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Below is a complete Destroyed In Seconds episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Destroyed In Seconds episodes are listed along with the Destroyed In Seconds episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Destroyed In Seconds episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list is made up of items like “Episode 2” and “Episode 48.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Destroyed In Seconds episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Episode 1 Aug 21 2008 - A Navy pilot ejects from a crippled plane just before it crashes, two men just manage to outrun a mudslide, a tornado sends cars flying in every direction, and a tanker truck fire is recorded by ...more

Episode 2 Aug 21 2008 - A modified drag boat almost costs a racer his life, a tornado overruns two storm chasers, an exploding plane endangers the passengers, a military plane crashes, and a well-known bridge comes

Episode 3 Aug 28 2008 - A devastating train collision occurs at a treacherous intersection, the crash of a stealth bomber ruins a picnic, an 8-story building collapses in Manila, and a river in Utah overflows after ...more

Episode 4 Sep 04 2008 - A terrible earthquake destroys a old church, an exploding Delta 2 rocket showers flaming debris over Cape Canaveral, an Oklahoma tornado, and Hurricane Iniki.

Episode 5 Sep 18 2008 - A fire spreads burning metal shrapnel over the city of Dallas, a man moves a 2-ton helicopter to free the trapped pilot, a motorcycle daredevil survives a 200-mph crash, an explosion tosses a ...more

Episode 6 Sep 25 2008 - A gigantic sinkhole swallows up a San Francisco mansion, a helicopter crash leaves the co-pilot in a life and death struggle, an earthquake in Colombia causes floods and landslides, a powerboat ...more

Episode 7 Oct 02 2008 - Russian jets collide, a tanker becomes a raging fireball, a mountain biker falls 150 feet, a hot air balloon crashes into a radio tower, and daredevil Evel Knievel runs out of luck.

Episode 8 Oct 09 2008 - A spectacular crash in a stockcar race, two Russian jets colliding at an air show, a Boeing 720 deliberately crashed to study accidents, a chemical explosion that is the largest industrial ...more

Episode 9 Oct 16 2008 - Chaos hits a city when 90,000 tons of ammunition explodes, an earthquake in Taiwan causes a crane to fall 50 stories, an experimental plane crashes, a man plans for destruction after stealing a ...more

Episode 10 Oct 23 2008 - Among the clips featured is a chemical-plant explosion, a high-speed wreck of a speed boat, an apartment building is consumed by a sink hole, and two experimental Russian planes.

Episode 11 Oct 30 2008 - Clips include a Russian building collapses; a motorcycle crash at high speed; an exploding factory; automobile accidents on the freeway, and the fiery end of a Titan rocket.

Episode 12 Nov 06 2008 - Clips in this episode included a snowmobiler crashes his ride; high winds taking down multiple homes; a race car hitting a wall; a van and police car collide; and a light aircraft crashes to the ...more

Episode 13 Dec 11 2008 - Clips include a botched motorcycle stunt; an accident between a freight train and a truck; a helicopter crashes into a mountain; the collapse of a building; a house being carried off by a

Episode 14 Dec 18 2008 - Clips include massive explosions spawn from a train crash; storm chasers are caught by a hurricane; vehicle collisions from the Baja 500; an airshow has a helicopter crash.

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Episode 15 Jan 05 2009 - Clips include a massive explosion which threatens firefighters, warheads explode inside of a Korean tunnel, a city in Norway is buried by an avalanche, workers are almost hit by a 100-foot crane ...more

Episode 16 Jan 12 2009 - Clips include havoc from a tornado, a stuntman's mishap, a bridge collapsing after being hit by a truck, the crash of a drag boat and an explosion at a propane plant.

Episode 17 Jan 26 2009 - Clips include a pier sinking due to a raging storm, mammoth explosions from a train accident, the crash of a race car, jets colliding on an aircraft carrier, and firefighter's are imperiled by a ...more

Episode 18 Feb 02 2009 - Clips include a fiery automobile crash causes a bridge to collapse; a drag boat falls to pieces after a crash; a town is leveled by a F4 tornado; and race car crashes.

