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Below is a complete Dear John episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Dear John episodes are listed along with the Dear John episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Dear John episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll features items like “Hole in One” and “Honolulu Baby.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Dear John episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Hello/Goodbye Nov 03 1988 - A young man claims to be John' son.

Dream Babe Jan 26 1989

Politics as Usual Dec 01 1988

Bound for Gloria May 11 1989

Dear Mike Nov 24 1988

Friends and Lovers May 04 1989

Dancing in the Dark Dec 15 1988

Pilot Oct 06 1988 - John reluctantly attends his first meeting of the One-Two-One Club -- only after mistakenly wandering into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting across the hall. (TV Guide)

The Return of Ricky Jan 19 1989

Sisters Mar 30 1989 - Kate claims that her sister always steals her boyfriends, no matter how obnoxious, and to prove it Kate dates Kirk. (TV Guide)

The Younger Girl Nov 10 1988 - John's beautiful new girlfriend thrills him—until he learns her age.

Was It Good for Me? Jan 05 1989

The Second Time Around Mar 09 1989

Gone Camping Apr 06 1989 - On a camping trip, John and Matthew are stranded in a cabin by a snowstorm that ushers in a blizzard of chilling consequences. (TV Guide)

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Stand by Your Man Feb 16 1989

Ralph's Curse Oct 27 1988

Honest John Jan 12 1989

Matthew's Dilemma Nov 17 1988 - John can't understand why his son Matthew won't spend time with him.

Love and Marriage Feb 23 1989

The Last Dance Mar 16 1989

For a Friend Mar 02 1989

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Margo Apr 27 1989 - The group tells John that the knockout who's knocking him out is really a new member's transvestite husband. (TV Guide)

Aunt Red May 09 1990 - Kate chooses John as her nephew's role model—but the boy prefers Kirk.

John's Friend Jan 24 1990 - Kirk takes John along for a free ski weekend, but he's left in the cold when John befriends a fellow Sherlock Holmes buff. (TV Guide)

The Other Group Oct 12 1989

A New Leash on Life Sep 28 1989

Unwelcome to the Club Feb 07 1990 - An ex-con wants to join the group, and no one wants to say no to a killer whose temper is triggered by rejection. (TV Guide)

Kate, a Date & Fate Dec 21 1989

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John's New Job (1) Feb 14 1990 - John's going to kick himself if he can't find the cash to send Matthew to Europe for a soccer tourney. (TV Guide)

John's Night Out Mar 08 1990 - Afraid he's becoming a support-group addict, John takes a night off to wing it on his own. (TV Guide)

True Confessions Mar 14 1990 - The group throws a surprise birthday party for Kirk, but the surprise is on them. (TV Guide)

Babyface Feb 28 1990 - John, Kirk and Ralph give new meaning to ""change the baby"" when Louise leaves Nigel in their care. (TV Guide)

John's Blind Date Nov 02 1989 - After one night with John, a flight attendant is ready to fly with him forever. (TV Guide)

Something on the Side (aka Mike's Other Girl) Nov 23 1989

Ralph's Second Chance Oct 19 1989 - Blomlika, the bride who skipped out on Ralph at their wedding reception, bounds back into his life, eager to pick up where they left off 14 months before.

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Some Nights to Remember Feb 12 1990

John's New Job (2) Feb 21 1990 - John discovers his wonderful new job has a catch: the ex-student who got it for him expects a more intimate form of thanks. (Part 2 of 2)

The Secret of Success Nov 09 1989 - Ralph peddles a book promoting the power of positivity, which John could use, but won't, to publish his poetry. (TV Guide)

Fathers Know Best Nov 30 1989

To John with Love May 02 1990 - John basks in the adulation Mary Beth lavishes on him for helping her write an article.

Honolulu Baby Jan 04 1990 - It's the second anniversary of the day John's wife left him (DJ Day), and the group is concerned because John is binging on junk food. Mrs. Philbert is preparing to attend her 60th high school ...more

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do Jan 11 1990 - John's relationship with his new lady would be just great were it not for her daughter, who thinks all her mother's dates are grown-up dweebs. (TV Guide)

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Kirk's Problem Jan 17 1990 - Attractive newcomer Mary Beth brings out the worst in Kirk, and it's much worse than even he imagined. (TV Guide)

No More Mr. Nice Guy May 16 1990

The Dilemma with Emma Dec 07 1989

The British Are Coming Nov 16 1989 - Unwed mother Louise needs a hubby to present to her strait-laced father---and gets more help than she can handle. (TV Guide)

John and Kirk's Excellent Adventure Feb 09 1991 - Kirk loses John's antique watch to a pretty thief.

Hot Lips Lacey Oct 31 1990 - John sort of fulfills his dream of playing clarinet at Carnegie Hall.

Pretty Man Sep 19 1990 - John goes on a blind double-date with Kirk, and finds himself mistaken for a professional escort.

Hole in One Nov 07 1990 - At her aunt's funeral, Kate confronts her ex-husband Blake, a cad nonetheless loved by the rest of her family.