TV Episodes Full List of Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z Episodes

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Below is a complete Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z episodes are listed along with the Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this poll include everything from “A Sorrowful Piano Lesson! / The Strongest! Keane-sensei” to “We're Not Weeds! / Monster, The Laws of Compassion!.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Arrival of the Girls! / Birth of the Girls! Jul 01 2006 - Powerpuff Girls to the Rescue: The Powerpuff Girls fight Mojo Jojo after he incarcerates kindergarten students and steals their candy. The Secret of the Powerpuff Girls: The origins of the ...more

Relaxing Bubbles Part 1 / Relaxing Bubbles Part 2 Jul 08 2006 - Professor Utonium, his son Ken, Blossom, the Mayor, and Ms. Bellum and the others find Bubbles as she is attacked by Mojo Jojo and take them in for research.

Girls United! Part 1 / Girls United! Part 2 Jul 15 2006 - Buttercup reluctantly joins the group, the girls are put into the same class to make them get along, and they stop Mojo from causing more trouble.

The Girls' Family Bond Part 1 / The Girls' Family Bond Part 2 Jul 22 2006 - The girls take turns being a mother figure to Ken, while Mojo plans to turn everyone into monkeys.

Mojo's Revenge! / The Observatory Tower Crash! Jul 29 2006 - Mojo's Revenge: Angry with being teased at the zoo, Mojo attacks a fruit seller. Climbing the Walls: Mojo decides to move his base to the new observation tower being constructed, but the girls ...more

Fuzzy Lumpkins! / Himeko the Princess! Aug 05 2006 - Fuzzy Lumpkins: Fuzzy Lumpkins keeps driving the girls and friends away while they try to enjoy a trip to the woods. Princess Morbucks: Classmate Princess Morbucks is hit by the black Z-Rays and ...more

Make It Come True! Momoko's Love / Heinous Trio? The Amoeba Boys! Aug 12 2006 - Mayor for a Day: Blossom is given the task of being the bodyguard of her favorite TV hero when Mojo threatens him. The Infamous Amoeba Boys: The Amoeba Boys (now including a lady) attempt to ...more

The Attractive Lady! Sedusa Part 1 / The Attractive Lady! Sedusa Part 2 Aug 19 2006 - A local shop owner, Sakurako, is hit by black Z-rays and turns into Sedusa. She attempts to glamour herself to win the heart of her friend Souichirou.

Coach Kaoru's Crash-Course Soccer! / Fuzzy in Love! Aug 26 2006 - Coach Buttercup: Buttercup trains a younger kid to become a better soccer player. Fuzzy in Love: After falling in love with Ms. Bellum, Fuzzy decides to take her back to the woods.

Charisma Beautician Monster! Part 1 / Charisma Beautician Monster! Part 2 Sep 02 2006 - The arrogant hairdresser Gigi is hit by black Z-Rays and uses her power to hypnotize the customers to accept her eccentric hairstyle.

Princess Even in Space! / Chase the Cake Thief! Sep 09 2006 - Friends in High Places: Believing Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are planning to show off, Himeko follows them to unearth their plan. Happy Birthday, New Townsville: Mojo decides to steal all ...more

The Soap Bubbles of First Love Part 1 / The Soap Bubbles of First Love Part 2 Sep 16 2006 - Bubbles reminisces about a boy she met when she was six years old, who promised to meet her again someday. His ailment is changed into a broken ankle in the English dub.

Apprenticed by Mojo! The Amoeba Boys / The Camera Monster's Counterattack! Sep 23 2006 - Mojo and the Amoeba Boys: Mojo decides to teach the Amoeba boys how to become villains. Revenge of Negatron: A camera thrown away by the Mayor takes out his revenge by turning New Townsville ...more

The Gangreen Gang! Part 1 / The Gangreen Gang! Part 2 Sep 30 2006 - The Gangreen Gang attempt to capture Buttercup during a big soccer match.

The Targeted Fashion Show! / The Man! The Ramen Monster! Oct 07 2006 - Fashion Action: Mojo attacks a fashion show that Blossom and Bubbles are participating in. The Way of the Noodle: A ramen monster tries to force everyone to eat ramen his own way.

Sorrow! Princess' Secret Part 1 / Sorrow! Princess' Secret Part 2 Oct 14 2006 - The Powerpuff Girls find out why Himeko tries to stand out from everyone else.