Episode 19 Feb 02 2009 - Clips include a stunt jump going bad; massive explosions result from a chemical plant fire; planes crash during an air show; and a trapped race car driver is caught in a blaze.

Episode 20 Feb 09 2009 - A fiery tanker truck crash has caused a freeway to collapse. Storm chasers are endangered by a tornado. A fireworks stand explodes. A rainy race track causes a car to crash.

Episode 21 Feb 16 2009 - A race car bursts into flames after breaking through a guard rail; A tornado rips up a town; locals evacuate a town after a propane plant fire erupts; and a truck crashes carrying explosives.

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Episode 22 Feb 16 2009 - Clips include a roof exploding off a dorm; a tornado decimates a town; a high-speed crash destroys a speed boat; and a race car crashes.

Episode 23 Feb 23 2009 - Clips include a mishap with an ATV; a fiery fuel transfer accident; a high speed crash of a race boat; and a base jumper lands in a waterfall.

Episode 24 Feb 23 2009 - Clips include an explosion in a fireworks factory; a car crashes into a restaurant; a daredevil has an accident aboard his motorcycle; and a speedboat crashes at top speed.

Episode 25 Feb 23 2009

Episode 27 Mar 02 2009 - Clips include a storm causing a wave which knocks down a pier; six race cars crash while driving on a wet track; a bull rider is trampled by a bull; people flee from an exploding rocket.

Episode 28 Mar 02 2009 - Clips include havoc being created in Brazil from a landslide; a snowmobiler is caught in an avalanche; pedestrians below a bridge are crushed under an rain of lemons after a truck crash; and an ...more

Episode 29 Mar 09 2009 - Clips include a gas-leak explosion decimates a building; a race car crashes; an ATV stunt goes bad; a historical firehouse being moved goes bad as it crumbles away; and an unmanned plane nears a ...more

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Episode 30 Mar 09 2009 - Clips include a multi-car pileup at a racetrack; three homes are washed away by flood waters; a chemical plant is decimated by an explosion; a motorcyclists escape is stopped by a police car; a ...more

Episode 31 Mar 16 2009 - A race boat falls apart; an illegal propane plant burns down; a ferry rams a boat which is carrying three passengers; a drag-racing car disintegrates at high speed.

Episode 32 Mar 16 2009 - Clips include a silo falling apart on top of a tractor and it's driver; massive explosions from a dropped grenade; a race car crashes; a plane crashes near a baseball field.

Episode 33 Mar 23 2009 - Scenes caught on film include an explosion at a gas terminal; the capsizing of a cargo ship; a crash landing of a F-18 jet; and a skier's mishap.

Episode 34 Mar 23 2009 - Clips include a windsurfer's big wipe-out; a building collapses at a Dutch university; a funny car explodes; a firefighter has a church steeple fall on top of him.

Episode 35 Mar 30 2009 - Clips include a skier's fall; giant explosions aboard an oil tanker fire; a plane crash lands on an aircraft carrier; an explosion injures firefighters.

Episode 36 Mar 30 2009 - Clips include a crash of a motorcycle stunt; a racing boat disintegrates; the documentation of an F3 tornado; a vintage dragster slams into a wall.

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Episode 37 Apr 02 2009 - Clips include the breaking up and crash of a military jet; a spectacular crash of a motorcycle drag bike; the 180 passengers of a sinking ship are rescued; a man survives despite being run down ...more

Episode 38 Apr 02 2009 - Scenes caught on film include a building being hit by a news helicopter; a spectacular crash of a record-attempting motorcycle jump; a car drives into a store filled with people because of a ...more

Episode 39 Apr 13 2009 - Clips caught on film includes a motorcycle stunt gone bad; a crash following a high speed car chase with the police; massive explosions kicked off by a magnesium fire; and an F-18 makes a crash ...more

Episode 40 Apr 13 2009 - Clips include a massive explosion during an industrial factory; winds causes a crash of a pair of two boats; a vehicle splits in half during a record setting car jump.

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