocodile and witnesses the ...more
Alaska Mar 29 2012
Steve and the crew head into the beautiful Alaskan wilderness for another deadly adventure. It's the largest state in America, and is home to some of the most impressive predators on Earth. Out ...more
Superpower Aug 27 2012
In this Deadly 60 special Steve Backshall takes a look at some of the super skills and senses that animals around the world use to hunt and survive. From the blistering speed and acceleration of ...more