Don't Let the Shutter Chance Escape! / Brotherly Love! The Electromagnetic Wave Monster Oct 21 2006 - Picture This: Jesse, the school newspaper's photographer, struggles to take a decent picture of the Powerpuff Girls. Revenge of Digitron: The Mayor's petty argument with his brother causes an ...more

Monster Tag Battle! Part 1 / Monster Tag Battle! Part 2 Oct 28 2006 - Mojo Jojo, Fuzzy Lumpkins, and the Gangreen Gang join forces to defeat the Powerpuff Girls.

A Sorrowful Piano Lesson! / The Strongest! Keane-sensei Nov 04 2006 - Practice Makes Pandemonium: A piano hit by black Z-Rays terrorizes the town after being played poorly. Ms. Keane to the Rescue: In order to not let their grades slip, Ms. Keane shoots down every ...more

The Rowdyruff Boys Part 1 / The Rowdyruff Boys Part 2 Nov 11 2006 - Mojo Jojo uses the Powerpuff Girls' DNA, his own DNA, and Chemical Z to create the Rowdyruff Boys.

The Waddling Rubber Duck Monster! / The Disliked Vegetables' Great Escape! Nov 18 2006 - Quack-Quack Attack: A boy's rubber duck is lost and hit by black Z-Rays, and Poochie decides to take care of it. Veggie Vengeance: A group of vegetables take all the vegetables into space after ...more

The Most Evil of Them All, "Him"! Part 1 / The Most Evil of Them All, "Him"! Part 2 Nov 25 2006 - A mysterious being sends a mummy to collect energy from the Powerpuff Girls to escape from its prison.

Road of Love, Kabuki Monster! / The Insect King, That's Who! Dec 01 2006 -

Searching for Ken's Friend Part 1 / Searching for Ken's Friend Part 2 Dec 08 2006 -

Mischievous Stationery! / Flowers Flowers Flowers! Dec 14 2006 -

Protect Santa! Part 1 / Protect Santa! Part 2 Dec 21 2006 -

Grabbing and Eating! Sushi Monster! / Peach and Sapphire! Jan 06 2007 - Attack of the Sushi Monsters: Him's spores infect a sushi-making machine, which creates a menacing group of sushi monsters. Cat On a Hot Tin Poochie: After Princess is returned to her normal ...more

Ladies' Tag Battle! Part 1 / Ladies' Tag Battle! Part 2 Jan 13 2007 - Princess, Sedusa, and Violet (Lady) from the Amoeba Boys join forces to create havoc in New Townsville.

Let's Go to the Dentist! / Saturday Powerpuff Fever Jan 20 2007 - Harmed to the Teeth: Blossom and Mojo go to the dentist after eating too many sweets. Beware the Hair: The girls encounter a dancing monster when they go on a trip to a disco.

The Girls and "Him"! Part 1 / The Girls and "Him"! Part 2 Jan 27 2007 - The origins of Him are revealed.

Funta's Rolling Spirit / Sedusa's Love Tactics!? Feb 03 2007 - Dunga Din: An ostracized bug hit by black Z-Rays tries to impress a female bug. The Beanie Meanie: Annie becomes distracted when Jason temporarily leaves and uses her alter-ego to get him back.

Head Over Heels in Love with Momoko! Part 1 / Head Over Heels in Love with Momoko! Part 2 Feb 10 2007 - A classmate of Blossom reveals his love for her.

Runaway Momoko and Neapolitan! / Keane's Sympathy, Mojo's Affection! Feb 17 2007 - There's No "I" in Powerpuff: Tired of not being recognized as the leader, Blossom runs away with a pasta monster who doesn't know his purpose. Keane Kong: Mojo convinces Ms. Keane to ...more

The House Where the Ghost Lives!? Part 1 / The House Where the Ghost Lives!? Part 2 Feb 24 2007 - Blossom and Buttercup spend the night at Bubbles' house.

We're Not Weeds! / Monster, The Laws of Compassion! Mar 03 2007 - Weeding out The Monsters: A group of weeds terrorizes actresses when they aren't called by their names. The Dog Days of New Townsville: The spirit of an ancient shogun possesses the Mayor, who ...more

Powerpuff Girls Z, Break Up!? Part 1 / Powerpuff Girls Z, Break Up!? Part 2 Mar 10 2007 - Him uses Bubbles' doll Octi to break up the team.