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Below is a complete Dharma & Greg episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Dharma & Greg episodes are listed along with the Dharma & Greg episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Dharma & Greg episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll features items like “Drop Dead Gorgeous” and “The Paper Hat Anniversary.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Dharma & Greg episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Pilot Sep 24 1997 - Free-spirited Dharma and straitlaced Greg break the news to their respective parents, none of whom are especially thrilled with the match.

And the In-Laws Meet Sep 01 1997 - When Dharma and Greg throw a party to celebrate their union, a disapproving Kitty boycotts the event, and Dharma sets out to befriend her mother-in-law. But when the Montgomerys and the ...more

Shower the People You Love With Love Oct 08 1997 - Dharma tries to sprinkle a little TLC in Greg's life by installing a new, deluxe ""Spring Mist 3000"" shower, while Greg finds himself on a testosterone-ridden golfing ...more

And Then There's the Wedding Oct 15 1997 - There's love amid the ruins when Dharma and Greg hold a ""do-over"" wedding to appease their families, particularly the hostile Kitty, who turns the young couple's plans for ...more

The Ex-Files Oct 22 1997 - When Greg's former co-worker and ex-girlfriend Barbara is transferred back to his firm from Washington, Dharma seeks to assuage her own natural jealousy by finding a new Mr. Right for ...more

Yoga and Boo, Boo Oct 29 1997 - When Greg's competitive nature becomes destructive, Dharma exposes him to yoga, hoping to lower his stress level. After two classes, however, they both realize Greg's life is out of control when ...more

Indian Summer Nov 05 1997 - While sunning on the roof, Dharma & Jane meet an elderly Native American who wants to die on the premises, claiming that it was his ancestors' sacred burial ground. Naturally Dharma invites ...more

Mr. Montgomery Goes to Washington Nov 12 1997 - After Greg wins a major court case, he is urged to run for Congress. It's an idea that moves Dharma to consult Greg's mother for grooming advice, as a potential political wife. After worrying ...more

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Father Nov 19 1997 - When Greg needs an upgraded security clearance to work on a top-secret case, Dharma and the families are subjected to a background check, which reveals some very interesting information about ...more

The First Thanksgiving Nov 26 1997 - After Dharma, Larry and Abby give a farm-full of turkeys their freedom, Dharma volunteers to make Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family in Kitty's spacious kitchen, with Jane's help (while ...more

Instant Dharma Dec 10 1997 - Dharma's parents arrive for their weekly yoga class only to find Dharma in tears because all her other students have deserted her for the popular self-defense class across the hall. Greg's ...more

Haus Arrest Dec 17 1997 - Dharma's free spirit and maternal instincts are challenged when Greg's rebellious teenage niece Jennifer visits for the holidays and soon abuses her newfound friendship with her aunt. When ...more

Do You Want Fries With That? Jan 07 1998 - Greg's latest legal victory leaves him depressed in the middle of the office celebration, so Dharma suggests that maybe Greg should quit and ""follow his bliss."" It turns ...more

Jan 21 1998 - Transportation becomes an issue for the young couple when Greg insists Dharma can use his car any time she wants but makes compulsive demands on her treatment of the vehicle. (Dharma: ...more

The Second Coming of Leonard Feb 04 1998 - When Dharma's charismatic old boyfriend, Leonard, suddenly re-enters her life after a year in India, Greg finds himself extremely uncomfortable around him—especially when it becomes ...more

Dharma and Greg's First Romantic Valentine's Day Weekend Feb 11 1998 - A romantic Valentine's Day weekend turns out to be anything but for Dharma and Greg. It all begins when Greg downloads a travel brochure promising a cozy getaway at the Red Rose Inn in upstate ...more

The Official Dharma & Greg Episode of the 1998 Winter Olympics Feb 25 1998 - While Dharma, Abby and Jane try to help a depressed Kitty struggle through her 50th birthday, Greg, Larry and Edward head off to the slopes to stage their own Winter Olympics. To head off ...more

Daughter of the Bride of Finkelstein Mar 04 1998 - A plumbing emergency in their apartment forces Dharma and Greg to move in temporarily with his parents, and a situation fraught with tension is made worse when the Finkelsteins decide to ...more

Dharma's Tangled Web Mar 11 1998 - Dropping in on Kitty, Dharma instantly senses what has happened: Kitty and Edward are separating. An appalled Kitty makes Dharma promise not to tell Greg, but this well-meaning deception ...more

The Cat's Out of the Bag Apr 01 1998 - The pretense that everything is fine with Greg's parents finally proves too much for Dharma, who snaps during dinner at a Chinese restaurant and has the bad news served to Greg in a fortune ...more

Spring Forward, Fall Down Apr 28 1998 - Spring fever hits klutzy Dharma, moving her to dance naked on the roof (in full view of a newscast helicopter and, hence, an appalled Kitty), carpet the apartment with live grass and enter a ...more

Much Ado During Nothing May 13 1998 - A rather daring episode by contemporary network standards: When Jane breezes in to claim custody of Dharma's stuffed duck, Dharma explains to Greg that it's a trophy held by whoever has had sex ...more

Invasion of the Buddy Snatcher May 20 1998 - When Greg hosts a poker game, Dharma takes advantage of the occasion to meet his buddies. Petty jealousies surface as she begins befriending the men and privately advising them on personal ...more

Ringing Up Baby Sep 23 1998 - A new path in life opens suddenly at the newlyweds' feet when Donna, the express checkout girl at their local supermarket, reveals that she has been dumped by her boyfriend just as she is about ...more

It Takes a Village Sep 30 1998 - Abby and Larry assemble a village, which includes an African spiritual adviser, a troubadour, a storyteller who has taken a vow of silence, a lesbian lactation expert, and Jane to help Dharma ...more

Turn Turn Turn Oct 07 1998 - Experimenting to see if her parents can be trusted to mind the baby, Dharma and Greg take the baby to the movies with them, but the incessant crying annoys the patrons around them, Dharma's ...more

The Paper Hat Anniversary Oct 14 1998 - It's traditional to fight on your first anniversary (even if Hallmark doesn't have a card for it): Dharma and Greg stage an argument to escape their parents' planned celebration, but in ...more

Unarmed and Dangerous Oct 21 1998 - In the middle of a typical in-law squabble, Dharma and Greg answer an emergency call and rush to hospital. There they find a partially immobilized Pete, who has dislocated both shoulders in a ...more

A Closet Full of Hell Oct 28 1998 - A hilariously spooky Halloween episode finds the couple engaged in amorous horseplay (Dharma showing Greg how to do a strip-tease for her) on the eve of their house-warming party when the dogs ...more

Valet Girl Nov 04 1998 - Greg is forced to make a very embarrassing public admission when he sees the first girl he claims to have slept with and her jealous husband makes some serious threats. Meanwhile, Dharma and ...more

Nov 11 1998 - Dharma discovers Greg is really the only man for her when she agrees to attend a dance with a nerdy high school kid, but meets with some serious competition from the younger crowd. Meanwhile, ...more

Brought to You in DharmaVision Nov 18 1998 - Dharma is surprised when both Jane and her parents accuse her of having changed because she is busy attending a society fundraiser with Kitty then alarmed when Kitty congratulates her on having ...more

Yes, We Have No Bananas (or Anything Else for That Matter) Nov 25 1998 - A gently surreal episode whose humor derives from escalating skewed logic in the Preston Sturges mode: Greg's hostile secretary Marlene (at last the wonderful Yeardley Smith returns!) is ...more

The House That Dharma Built Dec 09 1998 - Gail Mancuso seems to direct all the best episodes, and this is no exception: A friendly game of strip poker between the newlyweds is interrupted by an emergency visit from Larry and Abbie (who ...more

Are You Ready for Some Football? Dec 16 1998 - When Greg convinces Dharma to accompany him and Pete to a football game, despite her lifelong aversion to competitive sports, he is unprepared for her sudden and total conversion into a ...more

Death and Violins Jan 06 1999 - Edward's mother Beatrice is dying and knows it, despite the efforts of everyone around her to deny the fact except Dharma, who argues for honesty and gets a priceless Stradivarius as a keepsake, ...more

Dharma and Greg on a Hot Tin Roof Jan 20 1999 - Role playing at a golf shop, the couple put on fake Southern accents and wind up endearing themselves to a genuine Southerner -- who turns out to be the federal judge before whom Greg must argue ...more

Dharma and the Horse She Rode In On Feb 03 1999 - It's Dharma's birthday, but the surprise she gets isn't what Greg was planning. First his parents take them on a mock foxhunt, and the uncontrollably wild stallion at the stables becomes meek as ...more

See Dharma Run Feb 10 1999 - After a dehumanizing experience with bureaucratic red tape, Dharma is inspired to run for office, and thanks to a pair of wacky opponents and a hefty campaign contribution from Edward, she may ...more

Run, Dharma, Run Feb 17 1999 - As Election Day approaches, Dharma and Greg's relationship hits stormy seas due to clashes over her campaign strategy. Meanwhile, an aggressive opponent may really rain on Dharma's parade.

See Dharma Run Amok Feb 24 1999 - Election day is here, and Dharma has finally mastered the art of politics. But it's her own body that teaches her that lying can lead to flu, rashes, eye sties, oozing sores and even a bout of ...more

Everybody Must Get Stones Mar 03 1999 - Dharma and Greg join their parents, and even Pete and Jane, on a couples' retreat. But when they repeatedly fail tests designed to demonstrate the strength of their relationship (while Pete and ...more

Dharma Drags Edward Out of Retirement Mar 31 1999 - When Greg rather reluctantly gives Dharma half of his on-line investment account, she becomes obsessed with profit (even borrowing from her parents), but unwisely follows a tip from a friend of ...more

It Never Happened One Night May 05 1999 - Dharma pushes her mother-in-law's fortitude to the absolute limit when she presents Kitty with an award at a country-club luncheon -- and later wrecks her car.

Bed, Bath and Beyond May 12 1999 - Greg is forced to go with the flow when Larry makes a few improvements in the loft and lets in more than just a spring shower; and Dick Clark pays a visit during Edward's surreal flashback

A Girl Can Dream, Can't She? May 19 1999 - Greg discovers he should pay more attention to his wife's intuition when Dharma has a nightmare and begs him not to go away on a business trip.

The Dating Game May 26 1999 - When Dharma and Greg decide to go on a first date to get reacquainted the old-fashioned way, their courtship doesn't go as well as planned: a furious Dharma moves back in with her parents and ...more

One Flew Over the Lawyer's Desk Sep 21 1999 - Questioning his place in the universe, Greg begins a journey of self-discovery by exploring his reasons for becoming a lawyer.

Welcome to Hotel Calamari Sep 28 1999 - Dharma tracks the missing Greg down at a seedy motel. (I missed this episode and it has not yet been rerun.)

Dharma's Inferno Oct 05 1999 - When the financial realities of Greg's unemployment sink in, Dharma takes on a slew of new jobs and makes a deal with the devil to make ends meet: she accepts covert checks from Kitty in ...more